6th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

6th Regiment of Mississippi Militia (1814-1815)

Anderson, Allen, private
Bass, Alexander, private
Beard, John, private
Berry, Thomas, sergeant
Bowling, John, private
Boyakin, Kinchen, private
Boyakin, William, private
Brady, Samuel, private
Brown, Ardin, private
Brown, Edward, private
Brown, James, private
Bryant, Lewis, private
Callahan, James, private
Carr, Henry, private
Childress, David, private
Chronister, Matthias, private
Cody, John, private
Coker, Bryant, private
Coleman, Philip, private
Coulson, Samuel, private
Cox, Collin, private
Cox, George, private
Cox, Thomas, private
Crane, Mayfield, private
Curry, John, private
Dawkins, Silas, private
Dew, Perry, private
Farley, Elihu, private
Fox, John, private
Gaines, William, private
Galbraith, Nevin, private
Gandy, Edmund, private
Gaston, Ebenezer, private
Graham, William, private
Hailey, John, private
Hailey, Richard, private
Hall, William, private
Hanes, John, Jr., private
Harrison, Samuel, private
Hays, John, sergeant
Heard, Bailey, captain
Henry, Claiborne, corporal
Howell, Joseph, private
James, Edward B., private
James, Henry, private
Jarvis, Joseph, armourer
Joiner, James, private
Jones, Thomas, private
Keel, William, private
Landrum, William, private
Lefoy, James, private
Lefoy, Matthew, private
Lyon, Spencer, private
May, David, private
May, Robert, private
McCrae, Christopher, corporal
McDowell, William, private
McLeod, Alexander, first lieutenant
McMillen, William, musician
McNeice, John, private
Moseley, John T., private
Pearson, John, private
Perkins, William, private
Philips, Iredel L., corporal
Philips, Isham, first sergeant
Philips, John, private
Philips, Ransom, musician
Philips, Richard L., private
Philips, Thomas, private
Pollard, Joseph, sergeant
Potter, Robert D., third lieutenant
Rankins, James, private
Rankins, John K., corporal
Reed, John, private
Reeves, Eli, private
Robertson, Aaron, private
Rollins, Isaac, private
Ross, Nathaniel, private
Russell, Irvine, private
Saterthite, Samuel, private
Sauserman, John, private
Smith, Thomas, private
Sneed, William, private
Stanley, Jordan, private
Stephens, John, private
Sterrett, Ralph, second lieutenant
Stone, Samuel, private
Syms, James, private
Tanner, John, private
Taylor, James, private
Thompson, James C., private
Tilley, Josiah, private
Tmnin, William, private
Turner, John, private
Upton, John, private
Walker, Andrew, private
Walker, Felix, private
Walker, John, private
Wamuch, Jesse, private
Wamuck, Francis, private
Wells, Byas, private
Wells, Thomas, private
West, Aquila H., sergeant
Williams, Joshua, ensign
Williams, Stephen, private

Rowland, Mrs. Dunbar. Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812. Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Centenery Series, vol. IV. 1921.

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