15th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

15th Regiment (Johnson’s) Of Mississippi Militia

Anderson, John, private
Beddingfield, George, private
Boyakin, Soloman, private
Braden, James, private
Bradley, John, private
Brown, Bartlet, private
Brunson, Josiah, private
Cassity, Hugh, private
Cavenah, William, corporal
Clarke, William B., private
Clingaman, Henry A., private
Colson, Samuel, private
Coxe, William, private
Curtis, John D., ensign
Damn, James, second lieutenant
Daniel, James, private
Deloach, Benjamin, private
Dewitt, James, private
Dorcey, James, private
Easley, Samuel, first lieutenant
Ford, James, private
Foster, George, private
Franklin, Thomas, private
Gentry, James, private
Gill, James, private
Gray, Bazzel, private
Green, James, third lieutenant
Green, James, private
Green, William, private
Hall, Armistead, private
Hammond, Lemuel, private
Hammond, Matthias, private
Hammond, Sherrard, private
Hays, William, private
Hicks, Matthew, private
Hill, John, first sergeant
Hogg, John, private
Holdman, Joseph, private
Hosea, Thomas, private
Howel, Henry, private
Jacob, , servant
James, Allman, private
Johnson, John, private
Johnson, Thomas, private
Jones, FJbert, private
Kelly, John, private
Kelly, Orson, private
Kirkham, Benjamin, private
Landrum, Jesse, private
Landrum, William, private
Lawrey, John, musician
Luker, Jesse, private
Mabry, Walter, sergeant
Matlock, Thomas, sergeant
McCane, John, private
McGrew, Alexander, private
McNeill, L. H., sergeant
Milsted, John, private
Mimms, Thomas, private
Mitchell, William, corporal
Mixon, James, private
Montcrief, Caleb, private
Morgan, George, private
Mott, Asa, private
Mott, Lovelace, captain
Odum, Richard, corporal
Ogwynn, John, private
Ousley, John, private
Pearce, Lewis, private
Pearson, Leonard, sergeant
Perry, Darling, private
Perry, Francis, private
Pervis, John, private
Phillips, Daniel, corporal
Phillips, William, private
Price, James, private
Price, Meredith, private
Prothro, Thomas, private
Rabia, Kinchen, private
Ray, Henry, private
Ray, John, corporal
Rhodes, John, private
Rodgers, Absalom, private
Rodgers, Hays, private
Rose, William, private
Short, Michael, private
Simmons, David, private
Smith, Edward, private
Smith, John, private
Smith, Reese, private
Spikes, Jonah, private
Stinson, Burril, private
Vaughn, John, private
Walker, James, private
Walker, Matthias, private
Walker, Nathaniel, private
White, Pleasant, private
Willson, Matthew, private
Willson, William, private
Willson, William H., private
Wood, John, private
York, Jabez, corporal

Rowland, Mrs. Dunbar. Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812. Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Centenery Series, vol. IV. 1921.

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