14th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

14th Regiment (Mcboy’s) Of Mississippi Militia

Captain Benj. Dubroca’s Company
Captain McKinsey’s Company
Captain Samuel H. Garrow’s Company
Captain Chas. L. Aland’s Company

Acre, Samuel, private
Alexander, Francis, private
Alexander, Joseph, private
Antonio, Joachim, private
Antonio, Joseph, private
Arrosa, Joseph, private
Baird, Joseph B., private
Barlow, Aaron, private
Barnett, Ulysses, private
Barriel, Joseph, private
Blair, Thomas, private
Bloc, Andre, private
Brewer, Cornelius, corporal
Byrne, Patrick, private
Cahall, Barney, private
Canadien, Francis, private
Cardenas, Joseph, private
Caro, Sebastian, corporal
Cartier, John, private
Chance, Henry, private
Chasting, Baptiste, private
Chastong, Zenon, private
Chaston , Auguste, private
Chastong, Eugene, private
Chinault, William, surgeon
Chistang, Edoi, private
Clements, , private
Conway, James, private
Cook, John, private
Cook, Nicholas, sergeant major
Damour, Laine, private
Darling, Dennison, private
David, Pierre, private
David, Simon, private
Davis, E., private
Denton, Thomas H., sergeant
Devol, Daniel, ensign
Dolives, Sifroy, private
Dubroca, Benjamin, captain
Dubroca, Eli, private
Ducos, Pierre, private
Duff, William, private
Dumoiy, Augustine, private
Duncan, Alexander, Jr., private
Dunwooddie, , private
Durette, Joseph, private
Durette, Zedon, private
Estava, Don McGill, private
Fisher, William, private
Fisher, William, Jr., private
Frazee, Carman, corporal
Garrow, Samuel H., captain
Girard, Francis, private
Grant, Edward, private
Haines, Samuel, private
Hobart, Peter H.. lieutenant
Honore, Colin, private
Hope, George, private
Hopewell, William, private
Huston, Robert, private
Jack, George, private
Killen, Samuel H., sergeant
Kreps, Placide, private
Kreps, Stephen, private
Labat, , private
Lalande, Charles, captain
Laurendine, Edward, private
Loran, Daniel, private
Lucien, Pierre, private
Lyon, William, private
Martin, Domingo, private
McBoy, Diego, major
McBoy, William, private
McCandless, Joseph, private
McGuire, James, private
Mclntire, Duncan, private
McKinsey, Michael, captain
McLoskey, Philip, adjutant
Mitchell, Robert, private
Mitchell, Thomas, private
Mottus, Silvain, private
Newbold, Thomas G., corporal
Nicola, Tildea, private
Nicola, Cilvain, private
Ortis, John, private
Page, Jacob, private
Paul, Joseph, private
Perault, Michael, private
Plumley, William, corporal
Randols, David, private
Randon, David, corporal
Robinson, David C., private
Roland, David, private
Rose, John, private
Saint, John, corporal
Savanah, John, first lieutenant
Saxton, , private
Simon, Felix, private
Simon, Maximilian, private
Simon, Romin, private
Simon, Sylvester, private
Smith, Gabriel, private
Smith, John, private
Smith, John, Sr., private
Soreta, Joseph, private
Soucier, Edward, private
Soucier, Siforier, private
Spellman, , private
Staltz, William, private
Taylor, George, sergeant
Thornton, Joshua, private
Thornton, Wflliam, private
Troulle, Alexis, private
Ward, Michael, sergeant
Whitehead, William, private
Wilkins, Washington, private

Rowland, Mrs. Dunbar. Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812. Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Centenery Series, vol. IV. 1921.

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