Muster Out Roll of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company L

William Clipperton, Capt.
Joseph L. Mead, 1st Lieut.
Lewis Carson, 1st Lieut.
Samuel Carll, 2nd Lieut.
Vincent H. Bowles, Sergt.
James B. Terry, O. M. Sergt.
William Jackson, Com. Sergt.
George A. Terry, Sergt.
Daniel Cammeron, Sergt.
Byron C. Bedell, Sergt.
Irving D. Reed, Sergt.
Thomas D. Thompson, Sergt.
George T. Barbarin, Corp.
Abram Schofield, Corp.
John G. Coombs, Corp.
George Armstong, Corp.
John Long,Corp.
George L. Smith, Corp.
Ephriam P. Wright, Corp.
Charles D. Rollin, Corp.
Edward Johnson, Farrier.
Henry C. Baird, Saddler.
Henry Pattison, Wagoner.
Thomas Lochney, Musician.
Charles S. Gordon, Musician.

Airheart, Ira
Arkills, Oliver
Burnes, Albert
Bennett, David J.
Bonier, Joseph
Bierd, David
Benson, Stephen E.
Brown, William
Bates, William F.
Call, Henry
Charles, Jenning H.
Care, Thomas L.
Carson, James
Cornell, John
Corey, Eugene H.
Deyo, George W.
Delmage, William T.
Dees, Abrham
Feury, Thomas
Freeman, John
Gates, George W.
Green, Albert
Glavain, Morris
Gregory, Ansel P.
Hardendorph, George
Haakes, Alonzo H.
Haner, Murray
Hall, Benjamin
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Charles
Jarvey, Julius
Kimble, William
Killam, Samuel
Knight, Aldis R.
LeDuke, Edward
Marshall, Richard
Macomber, Spencer
Hayfield, Henry
McFarlan, John
Slaughter, Edward
Siel, David
Trembath, William
Vanorman, William
Wilson, John
Young, William A.
Zibble, Albert
VanDuser, Charles E.
Durham, Amasy
Jennings, Charles H.
Powers, William C.
Lewis, William H.
Stillwell, James
Becker, Jacob
Bourdeaux, Eli
Terry, Arthur W.
Laverty, Hodgen B.
Underdunk, Charles L.
Eddee, William P.
Blanchard, Edward
Kelley, Timothy P.
Mosher, Charles
Hughes, W. P.
Moulton, Frederick
Weightman, Albert
Olmstead, W. J.
Tillson, John
Warner, John
Yates, Henry J.
Post Frederick
Lewis, William A.
Wattles, Victory C.
Hicks, John P.
Chatfield, Ashael C.
Abbie, Jasper
Cory, Ary
Eccleston, Sylvester
Harvey, Munson H.
Kimball, Isaac
McPherson, James
Moll, Cornelius
Murphy, Henry
Muntz, Alexander
Moore, William
Mullen, Thomas
Mason, Peter
Perkins, Samuel
Pomeroy, David H.
Roberts, George
Rammont, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, William
Smith, George
Shine, John
Kennedy, Henry
McLain, Charles
Muffley, Joseph
Ormsby, Reuben
Osterhout, Charles
Riley, George W.
Rich, Edwin
Stringham, William P.
Sloan, John H.
Steward, Dwight (or Seward)
Underkirk, Frank
Webster, Amos W.
Wickard, Josiah
Snyder, John H.
Reynor, Thomas.

Roster of survivors of the Seventh Michigan Cavalry and muster out rolls of the regiment. Register Pub. Co. 1895.

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