Muster Out Roll of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company A

Alexander Walker, Capt.
W. H. Fisher, Capt.
George G. Briggs, 1st Lieut.
James B. Loomis, 1st Lieut.
G. E. Smith, 1st Lieut.
Franklin P. Nichols, 2nd Lieut.
Calyin C. House, 2nd Lieut.
Henry L. Anthony, Sergt.
William G. Graham, Sergt.
William H. H. Knight, Sergt.
Marshall Bellinger, Sergt.
Albert E. Cains, Sergt.
Gilbert C. Perine, Sergt.
Nelson Bennett, Corp.
Ray T. Streeter, Corp.
Charles Cook, Corp.
James Edwards, Corp.
John H. Stead, Corp.
Oscar I. Hunt, Corp.
G. W. Vosburgh, Farrier.
Alexander E. McNeal, Blacksmith.
Peter Horsch, Bugler
W. D. Davis, Wagoner

Allen, Henry
Armstrong, William J.
Fish, Putman M.
Hathaway, Giles B.
Bounell, Charles
Barber, James
Brinninstool, Alonzo
Beers, Rufus
Birney, El. J.
Bowman, Henry
Buckingham, Charles
Baker, Henry C.
Calvin, Chester
Cox, Madison B.
Chapman, Frank
Dunn, Clark
Ewing, Horace H. C.
Eldridge, Erastus
Eply, William
Fisher, John K.
Howe, Truman W.
Henderson, William
Hall, Haskell B.
Knowles, Alton
Maloy, Thomas
Marcott, Oliver
Matchett, George B.
Nye, Edgar F.
Stout, John
Sharpe, John L.
Wismer, Zephaniah
Welton, George A.
Williams, Dexter
Warner,Fred M.
Wheeler, Marcus D.
Williams, John A.


Brownell, Horace R.
Hienck, John
Park, Allen C.
Wilcox, Charles
Worther, George A.


Waller, Nelson
Leaek, John W.
Adams, Oscar A.
Matchett, Noah
Shafer, Charles


Lourie, Alexander
Bradley, Randall B.
Buckle, Edward J.
Schrowder, Michael
Millman, Samuel
Alexander, Samuel
Collins, Joseph E.
Chappell, Chester C.
Walley, Pitts J.
Domphrey, Edwin
Taylor, Ezekial
Springer, Joseph R.
Strong, George W.
Fulton, David
Knapp, Charles C.
Staunton, Charles W.
Pearce, Sidney S.
Mingo, Daniel
Sayers, Nathan
Lang, Edward S.
Clark, Edgar A.
O’Brien, William H.
Smith, Alonzo D.
Trumbell James


Mingus, John
Kill, Edward
Griffin, Franklin
Crain, Stephen A.
Breers, Thomas A.
Bodett, Elijah
Smith, Walter
Smith, Thomas J.
Stafford, Arvis A.
Segar, Philip
Wheeler, George
Youngblood, John
Harding, Lewis B.% 9
Wilson, Charles
Hammond, George IV.


Holton, Charles M.
Crocker, Erastus B.
Pratt, Charles
Havens, Edwin R.
Burlingham, Joseph
Corning, U. C.
Cox Edward J.
Doak, Julius
Dunson, Charles E.
Fryan, John
Godfrey, Henry
Harvey, Edward F.
Hannah, George F.
Malcomb, Charles
Nichols, M. L.
Peck, George P.
Richardson, Barnum
Reynolds, Harvey L.
Conlin, John
Jemison, John
Hollis, Charles
Jones, James
Reames, Asal L.
Cook, Edwin D.
Eddy, James


Loomis. James B.
Harrison, Jesse
Cotton, John K.
Crook, William A.
Sparks, Spencer N.
Brickell, George M.
Alexander, John
Burgess, James
Davenport, James
Eastman, Daniel
Hogan, Patrick
McAlister, John
McAlister, Robert
Manuel, Henry
Page, William S.
Sparks, Cornelius
Wolf, James
Ashton, Thomas
Beard, Miles

Roster of survivors of the Seventh Michigan Cavalry and muster out rolls of the regiment. Register Pub. Co. 1895.

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