Michigan Land Patents – Ottawa Tribe

Michigan Land Patents – Ottawa Tribe

Patentee NameDateDoc. #Accession #
AMROSE GA GA KI SHIN10/12/190879230-0821086
ANCE, ABBIE10/12/190879230-0821061
ANCE, BENJAMIN10/12/190879230-0821064
ANCE, CASPAR10/12/190879230-0821060
ANCE, FRED10/12/190879230-0821081
ANCE, OLIVER10/12/190879230-0821080
ANCE, WILLIAM10/12/190879230-0821063
BIRD, JOSEPH10/12/190879230-0821065
CHIPPEWA, JOSEPHINE10/12/190879230-0821079
CHIPPEWA, PETER10/12/190879230-0821069
CHIPPEWAY, JENNIE10/12/190879230-0821084
CHIPPEWAY, LUCY10/12/190879230-0821083
CORNSTALK, ALEX10/12/190879230-0821085
FEAR, MARY A05/24/190937208-0964270
JACOBS, JOHN10/12/190879230-0821067
LOUIS, MAGGIE10/12/190879230-0821072
PABO, CLARA10/12/190879230-0821082
SHAW WA BEN SEAY, WILLIAM10/12/190879230-0821062
WALKER, ELLEN08/09/1916635017541654
WALKER, JACOB V08/09/1916635017541654

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