1894 Michigan State Census – Marquette County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Champion Township – Edward H. Gibbons, William Pheeley, John Shea, Albert Krause, [R. R. Thomas].

Chocolay Township – Jerome N. White, George T. Joslin, Covil C. June.

Ely Township – Robert Mahaffay.

Forsyth Township – Emerson Hough, John S. Riggs.

Humboldt Township – James Laird.

Ishpeming Township – William F. Lehmann, George Clark, George Sheldon, Christopher Clinge.

Michigamme Township – Mathias D. Kirk, Heber Myers, Louis Backes, George Hora.

Negaunee Township – George Dobbs, Thomas Larmour.

Republic Township – Miles Seeley, George Bennett, Christopher Gruppie, William Jaquies.

Sands Township – Arthur Wilson, Albert Wead, John Mahaffey.

Skandia Township – Barney McGraw, [Gustave Bahman].

Turin Township – George Grimes, August Gogarn, Edward Millston, John T. Brown, Nicholas Oswald.

Ishpeming City, Second Ward – Patrick Hughes.

Ishpeming City, Third Ward – Orsemus Robinson, Charles L. Sheldon,

Robert Maxwell, John Sanson, Charles E. Whitney.

Ishpeming City, Sixth Ward – Joseph Douglass, Eben W. Fiske, Theodore M. Day, John Scott.

Ishpeming City, Seventh Ward – Thomas Welch.

Ishpeming City, Eighth Ward – William Hall.

Ishpeming City, Ninth Ward – George G. Johnston, Charles Merryweather, [Thomas Gaynor].

Ishpeming City, Tenth Ward – Richard Carey.

Marquette City, First Ward – Maurice Sackett, Henry W. Curtis, Charles Brail, John Hogan, Joseph Lucas, Alfred Kaufman. Joseph Knapp, [Pat Connors, James H. Wright].

Marquette City, Second Ward – John O’Hare, John Howder, John Mahaffey, Patrick Breen, George B. Sihler.

Marquette City, Third Ward – Virgil E. David, Gerhard H. Tapkins, Allen Cowden, William H. Volk, William A. Mahan, [Charles D. Blanchard, Henry C. Russell, Jno. H. Gillett, Ed. B. Palmer, I. D. Hanscom].

Marquette City, Fourth Ward – Leroy M. Spencer, Hiram Bushnell, George W. Reed, Edward M. Watson, Gad. N. Smith. William Boice, Courtland E. Moore, George J. Northrup, Robert R. French, William W. Walker, Samuel M. Billings.

Marquette City, Fifth Ward – Jesse Hapgood, John Gray, Edward M. Shepard, William A. Jellison, Jeffrey Coles, John Grant, George M. Sackrider, John G. Homeier, John Ralph, John C. Fisher, [Isadore Sharland].

Marquette City, Sixth Ward – Alfred Thurlby, Addison A. Cole, John Dooley, Louis P. Mailhot, Robert P. Byrne.

Marquette City, Seventh Ward – John R. Charlton, John Frazier.

Marquette City, Eighth Ward – Julius E. Richardson.

Negannee City, First Ward – James Cavanaugh, Lunsford H. Stanley, James McNiel.

Negaunee City, Second Ward – Patrick McGrain, Donald McDonald, Edward C. Anthony, Samuel H. Steele, John Richardson, [Jos. E. Richardson].

Negaunee City, Third Ward – Henry W. Fuller.

Negaunee City, Fourth Ward – John Poisson, John Reeder, Edward J. Carey, Martin Hieser. Edward Raincourt, [Edward Ranco].

Negaunee City, Fifth Ward – Francis V. Sauer, George Korton, James O’Brien, Augustus C. McKenzie, Pierre Trudelle, [James McNeil].

State of Michigan. Census of the state of Michigan, 1894, Volume III. Lansing: R. Smith & Co., state printers. 1896.

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