1894 Michigan State Census – Iosco County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Alabaster Township – John Bresnaham, Thomas A. Murphy. William H. Casey, Edward Oates, [John H. White].

An Sable Township – James Craig. Alpheus Lamb.

Baldwin Township – Moses Woods, Francis H. Frazier, Edward A. Farrand, Horace Benedict.

Village of East Tawas – Thomas Bagster. George S. Braidwood, George D. French, Benjamin F. Oakes. Samuel E. Irwin, C. T. Jack, George W. Stevens, Calvin Wixon, Heman E. Ney, Charles F. Adams, Philip Snyder, John Gallagher, James Tapp, William Legacy, Hugh McDonald, Calvin Catoz, A. J. Urquhart, Samuel E. Galloway, James B. Austin, Thomas McConnell, Robert Splann, Reuben W. Platt, S. A. Flannigan, John Nisbet, Newell Stevens, H. A. Goodale, Robbins E. Babcock, Milo Eastman, Joseph E. Hill, Thomas Jameson, Antoine Cariueaux, [Jacob E. Fink].

Burleigh Township – Charles F. Gordon, Paul Crego, Harrie Stone, Maynard Butts, Jesse D. Dillenbeck, John Mango, Whitmer S. Hall, Oscar Read, Joel P. Colvin, [Adelbert Chase, Jason Dillenbeck, John Hillman].

Grant Township – Frederick W. Latham, V. H. Rodman, Myron E. Fields, E. M. Raymond, John Ghinn.

Oscoda Township – Joseph Bayard.

Village of Oscoda – Samuel Ottley, Quance William, Granger Hill, Joseph Charbooneau, Theodore Hiltz, George Beem, Daniel Schultz, Muhall Resco, Horace Forbes, Joseph A. Cheverier.

Plainfield Township – Francis Baker, Amos B. Lobdell, Hiram Colegrove, William Henderson, Charles Gilbert, W. J. Ayrhart, Edward V. Esmond, Isaac B. Nunn, Andrew Ferrister, [Clark Esmond].

Reno Township – Pitt G. Vanostram, Charles Hartley, Charles P. Harrington, Squire M. Dillabaugh, Ethan H. Thompson, Seth F. Horton, Emanuel Price.

Sherman Township – Timothy Hine, John Arn.

Tawas Township – Francis E. Hayes, William E. Youngs, James Menery, Ephraim Wright, Martin V. Saunders, J. A. F. Schefder, Wardwell Chase, Thomas E. Conners, Daniel M. Goodroe, Willard S. Hauthern, Amos Lake, James W. Turner, William Ayres, Reuben Wade.

Village of Tawas City – George G. King, S. C. Williams, Edward Livermore, James M. Walker, William Wood, C. E. Wilcox, Lyman B. Smith, Jno. C. Canfield, Abraham L. Harding, Thomas Hollen, [Jno. Brown, Louis Arniot, Michael Laguee, Martin Heath, Francis King].

Wilber Township – John H. Clute, George Dawes, Gilbert L. Stickles, Alonzo Kirkendall, Orrin Goodale, Charles H. Cross, H. N. Otis.

Au Sable City, First Ward – William Wagner, Levant Meade, Thomas P. McKenzie, Jno. J. Donlan, James McCoy, [James Cieve, Frank Maynard].

Au Sable City, Second Ward – Murdock McLean, William Woods. Jos. Fox, Thomas Ritchie, Herman Ziem, James Quinn, Peter B. Craft, Jno. A. Worth, James Dakin, Levi Joles.

Au Sable City, Third Ward – Robert Richards, William H. Simpson, Charles Gearing, Jno. B. Thomas. John Wyatt. Thomas Wing, W. F. Bisbee, William Phillip. Jos. Bonefant, Peter Hillman, [Thomas Green, William A. Sinclair].

Iosco County MI,

State of Michigan. Census of the state of Michigan, 1894, Volume III. Lansing: R. Smith & Co., state printers. 1896.

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