1894 Michigan State Census – Benzie County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Benzie County.

Almira Township. – Alfred G. Warner, Charles F. Severance, John Tucker. Samuel Ward, Alfred J. Pratt, Oliver N. Seager, Charles W. Beamon, Robert Wilson, Harmon Stowe, Henry Folesome, Elihu Linkletter, John Hooker, Daniel Shorter, Lewis Lemar, Theodore P. Barber.

Village of Lake Ann. – Edwin Lake, Robert Crawford, George W. Paul, Charles Thomas, Reuben Stetson, Napoleon Baker.

Benzonia Township. – Joseph P. Redding, George L. Brown, Lewis W. Ingersoll, Newton Mathews. Emery M. Wellman. Albert N. Cooley, Samuel H. Long, L. D. Rann, Warner Law, James C. Sawyer, William Wilson, John A. Morrow, Avery Thomas, E. A. St. Clair, A. W. Hawkins, George F. Barker, George A. Sinclair, Amaziah Thorp, T. C. Russell, Chester C. Collins. [Chas. H. Bilderback, David Phelps, Henry N. Johnson, Geo. W. Reed, Win. H. Reynolds, Geo. Greenwood].

Village of Benzonia. – William F. Hannaford, James Montgomery, John Link, L. P. Judson, Lot Nevins. [John W. Van Demau].

Blaine Township. – F. R. Axtell, Orrin Blood, C. C. Judson, Jesse Bunker, Ira W. Mead, Stephen N. Cornell, Solomon R. Powers, Leonard Harrington, George 0. Butler. William F. Downing, Jacob Weaver, Henry D. Hurlburt, William H. Stubbs, Robert Emery. George L. Cole.

Colfax Township. – Jacob Long, James Castler, John Bisbe, 0. H. Stebbens, Oscar Amy, Daniel McAley, Edmund Barker, George Shafer, Israel P. Covy, Charles Dobson, David Davis, Almon Wilkinson, Henry Snooks, Charles Fermer, 0. M. Northrup, Robert Engle. C. L. Marrigold.

Village of Thompsonville. – Mathew Hiney, Justus B. Johnson. James E. Root, Jefferson Wood, Delos Covert, Albert Watters. James Moriarity, A. J. Irwin, Horace Hill, Anthony Rouse, M. Ghasten, Oliver Dyer, John Crotty, Charles Buckingham, William Jones, Charles Hamner, Franklin Van Hyning, Richard Gadbaro, Homer Doud, Ezra E. Spencer, George Wright, James Van Atten, Edwin C. Davis, Hiram H. Gifford.

Crystal Lake Township. – Christian C. Forney, John Smith, Charles W. Butler, George W. Phillips, John Fultz, Charles C. Dodge, David Taylor, George Smith, Joseph A. Conklin.

Village of Frankfort. – William H. Chambers, Frank 0. Wickham, Mathew Gallager, Henry M. Smith, Charles A. Voorheis, John R. Wickoff, Albert Vorce, Henry Kemple, William Pendleton, John Hollabaugh, Albert Benton, Charles W. Storrs, Clark A. Edgecomb, Myron E. Barber, Samuel F. Dickenson, Adam J. Rose, Justin B. Doane, N. Augustus Parker, Joseph S. Hall, Charles H. Crittenden, Edward G. Chambers, [Adam J. Scheuster, Eber A. Springstein, Thos. Whitte, A. A. Smith, Wm. A. Joy, Edw. G. Chambers, A. A. Doty, James Williams, Chas. H. Crittenden, Salm Skinner].

Gilmore Township. – Peter Matheson, Peter Mick, John Higgins, John Chandler, Frederick Hall, Phillip Ehman.

Village of South Frankfort. – John S. Perry, Charles A. Kibby, Hazen G. Duntly, Roland Reed, Wright Bunting, Lyman Dow.

Homestead Township. – Isaac J. Meade, Homer J. Kentner, John W. Brown, Nathan Thomas, David Peckins, William G. Knight, J. C. Van Blaricom, Lewis H. Gokey, John L. Walkley, Thomas Rayner.

Inland Township. – William H. Sherman, John H. Bradshaw, Henry Her – ‘ ron, 0. S. Williams, George W. Annes, Corwin Roxbury, A. A. Brundage, William E. Wilson, Robert Carpenter, Dewitt Blaisdell, David Plamon, John Hogle, Hiram Hollis, Charles Barton, John M. Potter.

Joyfield Township. – Samuel A. Davidson, John D. Evans, Marcellus Fuller, John W. Worden, Robert S. G. Carhart, James E. Arner, Alonzo Jaquays, Edward Ayres, Roswell J. Reed, William A. Joy, Charles Raymond, Arminius Springsteen, Hiram Stanley, Horace Raymond.

Lake Township. – Joel E. Clarke.

Platte Township. – Isaac Huff, Roselle C. Shreeves, George W. Getchell, Leroy Morgan, [Sam’l Berry].

Weldon Township. – Zimri Bush, George Hollenberg, Frank Johnson, Frank Anderson.

Benzie County MI,

State of Michigan. Census of the state of Michigan, 1894, Volume III. Lansing: R. Smith & Co., state printers. 1896.

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