Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – H Surnames

HALE, Esther of Tyringham, and Thomas French, int. Dec. 28, 1816. [m. Jan. 1, 1817, P.R.3.]

HALL, Edmond (see Edmond Hull).
Gideon Jr., lawyer, of Winchester, Conn., and Lydia Louisa Fosket, 20, d. Nath[anie]l and Clarissa, Jan. 30, 1844.*

HALSEY, Stephen W. and Mary L. Thompson, Apr. 4, 1843

HAMILTON, John, harness and trunk maker, of Albany, N.Y., and Agnes E. Morgan, 17 y. 6 m., d. Miles and Lucy, Aug. 24, 1843

HAMLIN, Joseph and Abigail Benton, Jan. 31, 1788.*

HARMON, Gordan and Laura M. Barnes, int. Nov. 21, 1831. [Barns, m. Dec. -, C.R.1.]

HART, Isaac of Stockbridge, and Abigail Stone, Apr. 12, 1807.*

HARVARD, William R. of Washington, and Patty Codding of Washington, Feb. 7, 1821.*

HEATH, Arvin of Tyringham, and Laura Ann Barnes, d. Alva and Catharine, Jan. 1, 1844.*

HEMINGWAY, Semantha of Suffield, Conn., and John D. Leonard of Suffield, Conn., Apr. 4, 1844, at State Line.* C.R.1.

HEMSTEAD, Lydia and Luther Plumb of Stockbridge, Sept. 6, 1814.

HENDRICK (see Hendricks, Hendrix), Electa and Gilbert Willson, int. Jan. 22, I810.
Harriot and Ebenezer Fitch of Salisbury, int. Jan. 21, 1811.
Martin [int. Hendricks] and Mehitable Knapp, Apr. 28, 1814.

HENDRICKS (see Hendrick, Hendrix), Lydia and Waitstill Avery, Apr. 28 [1819].

HENDRIX (see Hendrick, Hendricks), Daniel Jr. and Patsey Page, Feb. 10, 1831.* C.R.1.
Martin K. and Rhoda Reed, Feb. 18, 1847, at State Line.* C.R.1.

HEWINS, Abia and Hiram Austin [int. of Canaan, Conn.], Mar. 20, 1816.
Douglass B. and Mary W. Vosburg of Gt. Barrington, int. Oct. 10, 1830.
Ebenezer and Zilpha Robinson, Oct. 29, 1792.
Harriett and Aaron Kinne, int. Dec. 8, 1837.
Joseph K. and Pluma C. Willson, int. Dec. 9, 1837.
Naomi and Peter Burghardt, int. Sept. 19, 1808.
Naomi, 22, d. Elijah and Prundence [Prudence], and Cyrus William Barnes, 23, farmer, s. Alva dec’d and Catharine, Jan. 8, 1845.*
William and Lidia Robinson, int. Jan. 17, 1796.

HIBBARD, Maquire of Tyringham, and Julia Ann Chase of Lee, May 31, 1848.* C.R.1.

HILL, Hannah of Palmer, and David Rew, int. Apr. 15, 1792.
Louisa E., 19, d. Aaron S. and Lucy, and Robert B. Spencer, 26, farmer, s. Sylvester and Irene, Oct. 28, 1846.*
Maria L., b. Canaan, Conn., d. Aaron and Lucy, and Luther L. Moore [int. Moon], baggage master on R. R., Dec. 31, 1843.

HINES, Mehitable and Nathaniel Galusha, May 22, 1788.*

HINMAN, Charlotte and David Beers, int. Nov. 17, 1806.
Permela and Ransley Wickham, int. Mar. 25, 1811.

HINSDALE, Sarah [int. Hensdel] of Stockbridge, and William Dryer, May 17 [int. June -, sic], 1797, in Lenox.

HITCHCOCK, Cha[rle]s B. and Julia Ann Arnold, –, 1826.* P.R.2.
Florilla [int. Florella] and Hylon Tobey, May 3, 1815.
Louisa M., 20, d. Johnathan and Clarissa, and Martin Rees, 21, farmer, s. Abram and Polly, Oct. 14, 1830.

HOBBS, Penuel [int. Hoobbs] of Tyringham, and Achsa [int. Achsah] French, Jan. 4, 1838. [Hobbs, and Achsah —, P.R.3.]

HOLCOMB, Clement and Hannah M. Ives of Gt. Barrington, int. Dec. 16, 1843.

HOOPER, Elisha and Ruth Newell, int.- [1793]

HOPKINS, Anson, widr., 44, shoemaker, s. John and Mary, and Julia Ann Morgan, 32, d. Miles and Lucy, Apr. 9, 1846.*

HULL, Edmond [int. Hall] and Anne Gilbert, Sept. 15, 1791.
Peter Jr. and Ester Parmele, June 15, 1760, in Killingsworth.*

HUNGERFORD, James and Electa Strong of Lee, int. Oct. 21, 1805.

HUNT, Abigail A. and Alfred L. Bristol, Mar. 9, 1842.*

Town of West Stockbridge, Mass. Vital records of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. Boston: New-England Historic Genealogical Society at the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund. 1907.

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