Stockbridge Massachusetts Deaths to 1850 – E Surnames

EASLAND, Catharine, d. John and Sally, Feb. 25, 1809, in 2d y. Catharine, w. Francis, Sept. 4, 1818. [in 65th y., G.R.1.]
Francis, Feb. 22, 1838, a. l00. G.R.1. [s. John G. and (first w.), in Alford, P.R.1.]
Hannah, w. John G., Mar. 6, 1815, a. 90. G.R.1. [Hannah (Rawmocker), second w. John G., “came to this country from Amsterdam, Holland,” P.R.1.]
John Jr., m., farmer, s. John and Rachel, accidental, Nov. 29, 1845, a. 51 y. 19 d. [Dec. 1, a. 51, G.R.1.] [Dec. 1, P.R.1.]
John, m., farmer, b. New York City, s. John G. and Catharine, old age, Aug. 6, 1847, a. 90. [in 90th y., G.R. I.]
John G., Apr. 25, 1800, in 93d y. G.R.1. [“(father of John Easland) emigrated to this country from France probably about the year 1753” P.R.1.]
Monroe, s. Francis and Mariah, Jan. 30, 1831, in 5th y. [Munroe, C.R.1.] [s. Francis and Maria, a. 4 y. 6 m. 12 d., G.R.1.]
Peter, Apr. 29 [? 1811]. P.R.1.
Rachel, w. John, Apr. 6, 1802, in 42d y. G.R.1.
Triphena, June 24, 1840, in 44th y. P.R.1.
—, wid., Mar. 10, 1817. ch. Peter, Mar. -, 1836. C.R.1.
–, first w. John G., – , “on their voyage to this country after giving birth to a son which was named Francis.” P.R.1.

EATON, La Roy D. W., s. Edwin D. and Susan W., consumption, Oct. 4, 1843, a. 1 y. 16 d. [Laroy, G.R.3.]

EDWARDS, Clymene (see Edwards).
Elisha O., Sept. 16, 1829, a. 30. G.R.1. Ellen (see Hellen).
Gamaliel, m., merchant, b. Easthampton, L.I., s. William, old age, Mar. 7, 1848, a. 81 y. 2 m. 28 d. [Mar. 8, a. 81, C.R.1.] [Mar. 7, a. 82, G.R.1.]
Harvey P., s. William and Jerusha, drowned, June 4, 1835, a. 13 m., in Hartsville. G.R.3.
Hellen, w. O., Mar. 2, 1834, a. 24. C.R.1. [Ellen, w. Orlando, Feb. 28, a. 23, G.R.1.]
Mary Jane (see Edwards).
Osborn, Sept. 16, 1829, a. 30. C.R.1.
Polly, w. Orlando, Apr. 25, 1832, in 25th y. [a. 25, C.R.1.] [in 24th y., G.R.1.]

EDWARDS, Sarah, w. William, Apr. 28, 1796. [in 55th y., G.R.1.]
William, Aug. 19, 1796. [in 53d y., G.R.1.]
William, h. Jerusha (Tobey), Mar. 24, 1842, a. 39. G.R.3.
—, ch. O., Jan. -, 1832, a. 10 m. C.R.1. [Mary Jane, d. Orlando and Polly, Jan. 7, a. 9 m. 10 d., G.R.1.]
—, ch. Orlando, Feb. -, 1834, a. 3 m. C.R.1.
–, Mrs., Oct. 12, 1834. C.R.1. [Clymene, w. Gamaliel, a. 69, G.R.1.]

EVARTS, Washington, s. Augustus and Sarah, Feb. 2, 1803.

Death Records,

Town of West Stockbridge, Mass. Vital records of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. Boston: New-England Historic Genealogical Society at the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund. 1907.

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