Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – R Surnames

RACE (see Rees), Isaac Miles, s. Isaac and Lucretia, June 11,
1798. [Rees, G.R.3.]
Mary, d. Isaac and Lucretia, Aug. 31, 1796.

RATHBUN, Clarinda, d. Philander and Nancy, May 26, 1794
Cordelia, d. Philander and Nancy, Aug. 13, 1802.
Eliza, d. Philander and Nancy, Jan. 5, 1798.
James, s. Philander and Nancy, Sept. 16, 1786.
Nancy, d. Philander and Nancy, May 15, 1788.
Philander, s. Philander and Nancy, Jan. 27, 1797.
Sidney, s. Philander and Nancy, Apr. 24, 1800.
Sylvester, s. Philander and Nancy, Nov. 5, 1789.

RAY, Abigail, d. Clement and Clarissa, Jan. 31, 1826.
Achsah Ann, d. Clement and Clarissa, Feb. 21, 1824.
Robert R. [Reed, written above in pencil], s. Clement and Clarissa, Jan. 6, 1828.
William M. [Mansfield, written above in pencil], s. Clement and Clarissa, Nov. 22, 1831.

REED, Abigail, d. Tho[ma]s Jr. and Abigail, Nov. 7, 1814.
Arlington, s. George F., farmer, and Jane C., Feb. 23, 1849.
Betsey Anna, d. Cha[rle]s and Charlotte, Mar. 24, 1827.
Betsy, d. Solomon and Polly, Feb. 20, 1799.
Charles, s. Solomon and Polly, June 9, 1801.
Charles Deodatus, s. Charles and Charlotte, Mar. 18, 1831.
Charles T., s. Thomas P., farmer, and Elizabeth, Dec. 21, 1844.
Clarissa, d. Tho[ma]s Jr. and Abigail, Sept. 10, 1802.
Cyrus, s. Tho[ma]s Jr. and Abigail, Jan. 22, 1808.
Edward Thomas, negro, s. John, laborer, and Eliza (b. Pittstown, N.Y.), Oct. 23, 1849
Electa, d. Elkanah and Laura, Dec. 11, 1812.
Elkanah Jr., s. Elkanah and Laura, Mar. 7, 1820.
Emily C., d. Charles, carpenter, and Charlotte, Dec. 29, 1847.
George Cyrus, s. John A., stonecutter, and Margery D., June 4, 1844.
Helena Jane, d. John A., stonecutter, and Margery D., Jan. 30, 1849.
Henry, s. Solomon and Amy, Oct. 22, 1812.
Henry Crocker, s. Elkanah and Laura, Jan. 11, 1818.
Huram William, s. Solomon and Amy, Dec. 11, 1813.
John, s. Solomon and Amy, June 22, 1816.
Julia Ann, d. Thomas Jr. and Abigail, Jan. 5, 1813.
Laura, d. Elkanah and Laura, Aug. 2, 1806.
Mary E., d. Thomas P., farmer, and Elizabeth, July 15, 1847.
Mary Samantha, d. Elkanah and Laura, Sept. 18, 1804.
Maryland, s. John A., stonecutter, and Margery D., June 16, 1847.
Miranda, d. Thomas Jr. and Abigail, May 17, 1810.
Polly, d. Solomon and Polly, July 24, 1810.
Ransford, s. Daniel B., farmer, and Lavantia, Apr. 10, 1849.
Russel, s. Tho[ma]s Jr. and Abigail, Jan. 22, 1804.
Simeon, s. Solomon and Amy, Nov. 16 [dup. Dec. 16], 1822.
Sophronia, d. Elkanah and Laura, Dec. 15, 1807.
Thomas, s. Solomon and Amy, Feb. 28, 1820.
Uriah, s. Thomas Jr. and Abigail, Dec. 23, 1816.
Virginia K., d. John A., stonecutter, and Margery D., Aug. 13, 1845
William, s. Elkanah and Laura, Apr. 14, 1815.

REES (see Race), Andrew, s. Andrew and Clarrissa, Feb. 4, 1790, in Hillsdale, N.Y.
Catherine M., d. I. M. and Lucretia, June 26, 1830. G.R.3.
Charles E., Mar. 19, 1826. G.R.3.
Charles Ward, s. Martin, farmer, and Louise M. (Hitchcock), Jan. 17, 1841.
Elizabeth Maria, d. Abraham and Polly, Feb. 7, 1818.
Helen Francis, d. Martin, farmer, and Louise M. (Hitchcock), May 10, 1833.
Lucretia [–], w. Isaac, — [1777]. G.R.3.
Lucy M., w. Rev. Nathan Shaw, Mar. 24, 1802. G.R.3.
Martin, s. Abraham and Polly, June 4, 1809.
Mary Alice, d. Abraham L., carpenter and joiner, and Paulina, Apr. 4, 1849.
Polly, d. Andrew and Clarrissa, May 27, 1792.
Sarah, d. Andrew W. and Violitta, Nov. 4, 1805.
Sylvester, s. Andrew and Clarrissa, June 24, 1788, in Hillsdale, N.Y.
William Albert, s. Abraham and Polly, Apr. 27, 1816.

RIDER, Katharine M., d. Andrew J., R. R. baggagemaster, and Charity B., Sept. 8, 1848.
I s. Andrew J., laborer, and Charity B., Apr. 14, 1847.

ROBBINS, Amelia Anna, d. Tho[ma]s B. and Asenath, Nov. 27,
Charlotte Ann, d. John N., farmer, and Elizabeth M., Mar. 28, 1845.
John Newton, s. Tho[ma]s B. and Asenath, July 5, 1803.
Loring Griswold, s. Tho[ma]s B. and Asenath, Apr. 30, 1797.

ROBBINSON (see Robinson), Nathaniel Gilbert, s. George and Zilpha, Mar. 4, 1790.

ROBINSON (see Robbinson), James Le[o]nord, s. George and Zilpah, June 3, 1787.
Polly, d. George and Zilpah, Sept. 25, 1778.
Thomas Edward, negro, s. Prince, laborer, and Rosannah, Apr. 5, 1848.
William, s. George and Zilpah, Oct. 19, 1781.

ROGERS, Albert W., negro, s. Albert M., laborer, and Mary, Sept. 22, 1847.
Henry, negro, s. Charles, stonecutter, and Mary, July 29, 1843.
Lewis, s. John, ironworker, and Mary, Mar. 18, 1845.

RUSSELL, George S., s. Rev. Abraham A. and Ursula, Feb. 11, 1848.

RYAN, Anna S., d. Keron, laborer, and Mary, Feb. 20, 1848.
Charles, s. Simon, laborer, and Mary, Sept. 16, 1846.
Daniel, s. Daniel, laborer, and Mary, Oct. -, 1843.
Edward, s. Edward, laborer, and Judy, Aug. 25, 1848.
Ellen, d. Edward, laborer, and Judy, Jan. 29, 1847.
Mary E., d. Kyran, laborer, and Mary, Mar. 9, 1849.

Birth Records,

Town of West Stockbridge, Mass. Vital records of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. Boston: New-England Historic Genealogical Society at the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund. 1907.

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