Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – G Surnames

GARLICK, Celia M., d. Lathan, laborer, and Fanny E., Oct. 28, 1848.

GATES, Elijah Meramon, s. Elijah and Polly, Dec. 21, 1817.
Eliza Ann, d. Elijah and Polly, Jan. 23, 1816.
John R. Vanburguar, s. Elijah and Polly, Dec. 11, 1810.
Margaret Selestia, d. Elijah and Polly, July 11, 1830.
Mercy, d. Elijah and Polly, Dec. 24, 1823.
Polly Jane, d. Elijah and Polly, Nov. 16, 1813.

GIBBS, Arthur Lower, s. George W., blacksmith, and Malinda, June 15, 1848.

GILL, Andrew, s. Michael, teamster, and Ellen, Apr. 15, 1844

GOCIA, Horace, s. Francis, laborer, and Mary, Feb. 13, 1844.

GORHAM, Chloe A. [–], w. George R., [1822]. G.R.3.
George R. [h. Chloe A.], – [1813]. G.R.3.
Thane Bristol, s. George R., shoemaker, and Chloe Ann, Apr. 22, 1845.

GORMAN, Henry, s. Michael, laborer (b. Ireland), and Ellen (b. Ireland), July 22, 1849.

GRAHAM, Adelaide, d. Alva C., mechanic, and Martha, June 2, 1848.

GREGORY, Lewis, s. Narbor, laborer, and Louisa, Feb. 12, 1849
Louisa, d. Colbut, laborer, and Eliza, Apr. 23, 1847.

GRIFFIN, Mary Ann, d. William, miner, and Ellen, Apr. 7, 1847.

GRIFFITH, Albert Smith, ch. John and Sybil, Feb. 23, 1818.
Charles Chandler, ch. John and Sybil, Nov. 21, 1810.
Charles D., s. George W., laborer, and Louisa, Nov. 8, 1849.
Elbridge Lewis, ch. John and Sybil, Feb. 11, 1807.
George Washington, ch. John and Sybil, Jan. 21, 1816.
Grove Dwight, ch. John and Sybil, Mar. 18, 1820.
Hiram Pomeroy, ch. John and Sybil, Oct. 23, 1808.
John Alanson, ch. John and Sybil, Oct. 1, 1812 [sic, see William Henry].
Louisa A., d. William H., laborer, and Mary A., Oct. 13, 1843.
Mary Louisa, d. George W., laborer, and Louisa, July 7, 1846.
William Henry, ch. John and Sybil, May 29, 1813 [sic, see John Alanson].

GROAT, Charles W., , 1831. G.R.3.
Ellen A., Feb. 5, 1838. G.R.3.
Martha M. [? m.], — ,1835. G.R.3.
Mary H. [ ], w. Samuel D., Mar. 15, 1806. G.R.3.
Samuel D. [h. Mary H.], May 20, 1802. G.R.3.
Samuel D. Jr., Mar. 6, 1827. G.R.3.

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