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DANIEL LYNCH – Among Northampton’s most useful and practical citizens, Daniel Lynch, expert brick mason, contractor and builder, has performed a work of permanent value to the material interests of the city in the course of the quarter of a century that he has been engaged in business on his own account; and the city and its neighborhood have profited in the result of good workmanship. Honest dealing and sound common sense have invariably characterized his enterprises as a builder, as well as his sterling counsel in matters relating to civic economics and community betterment. Of his industrious and zealous race he was taught industry and zeal in all his undertakings. His grandfather, John Lynch, lived and died in Ireland; and his children were: Edward, of whom further; Timothy; Mary; Kate; Honora; Margaret; Jeremiah.

Edward Lynch, son of John Lynch, was born in County Kerry, Ireland, and died in Northampton, September 1, 1911, aged about ninety years. A carpenter by trade, he came to the United States in 1890, and lived in Northampton to the time of his death. He married Bridget Herlihy, who was born in County Kerry, and died there in 1880, daughter of Daniel and Mary Herlihy. Their children were: Timothy, who died young; John, who also died in his early years; Daniel, of whom further; Mary, who married a Mr. Whelan; and Margaret, who married John Healy, who is now deceased.

Daniel Lynch, son of Edward Lynch, was born in 1861, in County Kerry, Ireland, where he attended school and was employed as a farmer in his youth. He came to Northampton in 1883, and after working at farming for a short time, he learned the trade of bricklaying, and was employed by John Marther ten years. He worked for the firm of Whelan and Chase five years, and in 1900 he established his own business in general contracting in cellar excavating, stone and brick work, and plastering. Mr. Lynch has erected many residences in Northampton; he has transacted much business in the real estate line in this city, and has had much to do with the upbuilding and the general growth of the community, which has also included the construction of four houses on Lasell Street, one of which was sold to Smith College and removed to the college grounds; he also built the fine brick residence in which he lives, on Crescent Street. Outside of Northampton he has done the mason work for a large schoolhouse in Amherst; and he bought land in Hatfield, where he built several residences. During the World War, Mr. Lynch went to Chester, Pennsylvania, where he was in charge of many laborers engaged in brick-laying and ship-construction work.

Active in civic affairs, Mr. Lynch was several times a candidate as a Democrat for office in a strong Republican Ward. On a certain occasion when the question was presented for a new bridge across the Connecticut River between Northampton and Hadley at a cost of half a million dollars, Mr. Lynch opposed the proposition in an article that appeared in the Northampton “Gazette” and that contained so much good logic and sense that the project of a new bridge was effectually killed, and the old bridge is still doing duty. Mr. Lynch has the honor of being a warm personal friend of the President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge. His fraternal affiliations are those of the Knights of Columbus; and he is a communicant of the Roman Catholic Church.

Daniel Lynch married, in June, 1894, Julia O’Connor, who was born in Northampton, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Hogan) O’Connor. Their children:

  1. Mary, who was born March 4, 1895, and married, in July, 1924, John L. Shanley.
  2. Edward, born October 4, 1896, took a course in civil engineering; and afterwards turned his attention to the study of law, graduating in the Law School of the Catholic University at Washington, District of Columbia, June 11, 1924, with the degree of Bachelor of Laws. He is a firm believer in industry, as well, and having learned his father’s trade, he is an expert brick-layer. Mr. Lynch is well-known as a basket-ball player, and has received due recognition in that line in the columns of the press, and in the “Cardinal,” the Catholic University magazine. Also prominent in football, he has received the appellation, “the Ace.” During the World War, he was assigned to service with the United States Navy, and located at Hingham, Massachusetts.
  3. Margaret, born February 19, 1898.
  4. David, born May 7, 1904, graduated in the Law School of the Catholic University at Washington, District of Columbia, when he was twenty-one years of age.
  5. Julia, born June 18, 1906.



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