1867 Plymouth Massachusetts Directory

T – Z Surnames

Talbot Samuel, baker, Market
Taylor John, ironworker, Summer
Taylor Joseph, laborer, Leyden
Taylor Joseph jr. mariner. South Ponds
Terry Burgess, machinist, Chiltonville
Thomas Adoniram, farmer. West Dist.
Thomas Alanson, farmer. West District
Thomas Gamaliel, mariner, West Dist.
Thomas Joab, farmer, Court
Thomas Joshua B. attorney. Summer
Thomas Nahum, mariner, Summer
Thomas Wm. attorney. Court
Thomas Wm. H. photographer, Summer
Thrasher George, farmer, Cedarville
Thrasher George jr. farmer, Cedarville
Thrasher J. A. farmer, Cedarville
Thrasher Jonathan, farmer, Cedarville
Thrasher Joshua, laborer. Middle
Thrasher J. T. farmer, Cedarville
Thrasher L. W. farmer, Cedarville
Thrasher Reuben, farmer, Cedarville
Thurber J. D. clerk, Court
Timmerhoff W. rope maker, Court
Tomlinson Russell, clergyman. Middle
Torrence N. S. mariner. Water
Torrence Robert, laborer. Water
Towns J. F. trackman, Tispaquin
Tribble James, mason, Tispaquin
Tribble Lorenzo, painter, Russell
Tribble W. B. painter, Samaria Place
Tripp William G. woolen operator. Court
Turner David, block maker, Leyden
Turner Ezekiel C. merchant, Sandwich
Turner F. W. mariner, Court

Valler A. K. farmer, Cedarville
Valler Silas jr, farmer, Cedarville
Valler Simeon, farmer, Cedarville
Valler S. J. farmer, Cedarville
Valler Sylvanus, farmer, Cedarville
Valler Sylvester H. farmer, Cedarville
Valler T. J. farmer, Cedarville
Vaughan Ansel H. farmer, Manomet Pond
Vaughan E. B. H. seaman, Manomet Pond
Vaughan Elisha, mariner, Manomet Pond
Vaughan F. H. wounded soldier, Chiltonville
Vaughan Leander, laborer. Eel River
Vaughan Lemuel, mariner, Chiltonville
Vaughan P. C. W. farmer, Chiltonville
Vaughan W. C. farmer, Chiltonville
Virgin John, clerk. Summer
Virgin G. W. gentleman. Summer
Voughtlander Herman, rope maker, Court

Wade John, mariner, Water
Wade P. S. mariner, Emerald
Wadsworth L. S. mariner, Chiltonville
Wadsworth S. D. mariner, Chiltonville
Wadsworth Wait, farmer. Court
Wadsworth W. L. mariner, Chiltonville
Warren Winslow, physician. Mam
Washburn C. H. supt. gas works. Summer
Washburn Ephraim, farmer, W. District
Washburn Seth, farmer, West District
Watson A. M. mariner, Clark’s Island
Watson Benj. M. revenue collector, Summer
Watson Edward W. farmer, Clark’s Island
Watson E. W. 2d, farmer, Clark’s Island
Watson James M. farmer, Clark’s Island
Watson N. B. mariner, Clark’s Island
Wells W. G. S. merchant. Court
Westgate Charles, truckman, Court
Westgate C. H. laborer. Court
Weston C. H. mariner, Cole’s Hill
Weston Coomer, horticulturist. Court
Weston E. C. machinist, Drew Place
Weston F. H. seaman, Shady Nook
Weston Geo. F. postmaster, Prospect
Weston Harvey, mariner, Sandwich
Weston Harvey W. expressman, Leyden
Weston Henry, carpenter, Samaria Place
Weston J. L. carpenter. Prospect
Weston Miles S. clerk. Court
Weston Wm. carpenter. North
Whall Wm. seaman, Summer
White J. B. carpenter. Summer
White T. S. Supt. Samoset Mills, Summer
Whiting Adoniram, farmer, Chiltonville
Whiting Adoniram jr. mariner, Chiltonville
Whiting Albert, mariner, Chiltonville
Whiting Benj. jr. farmer, Chiltonville
Whiting Elisha jr. farmer, Wellingsley
Whiting Ellis, former, Wellingsley
Whiting Ellis jr. farmer, Wellingsley
Whiting George, baker. Market
Whiting George A. stable keeper. High
Whiting Henry, mariner, Sandwich
Whiting Henry jr. mariner. Sandwich
Whiting J. B. barber, Town Square
Whiting Levi, mariner, Chiltonville
Whiting Pelham, farmer. Sandwich
Whiting Winslow, farmer, Chiltonville
Whitman, Wm. H. clerk of courts. Court
Whitmore Bern, mariner, Manomet Pond
Whitmore H. C. mariner, Manomet Pond
Whittee J. H. thread maker, Summer
Whitten Abraham, mariner, Leyden
Whitten Chas, farmer. Court
Whitten Chas. jr., carpenter, Court
Whitten F. L. mariner, Leyden
Whitten Horace G. tinsmith, Mayflower
Whitten S. M. farmer. Court
Whoorwell Wm. R. wool operative. Court
Williams J. B. iron worker. Summer
Williams Wm. rivet maker, Summer
‘Wilson David, twine manuf. Court
Wilson John B. cabinet maker. High
Winsor J. M. mariner. Court
Wood Alba, farmer, S. Pond Road
Wood A. N. farmer, S. Pond Road
Wood Alex, farmer, S. Pond Road
Wood Eliab, caulker. Sandwich
Wood Geo. F. sea captain. Sandwich
Wood Isaac L. mason, Russell
Wood Israel, laborer. Water
Wood Lemuel R. mariner, Sandwich
Wood L. F. mariner, Sandwich
Wood Nath’l, gentlemen, Summer
Wood Nath’l, jr., agent zinc tack manuf. Willard PI
Wood O. T. supt alms house. Summer
Wood S. N. laborer, Summer
Wood Willard, clerk, Russell
Wright C. F. farmer, Manomet Pond
Wright Horatio, farmer. Sandwich
Wright Joseph, jr., mariner, Russell
Wright Joshua, laborer, Summer
Wright Otis, farmer, Cushman
Wright Winslow A. farmer, Chiltonville

Zahn Valentine, rope maker, Court


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