1867 Hingham Massachusetts Directory

N – Y Surnames

Nash Reuben, shoe stitcher, r North
Nash Reuben H. shoe stitcher, r South
Newcomb Enoch, mariner, r East
Newcomb Jedediah, mariner, r East
Newcomb Samuel, 2d, mariner, r Green
Newcomb Silas, mariner, r East
Newcomb Stephen, cabinet maker, r Pleasant
Newhall Geo. A. cabinetmaker, r Thaxter
Newhall Joseph A. furniture manuf. (Ripley & Newhall) r South
Nelson Alexander, farmer, bds Main
Nelson James, ice dealer, r Green
Nelson William J. carpenter and builder, r Summer
Nelson William T. shoemaker, r North
Nichols Alfred, laborer, r Main
Nichols George W. asst. clerk Supreme Court, Boston, r Lincoln
Nickerson Anderson, merchant, N. Y. r Middle
Nooning Thomas, laborer, r Green
Norris Dennison S. Propr. Union Hotel, r North
Noyes A. W. boot and shoemaker, r Cedar
Noyes J. Henry, boot and shoemaker, bds Main
Nye Atkinson, sail maker, r Ship
Nye Henry, sail maker. Commercial wharf
Nye John, inspector offish, bds Ship
Nye John Sturgis, gentleman, r Main

O’Harra Jeremiah J. rope maker, bds Middle
O’Harra Simon, laborer, r Middle
O’Hart John, hatchet maker, r Main
O’Rourk Barnard, provisions. North
Osborn Henry, shoemaker, r Hersey
Our Isaac W. farmer, r Fort Hill,
Overton Frank, refreshment saloon, r North

Palmer Benjamin S. gentleman, r Hersey
Palmer Hartwell, house carpenter, r Green
Palmer Hartwell A. house carpenter, bds Green
Palmer Solon, engineer, r Leavitt
Park er Benjamin, door blind and sash manuf. r South
Price James, shoemaker, r Leavitt
Peirce John W. house carpenter, r Main
Peirce Thomas S. laborer, r Ship
Peri Horace, boot maker, r North
Perkinson Wm. laborer, r South
Phinney Seth, shoemaker, r Hull
Pike John, farmer, r Main
Poole George S. shoemaker, r Scotland
Poole Joseph M. baker, r Elm
Poole Theron, shoemaker, r Main
Powers John, shoemaker, r Hull
Pratt Abner, farmer, r High
Pratt B. F. shoemaker, r Main
Pratt Harvey M. shoemaker, r Main
Pratt J. M. boot treer, r South
Pratt Lewis, shoemaker, r North
Prouty George, shoemaker, r Hersey
Prouty James B. shoemaker, r North
Prouty Nathaniel, blacksmith, r North
Puffer John, farmer, r Main
Pyne David, laborer, r Green
Pyne Edward, laborer, r Lincoln
Pyne John, laborer, r Elm
Pyne Patrick, laborer, r Lincoln
Pyne Walter, laborer, r Ship

Quinn Bartholomew, teamster, r Thaxter
Quinn Charles, farmer, r Beal

Rafferty Thomas, laborer, r Summer
Ray Caleb, cabinet maker, r Pleasant
Ray Charles N. cooper, r Summer
Bead George, farmer, bds Main
Reed George R. house painter, bds Short
Reed Horace F. house painter, bds Short
Reed John A. house carpenter, bds Short
Reed Reuben M. mariner, r Short
Remington Bela, laborer, r Lincoln
Remington Foster, nail maker, r Ship
Remington John D. stone mason, r Fort Hill
Remington John O. salesman, Boston, r South
Remington Josiah S. shoemaker, r Fort Hill
Remington Martin, laborer, bds Fort Hill
Remington Wendell F. cabinet maker bds South
Richardson Frank, shoemaker, r Elm
Richardson Joseph Rev. r Main
Richardson Smith, shoemaker, r Elm
Richardson Thaddeus, shoemaker, r Elm
Rider John, Sup’t Hingham Cordage Co. r Main
Riley Francis, rope maker, r Cedar
Riley Wm. edge tool maker, r Thaxter
Ripley Ebenezer, butcher, r Main
Ripley Elijah S. farmer, bds Pleasant
Ripley George R. butcher, v Main
Ripley Henry, butcher, r Main
Ripley Henry W. fanner, bds Main
Ripley Joseph, (Ripley & Newhall) furniture manuf. r South
Ripley Justin, house carpenter, r Main
Ripley Justin jr. house carpenter, r Leavitt
Ripley Justin K. house carpenter, bds Leavitt
Ripley Levi B. mason, r Leavitt
Ripley Obod, farmer, r Main
Ripley Roland C. provisions, bds Main
Robb Daniel J. blacksmith
Roberts Ebenezer, shoemaker, r North
Robinson Nahum, blacksmith, r New Bridge
Rolfe Enoch C. (Daly & Rolfe) r Boston
Ryan Edward, tanner, r Lazel

Schmidt Charles, blacksmith, r Main
Sculley Charles, shoemaker, r Whiting
Sculley John, blacksmith, r Whiting
Sears Orin, farmer, r Lincoln
Sears Orin B. machinist, r Lincoln
Seymour Charles W. S. over-seer box factory, r Main
Shea Thomas, laborer, r Main
Shea Timothy, laborer, r New Bridge
Sherman Samuel, carver, r Hersey
Shuck F. A. engineer, r Main
Shute Daniel, edge toolmaker, r Main
Shute Daniel, shoemaker, r Main
Shute Elijah, farmer, r Main
Shute Henry, blacksmith, r Main
Shute Isaiah, carpenter, bds Main
Shute William, farmer, r Main
Siders Charles, agent, Boston, r Main
Siders Henry F. clerk, Boston, r Main
Siders John, foreman, r Hersey
Siders John T. engineer, bds Hersey
Silvia Frank, shoemaker, r Beal
Simmons Samuel, gentleman, r South
Sloane John, wood turner, r Scituate
Smith Amos, fisherman, r Ship
Smith Charles W. shoemaker, r Main
Smith Thos. D. house-painter, r Scotland
Snell John E. stonemason, r North
Soule Nathan T. teacher, bds Main
Southark Martin, rope maker, r Main’
Souther Benj. S. rope maker, r Leavitt
Souther Charles, rope maker, r Main
Souther David, musician, Boston, r Ship
Souther Elijah, ship-carpenter, r Leavitt
Souther James, rope maker, r Leavitt
Souther John S. cooper, r Leavitt
Souther Martin, layer, Hingham Cordage Co. r Main
Souther Samuel, laborer r Hobart
Spalding Henry E. homeopathic physician and surgeon, bds Union Hotel
Spencer David, shoe maker, r Free
Spooner George H. shoe maker, r West
Spooner Ichabod, laborer, r Fort Hill
Spooner Warren, shoemaker, r Hersey
Sprague Artemus, cabinetmaker, r North
Sprague Bela, farmer, r Mount Blue road
Sprague Blossom, shoemaker, r Main
Sprague B. T. grocer, r Main
Sprague Charles, house-painter, r Middle
Sprague Daniel, currier, r Back
Sprague D. W. shoe maker, bds Back
Sprague Obed, farmer, r Leavitt
Sprague Elijah, trader, r Main
Sprague Franklin, carpenter, bds Back
Sprague Henry, laborer, bds Back
Sprague Jairus, caulker, r Summer
Sprague Joseph, clerk, Boston, r South
Sprague Joseph C. blacksmith, r Pleasant
Sprague Joseph T. carriage painter, r Main
Sprague Josiah, (J. & S. Sprague), house painter, r Pleasant
Sprague Leavitt, jig sawyer, bds South
Sprague Leavitt, trader, bds Main
Sprague Luther, blacksmith, bds North
Sprague Luther, jr., house carpenter, r North
Sprague Martin, box maker, r Middle
Sprague Moses, cooper, r Pond
Sprague Peter, shoemaker, r Main
Sprague E. O. stair builder, r Main
Sprague Samuel, clerk, r North
Sprague Seth, (L. & S. Sprague), house painters, r Back
Sprague Seth M. farmer, r Main
Sprague Sidney, clerk Hingham Insurance Co.
Sprague Thomas L. clerk, Boston, bds South
Sprague Timothy, carpenter, r Thaxter
Sprague William, painter, bds Main
Spring Charles, fish market, r South
Spurr W. E. boot maker, r South
Stacy Wm. rope maker, bds Main
Stanton John, blacksmith, r Now Bridge
Stanton Michael, laborer, r New Bridge
Steele Charles, carpenter, r Hersey
Stephenson E. physician, r Main
Stephenson Charles, shoe dealer, Boston, r Water
Stephenson Henry, blacksmith, r Middle
Stephenson John, balance manuf. r iMiddle
Stephenson Luther, (L. Stephenson & Co), balance manuf. r Middle
Stephenson Luther jr., insurance agent, r Water
Stephenson Thomas E. C. clerk, Boston, bds Main
Stockwell Alonzo, expressman, r North
Stockwell Otis, iron moulder, r North
Stoddard Caleb, ironsmith, r Main
Stoddard Caleb S. boot maker, r High
Stoddard Charles, fisherman, r South
Stoddard Charles H. F. shoemaker, r Fort
Stoddard Jacob, shoemaker, r North
Stoddard James M. rope maker, r Pleasant
Stoddard John H. fanner, bds West
Stoddard Laban, tanner, r Main
Stoddard Martin, mariner, r North
Stoddard Martin B. boot maker, r Fort Hill
Stoddard Matthew, mariner, r Fort Hill
Stoddard Melzar, mariner, r North
Stoddard Obed S. shoemaker, r Fort Hill
Stoddard Quincy, fisherman, r North
Stoddard Thomas W. shoemaker, r Fort Hill
Stoddard William T. cord maker, r Cottage
Stodder Thomas, mariner, r Green
Stodder Zadock, mariner, r Green
Stowell Hersey, farmer, r North
Stowell Jared, farmer, bds North
Stowell Stephen, stone mason, r Fort Hill
Strong John, keeper hotel, N. Y. r South
Studley Benjamin, silk cord maker, bds South
Studley Benj. G. express, r Main
Studley George, works Boston, r South
Studley Thomas, blacksmith, bds Leavitt
Sturgis Sumner
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, r Main
Swan Aaron A. shoe manuf. r Scotland
Sylvester Nathaniel, farmer, r Prospect

Taft Silas W. livery and boarding stable, bds Union Hotel
Tarbell George G. physician, bds Lincoln
Taylor William, shoemaker, r North
Thaxter David, lawyer, Boston, r North
Thaxter Joseph B. merchant, Boston, r Main
Thaxter Norton Q. fanner, r South
Thayer A. E. grocer, bds South
Thayer Benj. D. mariner, r Main
Thayer Elihu, provision dealer, r South
Thayer Joshua, gentleman, r Elm
Thomas Benjamin, farmer, r Lazel
Thomas David, (B. Thomas & Co,) iron foundry, r Kilby
Thomas Joseph, superintendent foundry, r Rockland
Thomas Reuben, (B. Thomas & Co.), r Union
Thomas W. H. painter, r Pond
Thomas William, clerk, Boston, r Pleasant
Thompson A. boot maker, r North
Thompson Daniel P. laborer, r North
Thompson Dominick, drover, r North
Thompson John, engineer, r North
Thompson Michael F. carpenter, r North
Thompson Patrick, laborer, r Hersey
Tilden Atherton, r Main
Tilden Edward F. shoemaker, r Pleasant
Tilden Edwin F. boot treer, bds Pleasant
Tilden Elijah, cooper, r Pleasant
Tilden Elijah D. clerk, r Summer
Tilden Elijah D. flour and gram dealer, r North
Tilden George W. house carpenter r Middle
Tillson Jonathan Rev. r Cottage
Tirrell Alfred, iron moulder, r Rockland
Tirrell Edwin F. cutter, r North
Todd John, tailor, r Lincoln
Torrey F. J. poultry dealer, r Main
Torrey Henry O. blacksmith, r Main
Torrey William, laborer, r Main
Torrey William C. butcher, bds Main
Totman Charles H. shoemaker, r Fort Hill
Totman William H. shoemaker, r Fort Hill
Tower Cushing, farmer, r Back
Tower Edwin, bucket maker, r High
Tower George F. shoemaker, r Maui
Tower John, shoemaker, r Hobart
Tower John M. shoemaker, r Hobart
Tower Joshua, gentleman, r High
Tower Leavitt, cooper, r High
Tower Reuben, clock and watch maker, r Main
Tower William, variety store, r Main
Tower William S. bucket maker, r Main
Trowbridge Henry, butcher, bds Main
Trowbridge Roswell, flour and grain, r Main
Tulley Hubert, laborer, r Main
Turner G. R. livery and stage stable, r Leavitt
Turner Joshua D. wheelwright, r Whiting
Tuttle James, shoemaker, r Ward
Tuttle John, shoemaker, r Ward

Uric John, dyer, r North

Vogell George, rope maker, bds Main

Wade John, boot and shoemaker, r Short
Wall Henry, rope maker, bds Hersey
Wall John J. rope maker, bds Hersey
Wall Nicholas, rope maker, r Hersey
Wall Thomas F. rope maker, bds Hersey
Wallace Morris, laborer, r Summer
Wallace Thomas, laborer, r Green
Walper Charles, currier, r Main
Walper John C. tanner, r Main
Waters George H. cabinet maker, r Ship
Waters John, cooper, r Water
Webber Daniel, woodcarver, r East
Weeks Ellis, shoemaker, r Pine
Weimer Christian, laborer, r Hersey
Wells A. E. plate man Hingham Cordage Co. r Main
Wells Edward A. rope maker, r Main
Welsh John, laborer, r Ship
Welsh John F. gentleman, r High
Wilder Alden, wooden ware manuf. (C. & A. Wilder) r Main
Wilder Alfred, shoemaker, r Main
Wilder Bradford C. boot and shoemaker, bds Main
Wilder Crocker, wooden ware manuf. (C Crocker,) r Main
Wilder Daniel, dry goods and groceries, (D. & J. Wider,) r Main
Wilder Edward, Supt. Hingham Wooden Ware Co. r Main
Wilder Edward U. shoemaker, bds North
Wilder Edwin, livery stable, r Lincoln.
Wilder Edwin, 2d, postmaster, r North
Wilder Ezra, watch and clockmaker, cor. Main and Friend
Wilder George, carpenter, r Lincoln
Wilder Henry, manner, r North
Wilder Isaac H. shoemaker, bds North
Wilder John, grocer, r Main
Wilder John, shoemaker, r New Bridge
Wilder Joseph, gentleman, r Main
Wilder Joseph D. shoemaker, r Main
Wilder Joseph H. tailor, r Main
Wilder Martin, shoe manuf. r Lincoln
Wilder Nathaniel, 2d, shoemaker, r North
Wilder William C. bucket manuf. r Main
Wilder William W. merchant, Boston, v Lincoln
Wingfield Thos. M. hairdresser, bds South
Winslow Isaac, U. S. dept. collector of customs, r North
Wolfe George A. shoemaker, r Lincoln
Woodbury Daniel W. shoe maker, r Fort Hill
Woodward Joseph, book agent, bds Pleasant
Woodward Thos. K. box maker, r Pleasant
Worrick Paul B. gentleman, r Hull
Whitcomb E. B. boot and shoe manuf. (Witcomb & Bates,) r High
Whitcomb Israel, farmer, r Lazel
White Caleb C. shoe cutter, bds Middle
Whiting Alfred B. carpenter, r Whiting
Whiting Albert, gentleman, r Main
Whiting Amasa, axe manuf. r Main
Whiting Charles, gentleman, r Main
Whiting Dexter, farmer, r Garden
Whiting Hosea, farmer, v Gardner
Whiting Hosea, n: shoe manuf. r Whiting
Whiting Joseph N. farmer, r Garden
Whiting Richard, shoemaker, r North
Whiting Sylvanus, farmer, r Garden
Whiton Albert, printer, r Thaxter
Whiton Alvan, farmer, r Main
Whiton Bela, flour and grain, r Cottage
Whiton B. II. Carriage maker, (B. B. Whiton,) r Main
Whiton Charles F. clerk, Boston, r Main
Whiton Dexter B. cabinetmaker, r North
Whiton E. L. hats, caps, boots and shoes, r North
Whiton Elijah, gentleman, r Main
Whiton Erastus, teamster, r Main
Whiton Isaiah, mariner, r South
Whiton Job S. farmer, r South
Whiton L. B. (Whiton & Bullard) r South
Whiton Lyman B. boot and shoe manuf. bds South
Whiton Peter L. inspector of fish, bds Lincoln
Whiton Royal drugs and groceries, r South
Whiton Thomas, merc’t. Boston, r Main
Whiton Thomas F. ship chandler, r Lincoln
Whiton Thomas L. farmer, r Lincoln
Whiton William, merc’t. Boston, r Main
Whitney Jason W. supt. r North
Wright George, clerk, Boston, r Ship
Wyman Christian, laborer, r Elm
Wyman John, laborer, r Elm

Young Calvin H. boot maker, r Main
Young James K. shoemaker, r Whiting
Young Joshua, Rev. r Cottage


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