Thomas Davis of Maryland

G115 THOMAS DAVIS: (the elder), came to America from Wales. Settled in

Maryland sometime after 1600. The founder of the Davises of Anne

Arundel and Howard Counties, Md. He m. Mary Pierpont and had

eleven ch. including:

(1) Thomas, Jr.: b. Feb. 1704; m. Elizabeth Gaither; d. 1749. Ch include:

(A) Amos: b. 1747; mem. of the Committee of Observation, Arundel Co., 1775.

(B) Ephraim: b. 1736—7; m. Elizabeth Howard. Their son

(a) Thomas: b. 1768; m. Elizabeth Bowie, 1802. Served as officer of a company that went to Penna., 17.94. to quell Whiskey Insurrection; often a delegate to General Assembly, and one of the Council to the Governor. Their son

1. Allen Bowie: b. 1809, was a delegate to the convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, pres. Brooke­ville Academy, pres. Board of Agricultural Coil, and was elected to the Legislature. He m. Rebecca Comfort, dau. of Chief Justice Thomas Dorsey.

A. Thomas: b. 1840; d. 1889.

B. Win. Wilkins: b. 1842; d. 1866.

C. Rebecca: b. 1843.

D. Mary Dorsey: b. 1845. She is the only surviving dau. of Allen.

E. Esther Wilkins: b. 1849.

(2) Robert: m. Ruth Gaither. He was a vestryman in Queen Caroline’s parish, 1750. Lived near Woodstock, Md.

(A) Nicholas: m. and had one son, John.
(B) Ely.

(C) Robert: He had Richard, defender of Baltimore, 1814.

(D) Thomas.

(E) Ichabod.

(F) Caleb: m. Louisa Riggs.

(a) John D.

(b) Henry: b. 1823.

(c) Win. R.

(3) Richard: m. Ruth Warfield, 1725, d. 1743.

(A) Col. Richard: He and members of his family, made brilliant and distinguished records in Revolutionary War. Their names are found in many of the old records, letters and orders of the period.

(a) Capt. Richard: b. 1748; d. 1801; m. and had Elizabeth. Rezin and William.

(b) Amos.

(c) Rezin: b. 1753; d. 1800; m. and had a family.

(d) Darius.

(e) Dennis.

(f) Isaac: b. 1783; d. 1850; m. Kezia Askew; Ch. include:

1. Albert G.: b. 1805; m. Mary Rodiffer; had, with other issue

A. Isaac: m. and had 6 ch.

B. Silas: m. and had Gene who m. Edna Slocum.

(g) Albinus: b. 1765; m. Sarah Carter. In 1797 he purchased a farm at Elm Grove, XV. Va., where some of his descend­ants still live.

1. Richard: d. in Ohio.

2. John R.: had five sons and one dau.

3 Arthur D.: had four daus.

4. Cephas: b. 1798; m. Elizabeth Robinson; settled at Elm Grove.

A. John R.: m. Katherine Brown, 1869. They had Adella who is m. and living at Pasadena, Calif., and John R.

B. Richard C.: b. 1835 at Elm Grove; m. Margaret Keyser; settled in Illinois. Among their ch. were:

a. John Calvin: b. 1861; m. Edna Scott. He d. 1927.

(I) Margaret: b. 1895; m. Claud Young and has Donald.

(II) Charlotte: lives in Calif. and has two daus. (III) Philip: b. 1899. Resides at 371 Salem St., Glendale, Calif.

(IV) Donald Carter: b. 1901. Graduate of University of Kansas. He m. in 1928.

b. James Oliver: b. 1861. Graduated from Univ. of Ill. He m. Rozina Fairchild, and lives at

2119 S. Ryan St., Lake Charles, La.

(I) Elmer: b. 1887. Instructor in Univ. of Calif.; geologist in New Mexico; m. Grace

Murphy, 1910. They have one dau.

(II) Richard Henry: m. Florence Lathrop and

had Richard, d. y., and Russell, b. 1926.

(111) John Oliver: b. 1892; m. Ruth Wilson.

They have Helen, b. 1918; John, b. 1921,

and Phebe, b. 1923.

(IV) Elbert: b. 1894. Admitted to the bar,

1918. He m. Alice Kingman. They have

Kenneth, b. 1918, Gertrude, b. 1920, and

Keith, b. 1923.

c. William: b. 1862; m Nettie Wasson. Live in Kansas.

d. Elmer: b. 1864. One dau. who m. Richard Ryder.

e. Elbert: b. 1870; m. May Armstrong. Lives in Chicago.

(I) John: b. 1903; m Florence Smith and has Richard, b. 1924.

(II) Hugh: b. 1910.

C. Cephas: b. 1837; m. Dorothy Arkle, 1863. They had Cephas, b. 1865, and now living in Benwood, W. Va.

D. Arthur C.: b. 1840; d. y.

E. James W.: b. 1842; d. 1911; m. Mary Kimmons.

a. Charley: b. 1868, m. Mary Henderson and had Carrol, d. y. and Wilbur, b. 1897.

b. Erastus: b. 1871 and lives at Elm Grove.

c. Ralph: b. 1876. He m. Lizzie Butler and has Jesse, b. 1900.





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