Narraguagus Valley Some Account of its Early Settlement and Settlers

Patten Genealogy of Narraguagus Valley Maine

Isaac Patten, by trade a tanner, born in Billerica, Massachusetts, and who married there and had some family, having lost his wife, came to Gouldsboro to set up his trade, about or near the time that Campbell and Nickels came to Steuben. In Gouldsboro, he married for a second wife Amy Allen, a connection of the Allens of Prospect Harbor. She was born in Kittery. After a short time, he removed from Gouldsboro to Foster’s Island in Narraguagus Bay. About 1773, Col. Campbell, wishing that a tannery might be established, offered Mr. Patten to relinquish to him his preemption, or settler’s right to some 30 acres of the southern part of the large lot that he had taken up for himself and sons. Subsequently this lot was confirmed to Mr. Patten, as a settler, by the proprietors of the township. The tanyard was established near the creek, and relics of it may be found there still.

The children of Isaac and Amy Patten were:

  1. John Patten m. Pamelia Leighton, and 2 Nancy, widow of ____ Tobias. The first 10 children were John and Pamelia’s, the last 3 were the children of John and Nancy:
    1. Isaac Patten m. Joan Watts.
    2. Amy Patten, died young.
    3. Sally Patten, died young.
    4. Lydia Patten, died young.
    5. Julia Patten m. Alex. F. Campbell.
    6. Jane Patten m. George Nash.
    7. William Patten, twin, died young.
    8. John Patten, twin, died young.
    9. Charity Patten m. Bradbury Collins.
    10. Love Patten m. L. D. Sawyer.
    11. Mary Patten m. Henry Preble.
    12. Nancy Patten.
    13. John C. Patten.
  2. Tobias Patten m. Nancy Alline. Their children were:
    1. Michael L. Patten m. Amelia Bonny.
    2. David Patten.
    3. Francis B. Patten m. in Franklin,
    4. George W. Patten.
    5. Eliza Ann Patten m. W. B. Austin.
  3. Mary Patten m. Seth Norton.
  4. William Patten m. Ruth Foster. They settled on the lot afterwards the Barna Strout lot. Of their further history, the writer has no knowledge.
  5. Elizabeth Patten m. John Small, the father of David Small and Alfred Small.
  6. Lydia Patten m. Benjamin Alline, and the Allines of Harrington and Addison are descended from this couple.
  7. David Patten, died in early manhood unmarried.
  8. Nathaniel Patten, died in early manhood unmarried.

Milliken, J. A. The Narraguagus Valley: some account of its early settlement and settlers. Covers towns of Steuben, Milbridge, Harrington and Cherryfield. Machias, Maine: 1886; reprinted A. J. Huston, Portland, Maine, 1910.

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