Garland Genealogy of Blue Hill, Maine

The Eben M. Garland house opposite the town hall, was built by Mr. Garland in the 1840’s. He was a shoemaker, and there carried on his trade for a number of years. He was a soldier of the Aroostook War in 1839, in the Blue Hill company of which Nathan Ellis, Jr., was the captain.

Mr. Garland was born at Hampden, Jan. 22, 1820, came to Blue Hill when a lad and married Elvira Gregory, May 27, 1840, daughter of William and Edna Gregory, born Nov. 21, 1822. There were two children by this marriage:

  1. William Albert Garland, born May 16, 1841; died Aug. 6, 1866.
  2. Sarah Eliza Garland, born March 28, 1847.

Mrs. Garland died, and the house was sold, Mr. Garland removing from town, but later he returned, purchased the Joseph Osgood place, married a second wife, but had no children by her. Both are dead.

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