Louisiana WW2 NMCG Prisoners of War

BRENT, Claude Lester, Sgt., USMC. Sister, Mrs. Eliza Gomex, Slidell.
BYALL, Sam Julius, Pfc., USMCR. Mother, Mrs. Stella Guarino, 2904 Tulane Ave., New Orleans.

CARRIER, Wilton Maurice, Pfc., USMC. Father, Mrs. George Carrier, Rfd 2, Box 18, Amite.
COLLINS, Nathan Mayo, Machinist’s Mate 1c, USN. Wife, Mrs. Josephine Ruth Collins, c/o Robert Rivers, RFD 1, Box 44, Noble.

GRAVES, Dewitt Osborn, Gunner’s Mate 3c, USN. Mother, Mrs. Flora Gage Mayo, Box 52, Lecompte.

JOHNSON, Aubrey Peyton, Pfc., USMC. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe G. Johnson, Gen. Del., Winnsboro.

PORCHE, William Robert, Pfc., USMC. Mother, Mrs. Elmira W. Porche, 1233 St. Mary St., New Orleans.
PIACUN, Nicholas Frank, Fireman 1c, USN. Sister, Mrs. William L. Lester, 8937 Nelson St., New Orleans.

REDMOND, Russell Joseph, Pfc., USMC. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raney J. Redmond, Montegut.
RICE, Lenard B. Pfc., USMC. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Rice, 919 College Dr., Pineville.
ROANE, Don S., Pfc., USMC. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Roane, Rt. 4, Ruston.

SCARBROUGH, Willie Lee, Aviation Ordnanceman 2c, USN. Father, Mr. Jesse Lee Scarbrough, 3844 Alliquipa St., Baton Rouge.
SCHANZBACH, Donald Joseph, Pfc., USMC. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. August C. Schanzbach, 2909 Beautieu St., Metairie, New Orleans.

TREUIL, Edward John, Cpl., USMC. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. John K. Treuil, 218 Seguin St., New Orleans.

WAGGONER, Doyle Winslow, Aviation Ordanceman 1c, USN. Mother, Mrs. Anna D. Waggoner, 457 Columbia, Shreveport.
WALDMAN, Aaron J., Pvt., USMC. Mother, Mrs. Loretta Waldman, 1228 Lafayette St., New Orleans.
WERNER, Joseph Frank, Pfc., USMC, Father, Mr. Joseph F. Werner, Sr., 2414 Jackson Ave., New Orleans.
WILSON, James Raydell, Pvt., USMC. Mother, Mrs. Ruby Wilson, 117 Claiborne St., West Monroe.

World War 2,

Department of the Navy. Bureau of Naval Personnel. State Summary of War Casualties from World War II for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Item from Record Group 24: Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel.

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