Louisiana Cemetery Records Sabine to St. Helena Parish

Louisiana Cemetery records are listed by parish then name of cemetery within the Louisiana parish. Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing.

Sabine Parish

Following Cemeteries (hosted At Sabine Parish, Louisiana Tombstone Transcription Project)

  • Aimwell Cemetery
  • Aimwell Cemetery with Funeral and Obituary Links
  • Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Bayou Scie Cemetery
  • Belmont Cemetery
  • Bethsadia Cemetery
  • Beulah Cemetery
  • Bossier Cemetery
  • Carter Cemetery
  • Cassell Cemetery
  • Cedar Grove Baptist Cemetery
  • Clearwater Cemetery
  • Clyde Cemetery
  • Converse Cemetery
  • Dove (Spiker) Cemetery
  • Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Elm Baptist Cemetery
  • Fender Cemetery
  • Fisher Cemetery
  • Florien Cemetery
  • Florien Cemetery with Funeral and Obituary Links
  • Forrest Hill Cemetery
  • Friendship Cemetery
  • Ft. Jesup Cemetery
  • Jerusalem Cemetery
  • Jerusalem Cemetery
  • Knippers Cemetery
  • Lakeview Cemetery
  • Lester Cemetery
  • Little Flock Baptist Cemetery
  • Many Cemetery
  • Martin Cemetery
  • McCaskill Cemetery
  • McComic Cemetery
  • Merritt Cemetery
  • Middle Creek Cemetery
  • Mitchell Cemetery
  • Mt Carmel Cemetery
  • Mt. Freedom Cemetery
  • Mt. Olive Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Mt. Zion Cemetery
  • New Hope Cemetery
  • Noble Cemetery
  • Oak Grove Cemetery
  • Oak Hill Cemetery
  • Old McCollister Family Graveyard
  • Old Pisgah Cemetery
  • Oxley Cemetery
    Partial Listing
  • Parrott Cemetery
  • Parrott-Quirk Cemetery
  • Paul Cemetery
  • John R. Pilcher Cemetery
  • John W. Pilcher Cemetery
  • Pendleton Cemetery
  • Pilgrims Rest Cemetery
  • Pine Knott Cemetery
  • Pisgah Baptist Cemetery
  • Plainview Cemetery
  • Pleasant Hill Cemetery (1)
  • Pleasant Hill Cemetery (2)
  • Pleasant Hill Cemetery (North)
  • Progress Cemetery
  • Prospect Cemetery
  • Recknor Cemetery
  • Redland Cemetery
  • Roberts Cemetery
  • Rocky Mount Cemetery
  • Saline Cemetery
  • Sardis Cemetery
  • Self Cemetery
  • Shady Grove Cemetery
  • Shiloh Cemetery
  • Sibley Cemetery
  • Siloam Cemetery
  • Spring Ridge Cemetery
  • Strickland Cemetery
  • St. Ann Catholic Cemetery
  • St. Catherine Catholic Cemetery
  • St. John Catholic Cemetery
  • St. Joseph Cemetery
  • St. Michael Catholic Cemetery
  • Tabor Cemetery
  • Toro Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Union Springs Cemetery
  • Victoria Cemetery
  • Warren Cemetery
  • Zion Hill Baptist Cemetery
  • Zwolle Cemetery

St. Bernard Parish

St. Charles Parish

Following Cemeteries (hosted At St. Charles Parish, Louisiana Tombstone Transcription Project)

St. Helena Parish

Following Cemeteries (hosted At St. Helena Parish, Louisiana Tombstone Transcription Project)


Louisiana Cemetery Records: A directory of resources providing online access to Louisiana Cemetery records. See also United States Cemetery Records for cemetery records on all of the United States.

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