Choctaw Divisions of the Year

It is asserted by the women at Bayou Lacomb that the Choctaw year was divided into twelve moons; but it is highly probable that thirteen not twelve is correct. The native method of reckoning the divisions of the year is no longer practiced, or do the present Choc­taw remember the names of all the moons; they assert, however, that the year begins in December instead of the first of January. The only names they can recall are

Choctaw Divisions of Year

English Month Choctaw Month English Translation
December Una’fa hashe Cold moon
February Hashe kapo’sha Moon of snow
March Hash’mahale Moon of wind
April Tans hashe Corn [planting] moon
July Hash’ luwak Moon of fire

The year is divided into two seasons, which in turn are subdivided, making four seasons in all:

Choctaw Seasons

Season Choctaw Season
Spring Tofa ape
Summer Tofa laspa
Autumn Unafa ape
Winter Unafa kapese


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