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1850 Madison County Alabama Mortality Schedule optimized

Alabama Mortality Census Records

The 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1885 censuses included inquiries about persons who had died in the twelve months immediately preceding the enumeration. The 1850, 1960, 1870, and 1880 mortality census for Alabama all survived. Mortality schedules list deaths from 1 June through 31 May of 1849–50, 1859–60, 1869–70, 1879–80, and 1884–85. They provide nationwide, state-by-state death registers that predate the recording of vital statistics in most states. While deaths are under-reported, the mortality schedules remain an invaluable source of information.

Wilcox County Alabama Marriage Records

The following information details the Wilcox County Alabama Marriage Records available online. Hosted at Alabama GenWeb Archives Wilcox County Marriages to 1825 Miscellaneous Marriage Records Marriage Record of Henry Boutwell & Ellen Luke Grimes Marriages in Alabama, 1821 – 1934 Hosted at Ancestry.com $ Alabama Marriages, 1809-1920 $ This database is a collection of marriage records from the state between 1809 and 1920. Researchers will find the names of both bride and groom along with the marriage date. Wilcox, 1866-1900 Alabama Marriages, 1800-1969 $ Alabama marriage information taken from county courthouse records. Many of these records were extracted from copies

Wilcox County, Alabama Newspapers

Hosted at Wilcox County, USGenWeb Archives Project Excerpts Of Interest From “Southern Plantation,” January – March 1875, Montgomery, Alabama A Tribute To The Memory Of Maj. S. A. Barnett June 23 1904 Mr. John Mcduffie, Sr. Killed June 30 1904 Prominent Man Killed September 8 1904 Jim Andrews And Wife Killed December 22 1904 Wagon Contest April 14 1904 Albert Watson Visit June 30 1904 Shooting In Monroe County May 28 1903 Accidental Shooting At Forest Home December 17 1903 Death Of Ervin Ennis January 7 1904 Lucinda Pharr Killed January 27 1904 Arthur Brooks Released On Bond February 25

Slave Narrative of Susan Snow

Interviewer: William B. Allison Person Interviewed: Susan Snow Location: Meridian, Mississippi Place of Birth: Wilcox County, Alabama Date of Birth: 1850 Age: 87 “Aunt Sue” Snow, a rather small and profusely wrinkled 87-year-old ex-slave, lives in the Negro quarters of the South Side in Meridian. In spite of her wild escapades, her reputation for honesty and reliability is high and she carries and exhibits with pride numerous letters attesting that fact. She often finds it necessary to stand and act the story she is telling. Her memory is amazing and she turns with equal readiness to copious quotations from the

Biloxi Indians

Biloxi Tribe: Apparently a corruption of their own name Taneks anya, “first people,” filtered over the tongues of other Indians. Also called: Ananis Anaxis Annocchy, early French spellings intended for Taneks Polu’ksalgi, Creek name. Biloxi Connections. They belonged to the Siouan linguistic family. Biloxi Location. Their earliest historical location was on the lower course of Pascagoula River. (See also Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.) Biloxi Villages. None are known except those hearing the name of the tribe, unless we assume the “Moctobi” or “Capinans” to be a part of them. These, however, may have been merely synonyms of the tribal name.

Mobile Indians

Mobile Tribe: Meaning unknown, but Halbert (1901) suggests that it may be from Choctaw moeli, “to paddle,” since Mobile is pronounced moila by the Indians. It is the Mabila, Mauilla, Mavila, or Mauvila of the De Soto chroniclers. Mobile Connections. The language of the tribe was closely connected with that of the Choctaw and gave its name to a trade jargon based upon Choctaw or Chickasaw. Mobile Location. When the French settled the seacoast of Alabama the Mobile were living on the west side of Mobile River a few miles below the junction of the Alabama and Tombigbee. Mobile History.

Wilcox County, Alabama Census Records

  1820 Wilcox County, Alabama Census Hosted at Wilcox County ALGenWeb 1820 Alabama State Census Notes on the 1820 Alabama Census Hosted at Tracking Your Roots 1820 Wilcox County, AL State Census 1830 Wilcox County, Alabama Census Free 1830 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – Ancestry Free Trial  1830 Wilcox County, Census (images and index) $ 1810-1890 Accelerated Indexing Systems $ Hosted at Tracking Your Roots 1830 Wilcox Co., AL Census (pdf) Hosted at Census Guide 1830 U.S. Census Guide 1840 Wilcox County, Alabama Census Free 1840 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – Ancestry

Wilcox County, Alabama Cemetery Records

Most of these cemetery listings are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. Wilcox County Hosted at Wilcox County, USGenWeb Archives Project Ackerville Cemetery, Wilcox County, Alabama Adams Family Cemetery, Wilcox, Alabama Antioch Baptist Church, Wilcox County, Alabama Arkadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery, Wilcox, Alabama Awin Community Cemetery, Wilcox County, Alabama Awin Baptist Church, Wilcox County, Alabama Bear Creek Church Cemetery, Wilcox, Alabama Bear Creek Ame Church Cemetery, Wilcox, Alabama Beard Cemetery, Wilcox County, Alabama Bethea Cemetery, Wilcox, Alabama Bethel Cemetery – Wilcox Co., Al Bethel

Biography of Ason Gittings Richardson

Ason Gittings Richardson. A Kansas pioneer whose name and services were especially identified with Harvey County, Ason Gittings Richardson was one of the strong and noble men of his time. He belonged to the old abolition class of the North, was a man of resolute character and would follow his convictions even in the face of extreme personal danger. He came to Kansas in 1870 and settled in Harvey County, when that district of Kansas was practically unsettled. His home was in Richland Township. The first religious services held in the county, conducted by Rev. Mr. Roberts, were at his