Location: Homer Illinois

Biography of Alonzo O. Morrison

Alonzo O. Morrison. One of the families that was established in Vermilion County, Illinois, in the early ’40s and has ever since been a representative agricultural one in east central Illinois bore the name of Morrison. This branch of the family was of pioneer stock in Ohio and doubtless can trace its far back ancestry to Scotland. The leading representative in Champaign County is Alonzo O. Morrison, a highly respected resident of Homer, Illinois. Alonzo O. Morrison was born in Vermilion County, Illinois, November 17, 1859. His parents were James Perry and Harriet A. (Sterns) Morrison. The father was born

Biography of James J. Freeman

James J. Freeman, of Homer, represents the second generation of a family that has played a worthy part in the affairs of Champaign County for over sixty years, and he is managing with thrift and a high degree of prosperity a fine farm in the locality where he was born. Mr. Freeman was born in Champaign County, May 27, 1858. His parents were Thomas and Nancy {Redman) Freeman, the father born in Ohio and the mother in Illinois. His father was one of the early agriculturists in this county and died in Champaign County in 1910, while the mother died

Biography of Benjamin M. Custer,

Benjamin M. Custer, of Homer, where he lives retired, is now serving as township supervisor. His main business in life has been farming, and he still owns a fine place in Champaign County, where the family were among the pioneer settlers. Mr. Custer is one of the many men in Champaign County who have won financial independence through the avenue of agriculture. He was born in Vermilion County, Illinois, January 23, 1852, a son of Jacob M. and Elizabeth O. (Ochiltree) Custer. His parents were both natives of Virginia, and they came to Illinois in 1848, locating in Vermilion County.

Biographical Sketch of James P. McPherren

James P. McPherren, present postmaster of Homer, and a native of this section of Illinois, has been a successful business man for many years and has exemplified the energetic qualities of the real business “builder. Mr. McPherren was born in Ford County, Illinois, July 22, 1871, but has spent practically all his life in Champaign County. His parents were Thomas J. and Amanda J. (Roberts) McPherren. They were born in Indiana and came to Illinois in 1857, locating on a farm in Champaign County. His father died at Homer November 16, 1891, and the mother is now living with her

Biography of James M. Current

James M. Current. One of the oldest business men in Champaign County is James M. Current, of Homer. He and his family have conducted a grain business for a great many years in this and in Vermilion County. His life has ‘been one of constant activity and from small beginnings he has acquired a competence and an honorable reputation. Mr. Current was born in Vermilion County, Illinois, January 21, 1842, a son of William and Mary (Bastion) Current. His parents were both born in Virginia, his father in 1803 and his mother in 1807. His father located in Vermilion County

Biographical Sketch of Harvey Allison

Harvey Allison is one of the prominent land owners and agriculturists in the vicinity of Homer, where he has spent the best part of his active career. Mr. Allison knows farming from A to Z and his capabilities have been developed by long and thorough experience. He was born in Vermilion County, Illinois, January 16, 1870, a son of James A. and Willmoth (Dunnivan) Allison. His father was born in Indiana and died at Homer July 10, 1899. The mother is a native of Vermilion County and is still living on the old home farm. The parents removed to Champaign

Biography of Herman M. Smoot

Herman M. Smoot has had a very determined and energetic business career at Homer and at the age of forty his prosperity is now assured as well as his position as a man of affairs and influence in his community. Mr. Smoot was born on a farm in Vermilion County, Illinois, June 19, 1877. His parents were John and Sarah C. (Lewis) Smoot, the former a native of Ohio and the latter of Pennsylvania. They were brought to Illinois when children, and grew up in Vermilion County, where after their marriage they lived on a farm in Vance Township. In

Biography of George W. Hill

George W. Hill. As the nation grows older more and more honor is paid the men who offered their lives as sacrifice to the preservation of the Union in the dark days of the ’60s. One of these veterans still living in Champaign County is George W. Hill, whose life since the war has been one of peaceful industry as a farmer and he is now enjoying a well earned retirement at his home in the village of St. Joseph. He was born at Paola, Orange County, Indiana, February 22, 1840. It will be noted that his birth occurred on

Biography of Levi Mead Hall

Levi Mead Hall, who recently celebrated his ninetieth birthday, still walks with firm step and unclouded mind the streets of Homer, and during his long and useful life in Champaign County has witnessed almost its entire development and has borne a share in its progress. He still manifests a keen and intelligent interest in all that affects the welfare of his community and country, and is widely and favorably known as a man of progress and public spirit. He was born in Indiana, a son of Frost Underlin and Maria (Mead) Hall. The traditional account is that the founder of

Biography of Frederick Rose

Frederick Rose is in the grain business and handles his share of the grain that comes to Homer. He has been connected with the grain trade for the better part of his active career, and came to Champaign County about ten years ago, and his name and his enterprise are now known throughout that rich and splendid farming district surrounding Homer on all sides. Mr. Rose was born in New York City, November 3, 1861, a son of Henry and Anna (Smith) Rose. Both parents were natives of Germany and his father came to America in 1846. He had served