Location: Hinsdale New Hampshire

Biography of Capt. Oliver Doolittle

Capt. Oliver Doolittle, grandson of Rev. Mr. Doolittle, the first settled Congregational minister in Northfield. Mass., was one of the early and prominent settlers of Hinsdale. He located on the Connecticut river, about three miles south from the village of Hinsdale, and became an extensive real estate owner. He married Sibyl Field, of Northfield. Mass., and had six children, viz.: Otis, Oliver. Sibyl, Susan, Seth, and Charles. Otis, a farmer, after moving twice, finally located upon the old homestead. He married Sophia Shattuck, and was blessed with a family of eighteen children, fifteen of whom attained a mature age. He

Biographical Sketch of John Streeter

John Streeter was born in Attleboro, R I., August 16, 1751 (o. s.). He married Jane Smith, of Smithfield, R. I., and moved to Hinsdale at an early date, locating in the southern part of the town, where he lived several years, then located in the northern part, where his grandson, Quinton D., now resides. He lived there the remainder of his long life, dying in January, 1845, at the age of ninety-four years. He was twice married, his first wife, however, being the mother of his six children, who were as follows: Lyman, who died at Council Bluffs, Iowa,

Biographical Sketch of George W. Holland

George W. Holland, born in Chesterfield, N. H., in 1824, was educated in the public schools of his district and at Chesterfield Academy. In early life be engaged as a dry goods clerk, and was also in an Ohio book-store for a time. In 1851 he came to Hinsdale and engaged in the general merchandise business, where he has continued since. He represented his townsmen in the state legislature in 1878 and 1881, has held the office of town clerk twenty-five years, and also other town offices.

Biographical Sketch of Dea. Bill Burnham

Dea. Billy Burnham, born in Vernon, Vt., married Sarah Thomas, of Chesterfield, N. H., and came to Hinsdale when there were only three permanent dwellings in the town. For several years thereafter the religious meetings were held in the dwellings of the settlers. Dea. Burnham was a Baptist and a devoted Christian, he and his wife being two of the eight original members of the first Baptist church. They were baptized by moonlight, when the weather was so cold that in returning to the house. eight rods distant, their clothing froze stiff. None of their five children are now living.

Biographical Sketch of Charles R. Sargeant

Charles R Sargeant, a native of Chesterfield. N. H., was born in 1826. In early life he enjoyed the educational advantages afforded by the common-schools and academies, and was engaged in teaching from 1844 to 1852 Although he learned the stone mason’s trade and followed it for many years, until he finally abandoned it to engage in farming, which he continued till his death April 2, 1880. In 1849 he came to Hinsdale, and in 1857 was superintendent of schools, and town clerk, the latter office of which he held till 1859, when he was elected county commissioner in 1877,

Biographical Sketch of Aaron Blanchard

Aaron Blanchard, born in 1760, came to Hinsdale at a very early date and settled as a farmer on road I5. He was twice married, reared a large family, and died on the farm upon which he first settled, in 1842. None of his children now reside in the town, but he is represented here by five grand children, viz.: Edward C. Blanchard, Mrs. Mary Howe, James A. Blanchard, Mrs. Sarah Howe, and Mrs. Marie Freeman.

Biographical Sketch of George P. Hooker

George P. Hooker, son of the venerable Henry Hooker, born May 3 1820, married Lucretia J. Ashcroft, October 25, 1843, and settled upon the farm he now occupies in 1849. He began life without any means, but with habits of industry and sterling integrity combined with sound judgment. the time he settled here this farm contained only fourteen acres of tillable land, and his barn, a structure 24×34 feet, was sufficiently large to store crops. Without adding anything to the size of his farm, however, he added to the capacity of his barn till the structure is 40×100 feet, eighteen,

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Rose

Samuel Rose, born at Groton, Conn., in 1786, married Mary Brooks, a native of Norwich, Conn., and came to Hinsdale in 1810. He located on “Meeting-house hill,” now Brattleboro street, and built the house now occupied by Londus Doolittle. Here he lived a few years, working at his trade of carpenter and builder, then built a two-story house on the site now occupied by the fine Union school building, and entered into a co-partnership with Samuel Spencer, in operating a grist and saw-mill, and carried on an extensive business for that time. in the manufacture and sale of lumber. He

Biographical Sketch of Lemuel Liscom

Lemuel Liscom, born in Rehoboth, Mass., came to Hinsdale at a very early date and September 26, 1796, married Submit Barrett, who bore him nine children. Of these, Mary married Henry Reed, and resided in Brattleboro, Vt. Lemuel married Emerancy, daughter of Hezekiah Horton, September 20, 1831, he at that time being a resident of Boston, Mass., where he was successfully engaged in the coal trade. In 1835 he purchased the farm where he and his aged wife are now residing with their son, L. F. Liscom. Their house is one of the oldest, if not the oldest in the

Biographical Sketch of Reuben Hildreth

Reuben Hildreth, a descendant of one of the earliest pioneer families of Chesterfield, N. H., was born in that town February 17, 1802, and came to Hinsdale about 1845, and remained here until his death, October 22, 1872. He married, first. Mrs. Maria D. White, who died in Hinsdale, December 4, 1847. She was the mother of his only children, two sons. He married, second, Asenath Bacon, and third, Mrs. Laura Taft. His oldest son, Samuel K., born in Brattleboro, Vt., July 1, 1836, married Clara E. Gray, of Hips. dale, where they now reside. Their only son, Edwin W.,