Location: Berkshire County MA

Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – C Surnames

CADDING (see Codding), Achsah and Peter French, int. June 9, 1838. CALKINS (see Colkins). CALLENDER, Abner of Sheffield, and Mrs. Cornelia Birge of Chatham, N.Y., Mar. 27, 1844, at State Line.* C.R.1. CAPRON, Esther and Noadiah Woodruff, int. Jan. 8, 1791. CARIER, Jerusha A. of Norfolk, Conn., and Orrin W. Oles of Sandisfield, Mar. 1, 1848.* C.R.1. CHAMBERLAIN, Clarinda of Austerlitz, N.Y., and John Ford Jr., Jan. 18, 1844.* C.R.1. Jonathan and Emily Charlotte Niles, Sept. 9, 1821.* Mary E. of Stockbridge, and Edwin Lumbert of Stockbridge, June 25, 1846.* C.R.1. CHAMPION, Harriet of Gt. Barrington, and John L. Rich

Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – D Surnames

DAVIS, Edwin of Stockbridge, and Marietta Binton of Stockbridge, Nov. 30, 1848.* C.R.1. DECKER, Tunis and Susanna Wilmath, int. Oct. 12, 1803. DEMING, John C. and Miranda Newell [int. Newel], Sept. 7, 1814. DEVEREUX, Theodore and Hannah Moffitt, May 27, 1790. DIBBLE, Elisha (Diblle) and Phebe Stone, int. Mar. 26, 1791. DRAKE, Polly [int. of Kingsdistrict] and William Cheny [int. Cheney], Jan. 14, 1789. DRESSER, Ezra of Stockbridge, and Sally Stone, int. Oct. 15, 1811. Francis 2d of Stockbridge, and Louisa E. Wentworth, Feb. 5, 1829.* DRYER, Allen Jr. and Esther Bullock of Stockbridge, int. Mar. —, 1795. Anne and

Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – M Surnames

M’CLARIN, Hanah and Garet Easland, Feb. 20, 1787.* MERRELL (see Merrill), Seth of Sheffield, and Anne Moffitt, int. Nov. 3, 1800. MERRILL (see Merrell), Sarah B. of Pittsfield, and Lewis Thompson, int. Apr. 24, 1823. MESSENGER, Luna of Becket, and Michael Browillette of Springfield, Jan. 21, 1848.* C.R.1. MIGHLES (see Miles), Lucretia [int. Miles] of Stockbridge, and Isaac Rees, Mar. 31, 1795, in Stockbridge. MILES (see Mighles), Silvah of Stockbridge, and John Rees Jr., int. Apr. 28, 180o. MILLEN, Joel and Diadimmie Noteware, int. Nov. 28, 1812. MILLIGAN (see Milligen), Gilbert and Marrilla [dup. Marilla] Parish, int. Sept. 5, 1837.

Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – R Surnames

RACE (see Rees), Andrew and Clary Stephens, Jan. 18, 1788.* RAWSON, Mary and Silas Barns Jr., int. Oct. 2, 1809. RAYNSFORD, Carmi of Sheffield, and Cynthia Fosket, Dec. 29, 1811. REED, Elkanah and Laura Crocker of Lee, int. Oct. 3, 1803. Polly and Ebenezer Piper, int. — [1795]. Polly and Milo M. Parrish, Dec. 18, 1832. Rhoda and Martin K. Hendrix, Feb. 18, 1847, at State Line.* C.R.1. Solomon and Polly French, int. May 1, 1798. Thomas 3d, 25, farmer, s. Solomon dec’d and Amy dec’d, and Jane S. Wilson, 24, d. Rufus and Joan, Jan. 1, 1846.* [Jane L.

Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – W Surnames

WALKER, Mary Jane of Gt. Barrington, and Richard Van Deusen of Stockbridge, Mar. 15, 1848.* C.R.1. WALLACE, Tho[ma]s N. of New Marlboro, and Jane Rogers of New Marlboro, Apr. 11, 1848.* C.R.1. WALTERMIRE, Geo[rge] and Lydia H. Arnold, Mar. 21, 1839.* P.R.2. WARD, Clarissa and Nathaniel M. Fosket, Nov. 28, 1821.* Evilina and Hiram H. Bidwell, Jan. 27, 1831.* C.R.1. Mary and Chauncey Leete, July 27, 1832.* C.R.1. [July 1, P.R.4.] WARNER, Sarah of Stockbridge, and Obediah French, Jan. 14, 1790.* Thankful of Sandisfield, and Josiah Arnold, Jan. 23, 1787, in Sandisfield.* WARRINER, Gad N. (Narriner) of W. Springfield, and

Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – H Surnames

HALE, Esther of Tyringham, and Thomas French, int. Dec. 28, 1816. [m. Jan. 1, 1817, P.R.3.] HALL, Edmond (see Edmond Hull). Gideon Jr., lawyer, of Winchester, Conn., and Lydia Louisa Fosket, 20, d. Nath[anie]l and Clarissa, Jan. 30, 1844.* HALSEY, Stephen W. and Mary L. Thompson, Apr. 4, 1843 HAMILTON, John, harness and trunk maker, of Albany, N.Y., and Agnes E. Morgan, 17 y. 6 m., d. Miles and Lucy, Aug. 24, 1843 HAMLIN, Joseph and Abigail Benton, Jan. 31, 1788.* HARMON, Gordan and Laura M. Barnes, int. Nov. 21, 1831. [Barns, m. Dec. -, C.R.1.] HART, Isaac of Stockbridge,

Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – P Surnames

PAGE, Patsey and Daniel Hendrix Jr., Feb. 10, 1831.* C.R.1. PARISH (see Parrish), Marrilla [dup. Marilla] and Gilbert Milligan, int. Sept. 5, 1837 PARK, Mary and Dan Williams, Dec. -, 1789. Ruth and Elihu Crane, Oct. -, 1788. PARKER, Asa of Cabotville, and Clarissa Ellis of Cabotville, May 16, 1848.* C.R.1. PARKER, Clarrissa of Stockbridge, and Elijah Taylor, int. Sept. 1, 1800. PARMELE, Ester and Peter Hull Jr., June 15, 1760, in Killingsworth.* PARRISH (see Parish), Milo M. and Polly Reed, Dec. 18, 1832. PARSONS, Mary E. of Gt. Barrington, and Hopkins Fosket, wheelwright, of Gt. Barrington, s. Ephr[ai]m Jr.

Stockbridge Massachusetts Deaths to 1850 – G Surnames

GALUTIA, Nathaniel, Sept. 30, 1817, in 75th y. [Sept. 29, a. 75, G.R.2.] GARLICK, Celia Maria, d. Lathan and Fanny, whooping cough, Feb. 5, 1849, a. 3 m. 8 d. GASTON, Miream M., w. Marshal T., Oct. 28, 1839, a. 20. G.R.3. GATES, Elijah, m., carpenter and farmer, pleurisy, July 30, 1843, a. 56 y. 4 m. 15 d. [a. 54, G.R.1.] GIBBS, Arthur L., s. George W. and Malinda, dysentery, Sept. 1, 1849, a. I y. 2 m. 15 d. [Arthur Lower, a. 15 m., G.R.2.] GORHAM, Bertram G., ch. George R. and Chloe A., Sept. 3, 1847, a.

Stockbridge Massachusetts Deaths to 1850 – M Surnames

MACKLEN, —, Mrs., Dec. 17, 1829. C.R.1. [Molley Macklane, in 68th y., G.R.1.] MADISON, Horace, s. Israel and Sarah, typhus fever, Nov. 23, 1843, a. 12. Sarah, wid. Israel, typhus fever, Dec. 5, 1843, a. 38. MANION, Michael, laborer, b. Ireland, fever, — [rec. May 14, 1844] MANN, Susey, July 8, 1798. P.R.5. MASON, Caroline Maria, d. Stephen and Caroline, Aug. 15, 1823, a. 9 m. G.R.2. McCOY, George B., s. Timothy W. and Anna, lung fever, Aug. 9, 1848, a. 5 m. [Oct. 9, a. 7 m., G.R.3.] Mr. “(transcent),” Sept. -, 1828. C.R.1. McDONALD, George E., s. Patrick

Stockbridge Massachusetts Deaths to 1850 – I Surnames

INGERSOL (see Ingersoll), Mary, d. John C. and Sally, July 11, 1817, a. 10 m. G.R.1. INGERSOLL (see Ingersol), –, d. James and Emeline, Apr. 3, 1849, a. 1 m. 8 d. G.R.3. IVES, Henry Dwight, s. John Henry and Lydia C., Oct. 9, 1847, a. I y. 1 m. 8 d. Sarah Ann Andrews, Feb. 22, 1840, a. 22. C.R.1. [w. Levi, Feb. 26, G.R.1.]