1825-1854 Marriage Bonds of McCracken County Kentucky

In the heart of the picturesque landscapes of McCracken County, Kentucky, a tangible record of matrimonial bonds stretching from the early 19th century offers a unique glimpse into the social fabric of the time. “Marriage bonds No. 1, McCracken County, Kentucky, 1825-1854,” meticulously compiled by Mrs. Thomas A. Briles in 1957, stands as a testament to the enduring nature of these social contracts and the intimate stories they encapsulate.

The book catalogues 870 marriage bonds, drawn from the original McCracken County Marriage Bonds Book No. 1, revealing the formal agreements made before the nuptials were officially recognized. These documents not only signified a legal commitment but also a profound personal connection between families and their communities during a period of significant growth and change in the American landscape.

Mrs. Briles’ work in extracting and preserving these records is a remarkable endeavor, particularly considering the era in which she undertook this task. Utilizing an old manual typewriter, her transcription retains the authentic charm and challenges of the technology of her time, with the faint and filled-in type characteristic of such documents. This method of compilation, while presenting occasional readability challenges, adds a layer of historical authenticity and personal touch to the preservation of these records.


(87) September 19, 1832 – Wesley Carter to Katherine Leffler, male of age, consent for female. Witness, John B. Leffler, S. H. Johnston, M. of the C.

In the example above, M. of the C. would stand for Magistrate of the Court. There is no list of abbreviations used.


Briles, Thomas A., Mrs., Marriage bonds No. 1, McCracken County, Kentucky, 1825-1854, Paducah, Kentucky : Briles, 1957.


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