Lenora East Cemetery, Lenora, Norton County, Kansas

Lenora East Cemetery is located about half a mile east of Lenora, Kansas. Among those buried there are:

AULTMAN, RENA, daughter of H. R. and M. E. Aultman, b. Aug. 28, 1875, d. May 19, 1879.
BROWN, MABEL S. EMORY, wife of M. W. Brown, b. 1854, d. 1894.
DECKER, A. S., b. Mch. 1861, d. Oct. 1, 1882.
DECKER, WILLIAM S., b. July 18, 1818, d. Mch. 11, 1885.
GILDER, EUNICE D., wife of S. B. Gilder, b. 1816, d. 1886.
GILDER, MAHALA, wife of S. B. Gilder, b. 1816, d. 1898.
GOODMAN, JESSIE R., daughter of G. W. and Inez R. Goodman, b. 1882, d. 1887.
HENDRICKS, DELLA, wife of J. W. Hendricks, b. Dec. 15, 1850, d. Mch. 21, 1890.
JOHNSON, JACOB L., b. 1810, d. 1884.
KEELER, JOHN F., husband of Sarah A. Keeler, d. Mch. 21, 1889, aged 62 yrs., 8 mos., 25 days.
KEELER, SARAH A., d. June 4, 1890, aged 67 yrs., 6 mos., 19 days.
LANSING, HANNAH L., wife of G. H. Lansing, d. May 28, 1878, aged 36 yrs., 1 mo., 10 days.
MOON, ALMIRA L., wife of Richard R. Moon, d. Mch. 8, 1882, aged 36 yrs., 2 days.
NETTLETON, SARAH A., d. Nov. 8, 1880, aged 70 yrs.
RUFF, MARY wife of P. B. Ruff, b. Dec. 1825, d. Apr. 27, 1885.
RUFF, JOHN H., murdered by John E. Step Jany. 29, 1889, aged 41 yrs.
RYAN, CATHARINE A., wife of A. Ryan, d. Nov. 8, 1885, aged 63 yrs., 10 mos., 28 days.
SEELY, ALBERT, d. July 10, 1886, aged 24 yrs., 10 mos., 1 day.
SHIRK, WILLIAM, (This on an old, crude marker).
SMITH, FANNY, wife of S. L. Smith, b. Dec. 23, 1829, d. Mch. 14, 1889.
SPIEKER, JOHN C., d. Apr. 18, 1880.
SPIEKER, JOHN C. L., husband of Elizabeth Spieker, d. Oct. 10, 1888, aged 66 yrs., 8 mo., 24 days.
WIGGINS, JAMES W., d. May 5, 1886, aged 43 yrs., 5 mos., 23 days. Co. A. Pa. Vol.

UNKNOWN, FRANK H. (On a very crude monument next to the Hendricks grave).

-Contributed by Mrs. C. H. Best.

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