Biography of John S. Sutcliffe, M. D.

John S. Sutcliffe, M. D., is one of the widely known physicians and surgeons of Kansas, and besides a large private practice at Iola is proprietor of the Iola Hospital and Sanitarium, which he had brought to a high standard of excellence in its appointments and had made it an institution of widely extended benefit and service.

Doctor Sutcliffe is a native of England, born January 10, 1861. He attended a private school known as Beckwith College at Liverpool, but at the age of fifteen came to America to join his father, who some years before had established himself in business at New York City. He worked for his father in a furniture store in New York City until he was nineteen. In the meantime he had prepared himself for college by attending night school, and for one term was a student in the Long Island Medical College. After occupation in other lines Doctor Sutcliffe finally removed to St. Louis, Missouri, where he again applied himself to the serious study of medicine, and in 1898 graduated M. D. from the Missouri Medical College. In 1899 he took a similar degree from the medical department of St. Louis University.

Doctor Sutcliffe practiced at St. Louis until December, 1904. At that date he removed to Iola, Kansas, and was the leader in promoting the establishment of St. John’s Hospital under the auspices of the Sisters of St. Joseph. This institution was built in the suburbs of Iola, and it is a hospital with accommodations for twenty-four patients. After five years of active connection with St. John’s Hospital, Doctor Sutcliffe built a private hospital and sanitarium, known as the Iola Hospital and Sanitarium. The building equipment is perfect and represents a large outlay of money, and its situation is delightful and restful. The hospital stands on grounds covering twenty-five acres, and the entire property is owned by Doctor Sutcliffe. His hospital adjoins St. John’s Hospital and furnishes accommodations for forty patients. Doctor Sutcliffe had his home at the Sanitarium, and maintains private offices for the practice of his profession in the old courthouse building in Iola.

For the past five years Doctor Sutcliffe had been health officer of Allen County. He is now president of the Allen County Medical Society, and also a member of the State Medical Society, the Southeast Kansas Medical Society and the American Medical Association. In political affairs he is independent. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, belongs to Iola Council No. 73, Knights and Ladies of Security, and to Gold Leaf Ruling, No. 1663, Fraternal Mystic Circle.

Doctor Sutcliffe is a son of Joseph S. Sutcliffe, who was born in Yorkshire, England, and died at New York City in 1901. He grew up and married in his native shire, was a furniture merchant there, and in 1866 removed to the United States and continued in the furniture business in New York City until his death. After becoming an American citizen he voted the republican ticket. He was married to Ann Silverwood, who was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1832, and died in New York City in 1912. They had a large family of children. Mary, the oldest, married Uriah Hardy, and lives at Huntsville in the province of Ontario, Canada. Mr. Hardy was the founder of Huntsville, is a large property owner there, and at one time filled the office of mayor. Clara, the second child, is the wife of Walter Geldhart, a Government contractor living at New York City. Susanna is unmarried and lives in New York City. William was for many years prominent in politics in New York City, and at one time was candidate for the office of mayor, his platform having as one of its chief planks a proposal for filling in the East River. He afterward retired, came out to Iola and was drowned in the Brick pond in that city in 1911. Christina lives in New York City and is the wife of a lawyer. The sixth of the children is Doctor Sutcliffe. Joseph was engaged in the tent and awning business in New York City, where he died in 1914. Annice is unmarried and living in New York City. Agnes lives in New York City, and her husband is connected with the Bell Telephone Company.

Doctor Sutcliffe was married in New York City in 1885 to Miss Mamie Henry. She died at Iola, Kansas, in 1908. Doctor Sutcliffe married for his present wife, at Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, Miss Kate Lamer, daughter of Cyrus and Virginia Lamer. They live at Cottonwood Falls, her father being a retired farmer. Doctor Sutcliffe had three children: John, in the advertising business at Oakland, California; and Gertrude and Catherine, both at home.



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