Biography of D. H. Teasley

D. H. Teasley, one of the prosperous and progressive farmers of the Glasco community in Cloud County, is a son of an early settler of Summit Township of that county, and there is not a better known and more honored name in that part of the state than Teasley.

His father, W. W. Teasley, was born in the State of Georgia in 1849, a son of James S. and Susan (Reed) Teasley, both of whom were natives of Elbert County, Georgia. The Teasleys are of English origin, while the Reeds were Scotch. The immigrant ancestor was the grandfather of W. W. Teasley.

W. W. Teasley married Miss Jane Stackhouse in 1869. Cloud County lost one of its valuable pioneers in the death of W. W. Teasley in 1905. He was a man of sterling qualities, his advice was highly appreciated, and he was an industrious worker and did his share toward the development of Cloud County.

Various members of the Teasley family left Georgia in 1866, going through Nashville, Tennessee, through St. Louis, from there proceeding up the river by boat to Kansas City. Topeka was then the terminus of the railroad, and from Topeka the family journeyed by prairie schooner into Solomon Valley, where they arrived in April of the same year. The family party was under the leadership of A. D. Teasley, who located on a homestead now known as the Charles Horn Farm. W. W. Teasley homesteaded his quarter section in Summit Township in 1868. The Teasley home was the center of a large and important pioneer community in Cloud County. In the early days the existence of the people largely depended upon the supplies that came from hunting, and many times parties of hunters congregated at the Teasley home and started out for the periodical hunt of buffaloes on the plains. For a long time the chief meat on the tables of the Teasleys and other early families was buffalo steak. W. W. Teasley passed through all the phases of pioneer existence, and by his dogged persistence, self reliance and industry he acquired considerable wealth for his time, and at the time of his death had 640 acres. He was a democrat and a member of the Methodist Church. The names of his children wers: Roda E., Daniel H., George M., Thomas W., Charles C. and Cora A.

Mr. D. H. Teasley was born in Summit Township of Cloud County in 1873, about five years after his father located there. He grew up in that locality, attended some of the common schools, and from boyhood to the present time had concentrated his energies upon agriculture and had found in that a congenial and profltable occupation. He had done his share of those public duties that come to every right thinking citizen, and is highly respected in his township. Like his father before him he is a democrat.

On March 13, 1895, he married Miss Bertha Cross, daughter of Orlando Cross. Mrs. Teasley was also born in Kansas. They have one son, Roy.



Cloud County KS,

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