Biographical Sketch of S. H. Chockran

S.H. Chochran, attorney at law, was born in Carmine, Ills., in 1852; in 1874 he graduated at the Iowa State Law School, and engaged in the practice of law at Missouri Valley; removed to Logan in the fall of 1881; attends exclusively to trial business. In 1880 he was engaged in the prosecution of the Western Millers Association cases involving the constitutionality of the “Iowa Fish Way Laws,” in which a decree was obtained, holding them void, and he was also successful in obtaining a decree annulling section 3,058 of the code unconstitutional. In 1880 he was appointed one of the committee of examiners of the law class at Iowa City; was the youngest lawyer on the committee. In 1877 he was married to Mary E. Shimmins, a native of Wis., although of English parentage.



Harrison County IA,

History of Western Iowa: Its Settlement and Growth. Sioux City: Western Publishing Company. 1882.

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