1906 Hayes Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Abbe, Theodore
Abrecht, Charles
Aldag, Henry
Anderson, Anders
Anderson, Alfred
Anderson, Andrew
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, E.
Anderson, Ed.
Anderson, John
Anderson, Lars
Anderson, Magna
Anderson, Oscar
Andressen, Henry

Baker, John
Baker, Lester
Barrett, C. E.
Belstein, Gust
Belstein, John
Bendixen, Fred
Bendixen, William
Benson, Lars
Bergin, Andrew
Bergin, Charlie
Bergman, Nels J.
Bergman, O. A.
Bielenberg, Claus
Block, Mrs. F. H.
Blon, Alfred
Bloom, Charles
Brockman, Claus
Brogan, E. P.
Burnquist, C. A.

Carlson, Anna S.
Carlson, Sophia
Carlson, Carl A.
Carlson, Fred
Carlson, J. E.
Carstens, John D.
Christensen, C.
Christensen, E. A.
Corrie, S. M.
Corrie, Isabel
Cronquist, S. E.

Dabals, Casper
Dadt, George
Danielson, Charles
Deal, J.

Ecklund, Nels
Eckman, Ed
Eckman, Peter
Eng, Lars Peter
Engle, Franz
England, Jonas
Erickson, Mrs.
Erickson, Aug.
Erickson, Mrs. Era K.
Erickson, John

Fosberg, J.

Garner, J. E.
Garner, Mary
Garner, Pearl
Garner, W. L.
Gradin, Olaf
Gradin, Oliver
Groneberg, Ernest
Gustafson, Carl

Hammerstrom, Gust
Hansen, John
Hewitt, Ellen
Hewitt, James
Hewitt, Wm. J.
Hinkley, Dr. C. J.
Hollander, E. N.
Hollander, H.
Hollander, L. A.
Hollander, Thomas
Huston, Joseph
Huston, Robert

Jahde, Thomas
Johnson, A. J.
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Alfred
Johnson, Chas. (Section 25)
Johnson, Chas. (Section 2)
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, John
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Nels A. (Sectn. 34)
Johnson, Nels (Sectn. 35)
Johnson, Oscar
Jones, J. B.

Keller, Franz

Lansink, George
Lansink, John
Lantz, Fred
Lantz, John
Lease, J. K.
Lewin, Hans
Lindberg, B.
Lindblad, Mrs. Gustava
Lindgren, A.
Lindstrom, S.
Linquist, Alfred
Linquist, Gust
Linquist, Sevan
Linquist, S. M.
Linhult, C. J.
Lewe, Hans J.
Lundell, Aug.

Mahen, Arthur
Mahen, Ben
Maritz, J. F.
Marth, Hans
Mein, A.
Mein, Robert
Melin, Ola
Miller, August
Miller, Carl
Miller, Henry

Nelson, Andrew
Nelson, Elias
Nelson, Oliver

O’Meara, William

Palm, J. J.
Payne, Mrs. Wm.
Paulson, Olof
Peters, Detlef
Peterson, Hans
Peterson, Henry
Peterson, John
Peterson, Peter
Peterson, Thomas
Pilcher, F. D.
Pilcher, J. H.
Pilcher, R. L.
Plasterer, Raymond
Porter, George
Preston, W. F.

Reinking, Fred
Rehmke, Mrs. Thos.
Russen, Christ
Rydberg, Emil

Samuelson, John B.
Schultz, Aug.
Sederberg, Louisa
Segerstrom, Axel G.
Segerstrom, G.
Shearer, J. B.
Shearer, J. L
Shaw, E. A.
Shaw, Mrs. W. C.
Sjodin, Peter
Skarin, Charley
Sonnichson, H. P.
Spahn, John
Spahn, Juergen
Stoneberg, John

Tellegren, Enoch
Tuneberg, Fred
Turnberg, Swan P.
Turin, John P.
Tyne, John

Waldemer, C. N.
Weist, Elmer
Wellendorf, Adolph
Wellendorf, Carl
Wellendorf, Emil
Wellendorf, Henry
Wellendorf, Hugo
Wellendorf, Louis
Wellendorf, Olga
Wilcox, Wm.
Wilson, Gust
Wintrode, E. B.
Wintrode, E. C.

Youngloff, Anna

Directory, Land,

White, Judy. Ida County Iowa Genealogy. Web. © 2012.

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1 thought on “1906 Hayes Township – Iowa Farmers Directory”

  1. I’m the great granddaughter of Gust Belstene. I see where in your records at least on the 1906 Hayes Township, you have the last name spelled wrong. I have never seen it spelled that way before. I know before he changed the spelling it had been “Bilsten” or so the story goes, but I’ve never seen it as “Belstein”. I think the same goes for John, but I think he did change the spelling to “Bilsten” and later moved to Denison, IA. I could be wrong, but I had a relative in Sweden that received a grant and when he published his findings including the family trees, I never saw it spelled as it is on here. If you did find it spelled that way, could you let me know where, as that could be of interest to me and other relatives. Thanks.

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