History of Harlan Indiana, 1853-1953

The “Harlan Centennial, 1853-1953,” compiled by the Harlan Community Association, offers a comprehensive reflection on the history and development of Harlan, Indiana. This commemorative book was published in 1953 to mark the 100th anniversary of Harlan’s founding. The centennial celebration was a significant community effort, with extensive participation from local residents and detailed planning by various committees. The book includes messages from key figures, a detailed program of the centennial events, and historical narratives highlighting Harlan’s growth, notable personalities, and community milestones. It serves not only as a record of the centennial festivities but also as a valuable document preserving the heritage and collective memory of Harlan’s first century.

Table of Contents

A Message from the General Chairman
A Century with Harlan
Centennial Program
Harlan Centennial Queen
Harlan’s Living Past
Lodges and Clubs


Harlan Community Association, Harlan Centennial, 1853-1953, Harlan, Indiana : Harlan Community Association, 1953.


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