M-O Surnames – 1818 White County, Illinois Census


Name: Head of Household
Page: Page of Census Listing
Range of Ages:

1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards
2nd Number – All other white inhabitants
3rd Number – Free persons of colour
4th Number – Servants or slaves


NamePage #Range of Ages
Mahan, Alexander20401-04-00-00
Manus, John20201-02-00-00
Martin, James B.20001-08-00-00
Martin, Samuel19901-03-00-00
Mathews, John20301-06-00-00
Maulding, Ambrose20901-09-00-02
Maulding, James20902-05-00-00
Maulding, Richard20901-03-00-00
Maxwell, Robert19901-02-00-00
Maxy, Henry B.20801-02-00-00
Maxy, William19501-08-00-00
May, Alaam20302-06-00-00
Mayberry, David19801-03-00-00
Mayberry, Frederick19801-02-00-00
Mayberry, Jesse19801-02-00-00
Mayberry, Solloman20601-04-00-00
Mayfield, Elijah20501-05-00-00
Mays, James19801-03-00-00
Mays, Thomas19901-07-00-00
Mc Kee, William19501-05-00-00
Mc Kinsey, George19701-05-00-00
Mc Lelland, John20401-03-00-00
Mc Lelland, Robert19902-03-00-00
Mc Lenehen, Andrew19702-04-00-00
Mc Murtry, Henry19701-05-00-00
Mc Murtry, John19701-04-00-00
Mc Neal, James20001-02-00-00
Mc Rary, Susanna20200-07-00-00
Mccallister Thomas,20201-02-00-00
Mccallister, Edward19501-04-00-00
Mccallister, James19501-05-00-00
Mccallister, Simon19501-03-00-00
Mccammon, Hugh20801-05-00-00
Mccown, George19901-02-00-00
Mccown, George20602-09-00-00
Mccoy, James20301-09-00-00
Mccoy, Walter19702-01-00-00
Mcdaniel, Stacy20201-08-00-00
Mcentire, William20401-06-00-00
Mcgehee, William19601-06-00-00
Mcgehee, William19701-03-00-00
Mchemry, Daniel19601-07-00-00
Mchenry, William19602-09-00-00
Mcintire, John20702-06-00-00
Medcalf, Betsey19600-08-00-00
Meredith, James20002-11-00-00
Merrill, William20301-05-00-00
Metcalf, Emanuel19901-07-00-00
Michel, Stephen20001-03-00-00
Miller, Adam19601-06-00-00
Miller, Francis20202-06-00-00
Miller, James19901-07-00-00
Miller, Peter20502-04-00-00
Mires, Henry20401-05-00-00
Mires, John, Jr.20401-06-00-00
Mires, John20401-02-00-00
More, Jerrimain20201-13-00-00
More, John20602-05-00-00
More, Robert20201-01-00-00
Moreland, Vincent19401-04-00-00
Morgan, Henry19701-08-00-00
Morgan, Levi20600-00-03-00
Morris, George20701-01-00-00
Moss, Mathew20201-01-00-00
Mothrall, John20701-11-00-00
Nash, Francis20001-04-00-00
Nash, William20001-04-00-00
Nash, William20802-09-00-00
Nation, Christopher20601-11-00-00
Nesbit, Alexande19801-03-00-00
Nevel, Enoch19901-03-00-00
Newkum, Joseph19801-03-00-00
Newman, Simon20602-04-00-02
Nicols, George19801-05-00-00
Nicols, Valuntine19802-07-00-00
Nixon, John20601-02-00-00
North, Lydna20401-05-00-00
Oneill, Hezekiah19802-04-00-00
Owings, Abner19401-06-00-00

White County IL,

Norton, Margaret Cross. Illinois Census Returns 1810, 1818. Published in the Collections of the Illinois State Historical Library, volume XXIV.

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