Biography of Henry H. Edwards

Prosperous and progressive are the agriculturists and stock men of Wallowa County, and one among them who was wrought with the energy and intelligence that are characteristic of him in all his ways, is the subject of this sketch, a man of marked capabilities and excellent qualities of moral worth, manifesting always those virtues that mark the steady, substantial, and progressive man, coupled with which area good executive ability and penetration into the manipulation of business affairs that renders him great assistance in the care and conduct of his interests.

Mr. Edwards was born in Clay county, Illinois, on January 24, 1858, being the son of Lark and Harriet (Hart) Edwards, natives respectively of Virginia and Illinois. In 1861 our subject was taken by his parents to Neosho County, Kansas, where the father engaged in farming. During those troublesome days Mr. Edwards was a member of the state militia and rendered valuable service during all of the war. In Kansas our subject grew to manhood and received his educational discipline in the schools, then commenced to operate as an agriculturist. It was 1880 that he came to Wallowa county, settling on a portion of the land that comprises his present estate. His farm is seven and one-half miles northeast from Wallowa, and contains four hundred and eighty acres. It is well improved and skillfully handled and produces handsome returns to abundant crops. In addition to the general farming that Mr. Edwards prosecutes, he also raises much stock and although his farming is on a good scale, still he raises so much stock that he is practically rated with the stock men of the county. In this industry he has manifested good judgment and marked skill and success has attended his efforts. The people of his community have availed themselves of the wisdom and enterprise possessed by Mr. Edward and have kept him in the office of road supervisor or school director most all of the time and sometimes he has been called to discharge the duties of both offices. And in all of this public service, the same wisdom, faithfulness, and vigor, which characterize the man in private life are manifested. In political matters generally Mr. Edwards always takes an active interest, not for the purpose of personal preferment, but that interest that is born of a desire for the welfare of all and the proper adjustment of the government. And foremost we ever find our subject in those things that are for the good of the county and to advance its interests.

Mr. Edwards married Miss Annie, daughter of Oliver and Angelleanie (Echelberry) Holmes, natives of Ohio, on January 29, 1889. Mrs. Edwards was born in Morgan County, Ohio, on July 13, 1862. When the father of our subject started across the plains in 1864 he was taken with the mountain fever in Colorado and perished in Idaho, his remains resting at the present time near Trout creek, in the latter state. Thus the pilgrimage that commenced in 1864 by the father was only completed by the son in 1880, when our subject reached Wallowa County. It is gratifying that Mr. Edwards is esteemed, as is right by his fellows and holds the confidence of all.



An Illustrated history of Union and Wallowa Counties: with a brief outline of the early history of the state of Oregon. Western Historical Pub. Co., 1902.

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