Biography of Carl Moore

Carl Moore. Under the system of local government prevailing in most American states, the office of sheriff is easily one of the most important. As the executive court officer and responsible manager of the county prison, he had a wide range of duties. The people of Cloud County during the past four years have had every reason to congratulate themselves upon the presence in that office of Mr. Carl Moore, who had distinguished himself for efficiency and an administration in the best interests of law and order.

For many years Mr. Moore had been engaged in public office either as sheriff or on the police force. He was a member of the Concordia police when in 1912 he was elected on the republican ticket as sheriff of Cloud County. A fearless and faithful discharge of his duties during his first term insured him renomination and election in 1914. At his second election he received the largest majority given any candidate on the entire ticket. His majority was 2,498 votes. This in itself was a most substantial tribute and endorsement of the people to the efficient manner in which he conducted his rosponsible duties.

Mr. Moore is regarded as the best sheriff  Cloud County ever had. He is painstaking in all his performance, conscientious and fearless when the law demands, but is friendly and affable to his friends and the public at large. The fact that Mr. Moore had served Cloud County as sheriff for four terms is evidence of his high position in that community. He was undersheriff for eight years and for four years city marshal of Concordia.

He is well equipped for the adequate discharge of his responsibilities, including the capture of law breakers and their safe keeping for trial and conviction. One of the agencies used in the discharge of such duties is his noted blood hounds, controlled and commanded by his undersheriff, Francis Swafford. Sheriff Moore owned a pack of sixteen hounds, valued at from $400.00 to $600.00 per pair. The service of these dogs is sought by officers of the law all over this and adjoining states for the purpose of running down criminals. The percentage record of these dogs in the numerous trials at which they have been employed in running down fugitives from justice averages 82 per cent. It can be safely said that the success gained by the use of these dogs in the capture of law breakers is an important cause in the decrease of crime in Cloud and other counties of Kansas. The dogs are being trained all the time and are always ready for their duties.

Mr. Carl Moore was born in Illinois in 1869, a son of C. F. and Mary Moore, both of whom were natives of Ohio. As he was brought by his parents to Kansas in 1871, Mr. Moore always considers him self a Kansas by birth and training. His father was at one time county commissioner of Cloud County. Sheriff Moore is one of four children, three of whom were born in Kansas. Sheriff Moore is unmarried. He affiliates with the Benevolent and Protcetive Order of Elks and the Select Knights. His position as a public official is emphasized by his relation as secretary to the Kansas State Sheriffs’ Association, and he is also vice president of the National Association of Sheriffs of the United States and Cauada.



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