Idaho Legislature 1884 – 1888

The legislature of 1884-5:

George Pettingill, Ada County
T. C. Galloway, Ada and Washington County
Benjamin Wilson, Boise County
E. C. Brearly, Boise and Alturas County
James E. Hart, Bear Lake County
Charles A. Wood, Custer and Lemhi County
R. L. Wood, Cassia and Owyhee County
S. C. Poage, Idaho County
H. W. Smith and George W. Crawford, Oneida County
S. G. Isaman, Nez Pereé County
S. W. Moody, Nez Percé, Shoshone, and Kootenci County

Charles I. Simpson, D. W. French, M. H. Goodwin, D. L. Lamme, Ada County
J. K. Watson, Alturas County
W. N. B. Shepperd, Amos R. Wright, Bear Lake County
G. B. Baldwin, M. G. Luney, Boise County
J. C. Fox, Custer County W. C. Martindale,
Cassia County W. S. M. Williams, Philip C. Cleary, Idaho County
William King, Shoshone County J. P. Clough, Lemhi County
W. T. McKern, J. P. Quarles, L. P. Wilmot, Nez Percé County
David Adams Owyhee County
D. R. Jones, C. M. Hull, A. H. Stalker, W. B. Green, Oneida County
George W. Adams, Washington County

The 14th legislative assembly, l886-7
Charles Himrod, Ada County;
R. H. Robb, Ada and Boise County;
James H. Beatty, K. C. Helfrich, Alturas County;
H. W. Smith, Bingham; P. L. Hughes, Bingham and Oneida County;
R A. Jordan, Bear Lake, Cassia, and Oneida County;
A. J. Macnab, Lemhi and Custer County;
Robert Larimer, Idaho County;
Charles M Watson, Nez Percé County;
James I. Crutcher, Owyhee and Washington County

D. L. Badley, George Goodrich, M. H. Goodwin, Ada County
E. G. Burnett, G. J. J. Guheen, W. Hunter, T. B. Shaw, Alturas County:
R. W. Gee, Bear Lake County
T. A. Hartwell, C. B. Wheeler, Bingham County
Josiah Cove, Boise County Charles Cobb, Cassia County
J. C. Fox, Custer and Bingham County
John S. Rohrer, Custer County
F. A. Fenn, Idaho County
J. P. Clough, Lemhi County
James De Haven, A. S. Chaney, W. A. Elyea Nez Percé County
William B. Thews, Oneida County:
John S. Lewis Owyhee County
John M. Burke Shoshone and Kootenai County
R S. Harvey, Shoshone County
M. L. Hoyt, Washington County

Fifteenth legislative assembly of Idaho December 10, 1888
J. S. Neglee, Ada County
Charles McPherson and Perkins, Alturas County
Frederick Campbell, Ada and Boise County
S. F. Taylor, Bingham County
J. P. Clough, Custer and Lemhi County
J. N. Ireland, Oneida and Bingham County
J. W. Brigham, Nez Percé and Latah County
T. F. Nelson, Idaho J. W. Lamoreux, Oneida, Cassia, and Bear Lake County
E. S. Jewell, Owyhee and Washington County
A. K Mayhew, Shoshone and Kootenai County
J. P. Clough was chosen president

D. L. Bradley, J. M. Martin, and M. A. Kurtz, of Ada County;
J. H. Van Schaick, H. H. Clay, Ira S. Waring, and H. C. Burkhart, Alturas County;
J. H. Kinnersley, Bear Lake County;
H. B. Kinport and George P. Wheeler, Bingham County;
G. W. Gorton, Bingham and Custer County;
J. A. Bruner, Boise County;
K A. Jordan, Cassia County;
C. M. Day, Idaho County;
A. S. Chaney, J. I. Mitcham, and James De Haven, Nez Percé County;
R. H. Davis, Oneida County;
George W. Sampson, Owyhee County;
I. C. Sargeant, Shoshone County;
J. Rand Sanburn, Shoshone and Kootenai County;
Marvin Kilborn, Washington County;
George W. Emory, Custer County.
No member from Lemhi was present at the opening of the session.
W. H. B. Crow and James Lycos were admitted to contested seats.
H. C. Burkhart was elected speaker. Idaho Jour. Council and House 1888-9.


Bancroft, Hubert H. Bancroft Works, Volume 31, History Of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, 1845-1889. San Francisco: The History Company. 1890.

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