1862 James L. Fisk, Minnesota Wagon Train

In August a train arrived from Minnesota, under James Reed, like the others, in quest of Salmon River, but willingly tarrying in the Beaverhead Valley; and several weeks later a larger train under James L. Fisk, which left Minnesota in July, by a route north of the Missouri, and was convoyed over the plains by a government escort. They were destined to Washington, but the greater part of the company resolved to put their fortunes to the test in the Rocky Mountains.

The company consisted of 110 men, and an unknown number of women and children. Their names, so far as known, were:

  • W. S. Arnold,
    • Mrs Arnold,
    • Hosea Arnold,
  • Smith Ball,
    • Mrs Ball,
  • Dr Biddle,
    • Mrs Biddle,
  • B. B. Burchett,
    • Mrs Burchett,
    • Miss Salhe Burchett,
    • Miss Mary Burchett,
  • Mrs Bennett,
  • Henry Buckner,
    • Mrs Buckner,
  • Mrs Brown,
  • Thomas Caldwell,
    • Mrs Caldwell,
  • J. M. Castner,
    • Mrs Castner,
  • Joseph Carrol,
    • Mrs Carrol,
  • J. B. Caven,
    • Mrs Caven,
  • Mr. Dalton and
    • 2 sons,
    • Mrs Dalton.
    • Miss Desdemonia Dalton,
    • Miss Matilda Dalton,
  • Mrs L. W. Davenport,
  • Miss Mary Donnelly,
  • Mrs Catherine Durgan,
  • Mrs. Hewins,
  • James Harby,
    • Mrs Harby,
  • G. Kuster,
    • Mrs. Kuster,
  • Frank Le Graw,
    • Mrs Le Graw,
  • Mr Meredith,
    • Mrs Meredith,
  • Mrs Susan Peabody,
  • Frank Ray,
    • Mrs Ray,
    • Dr Ray,
    • Ned Ray,
  • Mr Short
    • Mrs Short,
  • Mr Tilly
    • Mrs Tilly,
  • H. T. Tyler,
    • Mrs Tyler,
  • Wilson Waddams,
    • Mrs Waddams,
      Miss Sarah Waddams,
  • Henry Zoller,
    • Mrs Zoller,
    • Miss Emma Zoller,
  • N. P. Langford,
  • Charles St Clair.

Beaverhead Valley,

Bancroft, Hubert H. Bancroft Works, Volume 31, History Of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, 1845-1889. San Francisco: The History Company. 1890.

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