1859 Petition for Bitterroot County, Montana

In the winter of 1859 a petition had been addressed to the legislature of Washington by the settlers of Bitterroot Valley and the Flathead agency, to have a county set off, to be called Bitterroot County. This petition had seventy-seven names attached, and chiefly these of the Mullan wagon-road company, who could hardly be called settlers, although a few names of actual pioneers are to be found among them. The petition does not appear to have been presented until the session of 1860-1, when two counties, called Shoshone and Missoula, were created out of the region east of the later boundary of Washington, the 117th meridian.

The list is as follows:

  • W. W. Johnson
  • J. A. Mullan
  • G. C. Taliaferro
  • J. Sohon
  • C. R. Howard
  • James S. Townsend
  • Theodore Kolccki
  • W. W. De Lacy
  • George H. Smith
  • Cyrus Spengler
  • A. J. Horton
  • William Lowery
  • A. E. D’Course
  • J. Cashman
  • William Plug
  • Charles J. Clark
  • Daniel F. Smith
  • Robert P. Booth
  • David Carroll
  • James Conlan
  • Isaac H. Rocap
  • Frederick Sheridan
  • W. L. Wheelock
  • John C. Davis
  • Thomas Hudson
  • W. Burch
  • D. Hays
  • John Carr
  • George Ruddock
  • Patrick Graham
  • Canhope Larard
  • John Larard
  • Joseph Tracy
  • William O’Neil
  • Patrick Mihan
  • James N. Heron
  • Edward Scully
  • M. McLaughlin
  • William Craig
  • William Hickman
  • J. C. Sawyer
  • A. J. Batchelder
  • A. L. Riddle
  • James McMahon
  • William Galigher
  • L. Neis
  • Zib. Teberlare
  • George Young
  • John Owens
  • W. D. Perkins
  • Richard Smith
  • Loars P. Williams
  • William Henry
  • William Proyery
  • C. E. Juine
  • D. M. Engely
  • J. B. Rabin
  • Thomas W. Harris
  • Henri M. Clarke
  • S. H. Martin
  • Jefferson Morse
  • James Gotier
  • Angus MacCloud
  • John De Placies
  • James Toland
  • P. Macdonald
  • E. Williamson
  • John Silverthorne
  • John M. Jacobs
  • John Pearsalt
  • Louis Claimont
  • Louis G. Maison
  • Narcisse Mesher
  • A. Gird
  • Joseph Lompeny
  • Richard Grant
  • Michael Ogden

Wash, Jour, House, 1860-1, 35-6.


Bancroft, Hubert H. Bancroft Works, Volume 31, History Of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, 1845-1889. San Francisco: The History Company. 1890.

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