Troup County Georgia Civil War Soldiers

D Surnames

Dallis, A. T. Fort Tyler.
Dallis, Hulbert. Fort Tyler.
Dallis, Leslie W. Fort Tyler.
Daniel, John Thomas. C-Ferrell Battery; D-4 Ga., April 26, 1861; discharged at Camp Jackson for disability.
Dansby, W. F. Fort Tyler.
Davenport, Benjamin. B-37 Ga.; Fort Tyler.
Davenport, John. B-20 Ga.; June -, 1861.
Davenport, M. A. B-20 Ga.
Davenport, M. D. C-Ferrell Battery; May -, 1862; died measles July -, 1862.
Davenport, Thomas M. D-4 Ga.; April 26, 1861; killed Chancellorsville.
Davenport, Thomas S. K-13 Ga.; July 8, 1861; died Savannah, Ga., Dec. 30, 1861.
Davidson, J. P. K-13 Ga.; Sept. 10, 1861; killed Monocacy July 2, 1864.
Davis, Henry C. K-13 Ga.; July 8, 1861; hospital Aug. 9, 1862; duty Sept. 1, 1862; captured Fredericksburg April 29, 1863; died Staunton Aug. 1, 1863.
Davis, R. E. A-14 Ala.; July -, 1861.
Davis, W. H. K-13 Ga.; July 8, 1861; died Richmond hospital 1862, disease.
Davis, William. B-60 Ga.; died in Washington.
Dawson, D. Eugene. 1st Lieutenant F-21 Ga.; July 9, 1861; died Dudley Church Nov. 21, 1861.
Dawson, Hawk. F-21 Ga.; July 9, 1861.
Dawson, Lemuel H. F-21 Ga.; July 9, 1861.
Dawson, Thomas. F-21 Ga.; July 9, 1861.
Dean, John. C-Ferrell Battery.
Dean, William. C-Ferrell Battery.
Delmas, August. Fort Tyler.
DeLoach, C. A. A-10 Ga.; Cavalry; March -, 1862.
DeLoach, J. P. A-10 Ga.; Cavalry.
DeLoach, Thomas J. C-Ferrell Battery.
Denham, J. M. B-32 Ga.
Dennis, Dock. B-60 Ga.
Dennis, J. C-Ferrell Battery.
Dix, James T. B-4 Ga.; April 26, 1861.
Dix, John H. E-41 Ga.; March 4, 1862; wounded Perryville, Ky., Oct. 8, 1862.
Dix, Robert L. B-4 Ga.; Feb. 23, 1863; wounded.
Dix, Thomas S. K-13 Ga.; July 8, 1861; wounded and captured Monocacy, Md., July 9, 1864; died wounds Frederick City July 12, 1864.
Dix, William J. B-4 Ga.; 2nd Sergeant April 26, 1861; wounded Sharpsburg, Md.
Dockham, Charles. C-Ferrell Battery.
Donnell, John (Col.) B-60 Ga.
Douglas, Robert O. E-41 Ga.; 3rd Sergeant, March 4, 1862; Sergeant-Major, April 8, 1862; Adjutant; 1st Lieutenant B-40 at surrender at Greensboro, N. C.
Dozier, Charles. Fort Tyler.
Dozier, N. K. E-41 Ga.; March 4, 1862; killed Perryville, Ky., Oct. 8, 1862.
Drinkard, Gus. C-Ferrell Battery.
Duffie, Wiley. D-4 Ga.; April 26, 1861; 3rd Corporal; discharged Nov. 27, 1861, over age.
Duke, Benjamin. B-60 Ga. 1862.
Duke, John Allen. B-60 Ga.
Duke, John G. K-13 Ga.; July 8, 1861; killed Spottsylvania May 12, 1864.
Duke, Noah W. B-60 Ga.; died Savannah; buried Flat Shoals, Troup County.
Duke, Reps. E-41 Ga.; March 4, 1862; captured Columbia, S. C., Feb. 17, 1865.
Duncan, Jacob. E-41 Ga.; March 4, 1862.
Duncan, James E. E-41 Ga.; March 4, 1862; died Lauderdale Springs, April 12,
Duncan, John. C-Ferrell Battery.
Dunson, J. M. D-35 Ga.
Durham, William. B-60 Ga.; Corporal; wounded.
Dye, James P. C-Ferrell Battery.

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