Claims under the Treaty of New York

Statement of Claims allowed by the Commissioner, and provided for by the Treaty of New York.

B & C.

1788. Ball, Edward2,025.00
1788, Bacon, Thomas1,200.00
1788. Burnett, John2,400.00
1789. Cole. John342.85
1788. Corker. Stephen2114.28

G, H & I.

1788. Girardeau, John2,200.00
1788. Girardeau, William2,000.00
1788. Helverton, Jacob100.00
1788. Jackson, David250.00

L & M.

1787. Lang, John300.00
1789. Le Conte, J.820.00
1788. Maybank, Andrew6,850.00
1790. McKenzie, John1,000.00

Q. S. & W.

1788. Quaorterman, Thomas300.00
1788. Scarlett, James400.00
1789. Whitehead, John1,500.00



Creek, History,

Payments to Citizens of Georgia. Issue 268 of Document, United States 20th Congress, 1st session, 1828. Gales & Seaton. 1828.

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