Biographical Sketch of William Bembry

Among the pioneer settlers of Pulaski County were William Bembry, born in North Carolina, August 23, 1795, and his wife, Marina Mayo Bembry, born in the same state, November 14, 1799, both descendants of English families. They came to Pulaski County in 1829 in covered wagons and purchased lands in and near Old Hartford, a prosperous town of this section at that time. They later built a home about a mile out, on what is now the Cochran highway, then little more than an Indian trail between the Ocmulgee and Oconee Rivers. They both lie buried near the old homestead, the father having died April 22, 1839, and the mother years later. The nine children are: Ann Eliza, Mary, Catherine, Margaret, Miles, Nancy, Martha W., William, and Sarah Louisa. Catherine, born April 6, 1824, died May 23, 1834.

Ann Eliza, born January 17, 1819, married Willett Snell, July 25, 1837, and later moved to Florida.

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