The Young family of Bristol Virginia

“The Young Family of Bristol” by Walter Jorgensen Young is a comprehensive genealogical study tracing the lineage and history of the Young family, primarily focusing on their roots in Bristol and their subsequent spread to various regions in the United States, including Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky. Published in 1937, this 55-page manuscript has garnered significant recognition in the field of genealogy and history, evidenced by Young’s accolades from various esteemed societies.

The introduction of the manuscript sets the tone for a detailed and meticulously researched family history. Young emphasizes the authenticity and accuracy of his work, noting that the material has been rigorously checked and proofread. The research combines personal genealogy research with contributions from various family members and historical sources. Young delves into the English background of the family, the Virginia data, and extends to details about the Young family’s presence in North Carolina and Kentucky.

Young’s work is notable for its extensive use of primary sources, including letters, family trees, and personal correspondences, which enrich the narrative with a sense of intimacy and depth. Acknowledgements are made to various individuals, colleges, and historical volumes, highlighting the collaborative nature of this genealogical study.

One of the intriguing aspects of this manuscript is its discussion of a break in the lineage between 1635 and 1685, a period marked by political turmoil in England. Young explores the potential impact of this period on the family’s fortunes and their disappearance from the British peerage.

The manuscript is not just a dry recounting of dates and names; it weaves in the broader historical context, providing insights into the times and places that shaped the Young family’s story. Young’s personal travels to various significant sites in Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky add a layer of authenticity and commitment to the narrative.

Overall, “The Young Family of Bristol” is a valuable resource for those interested in genealogy, particularly in the context of American history and the migration of families from England to the United States. Its thorough research, combined with a narrative style that blends facts with traditional stories, makes it a significant contribution to the field of genealogical studies.

The Young family of Bristol Virginia

Michael Cadet Young (b.1684/1685) emigrated in 1716 from England to what is now Columbia, South Carolina, moving shortly to Brunswick County, Virginia. Descendants and relatives lived in Virginia, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Washington and elsewhere.

Title: The Young Family of Bristol
Author: Walter Jorgensen Young
Publication Year: 1937
Publisher: C. A. Carmichael, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Page Count: 55 pages, including an addendum
Topics: Genealogy, Young family, Morton family, Hieatt family, Price family, Mitchell family, Head family, Jacoby family


Young, Walter Jorgenson, The Young Family of Bristol, C. A. Carmichael, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 1937



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