English Baker Genealogies

The following page consists of short genealogies of English Baker families.

Genealogy of John Baker of Waresley House Worcester

E136 THOMAS BAKER: of Borley, Ombersley, Co. Worcester; d. 1725; a and left, with other issue,

  1. John: his heir, E137.
  2. Thomas: ancestor of Baker of Hardwicke Court.

E137 JOHN BAKER: b. 1684; of Waresley House, Co. Worcester; m. co-heir of Samuel Slade of Bewsley.

  1. George (Rev.): great-grandson, Rev. Slade Baker of Sandbourne, assumed names of Stallard Penoyre.
  2. Slade Baker: succeeded father, E138.

E138 SLADE BAKER: succeeded by 2nd son.

E139 JOHN INNEs BAKER: b. 1746; m. 1775; issue, five sons and five daus.

E140 ROBERT BAKER: of West Hay; b. 1786; J. P. and D. L.; m, 1826; issue.

E141 REV. ROBERT LOWBRIDGE BAKER: b. 1831; of Ramsden House, Co. Oxford; M. A., Cantab.; J. P.; m. (1) 1858; m. (2), 1871; E143.

  1. Robert Michael: late of Ramsden House, E142.
  2. Six daughters, all married.

E142 ROBERT MICHAEL BAKER: b. 1887; d. 1909; succeeded by mother.

E143 HENRIETTA MARIA, MRS. BAKER: succeeded son, 1909.

Genealogy of Lloyd-Baker of Hardwicke Court

D131 REV. THOMAS BAKER: b. 1693; s. of Thomas Baker, ancestor of Baker of Ramsden House; m. (2), Mary (dau. of William Lloyd, Chancellor of Worcester); issue.

D132 REV. WILLIAM LLOYD BAKER: of Stouts Hill, Co. Gloucester; m. Mary (dau. of Rev. John Lloyd, grandson of William Lloyd, D.D., Bishop of St. Asuph, Lichfield, Coventry and Worcester).

D133 THOMAS JOHN LLOYD BAKER: of Hardwicke Court; b. 1777; J. P. and D. L.; High Sheriff, 1841; had, besides others,

D134 THOMAS BARWICK LLOYD BAKER: of Hardwicke Court; b. 1807; J. P. and D. L.; High Sheriff, 1847; m. 1840.

  1. Granville Edwin Lloyd: now of Hardwicke Court, D135.
  2. Henry Orde Lloyd: b. 1842; d. unm., 1909.

D135 GRANVILLE EDWIN LLOYD LLOYD-BAKER: b. 1841; of Hardwicke Court, Co. Gloucester; J. P. and D. L.; High Sheriff, 1898; m. 1868, Catherine (4th dau. of the late Hon. Arthur Lascelles, of Norley, Co. Chester); assumed surname of Lloyd before Baker by Royal license, 1911.

  1. Michael Granville Lloyd: b. 1873; J. P. Co. Gloucester; m. 1898; killed in action, 1916.
    1. Hilda Blanche Lloyd: b. 1900; d. y.
    2. Olive Lloyd: b. 1902.
    3. Audrey Pamela Lloyd: b. 1908.
  2. Arthur Barwick Lloyd, 1883;
  3. Mary Ruth;
  4. Lloyd, 1873;
  5. Catherine Lascelles Lloyd, m. 1909;
  6. Clare Lloyd, 1877;
  7. Eleanor Lloyd, 1879;
  8. Grace Lloyd, 1881.

Genealogy of William Baker of Fenton, Staffordshire, and Hasfield Court, Gloucester

B112 SAMPSON BAKER: b. 1610; merchant of Norwich and London.

B113 JOHN BAKER: m. 1670; issue.

B114 RICHARD BAKER: m. 1700; of London and Leominster.

B115 WILLIAM BAKER: m. 1736; of Bridgenorth, Co. Salop.

B116 WILLIAM BAKER: b. 1744; settled in Staffordshire, 1767; issue.

B117 WILLIAM BAKER: of Fenton; b. 1771; J. P. and D. L., Co. Stafford; m. 1794.

  1. WILLIAM: his heir, B118.
  2. Ralph Bourne: B119.

B118 WILLIAM BAKER: b. 1800; of Fenton House and Hasfield Court, Co. Gloucester; J. P. Staffs.; d. unm., 1865; succeeded by bro.

B119 REV. RALPH BOURNE BAKER: M. A.; b. 1802; of Hasfield Court, Fenton House and Doveridge Wood House, Co. Derley; Rector of Hilderstone; Rural Dean of Stone, Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Meath; J. P. Cos. Stafford and Gloucester;m. 1845; had, with other ch.,

B120 WILLIAM MEATH BAKER: b. 1857; High Sheriff, 1896; m. (1) 1884, wife died 1906; m. (2) 1909; issue by 1st wife,

  1. William George Corbet (Rev.): b. 1885; M. A. Oxon.
  2. Francis Ralph: b. 1886; m. 1921.
  3. Edward John: b. 1887.


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