Davis Family History

The Davis family is among the forty-nine “best families” selected by the American Historical-Genealogical Society for whom the Society has published family histories during the past few years. The Davis family has been prominent in the British Empire and in the United States, its members having played important roles in war and in peace. Family pride is a commendable trait and should be cultivated. All Davises have just cause to be proud of their family history and traditions.

In references No. 7 and No. 14 we find the following regarding the origin and meaning of the name Davis.

Davis is a Welsh surname, and the family is among the most numerous in England and Wales. This is due to the fact that there are so many varia­tions of the name. The original name was David which signifies well-beloved—popular in Biblical days and a favorite among the Scottish kings.

Though of ancient standing in Wales, David scarcely appears in England before the Conquest. Modified in various forms, it has produced many family names such as Davis, Davidson, Davies, Daves, Dawson, Dawes, Day, Dakin, etc. The Irish form is M’Daid; the French, Devis.

The data in this volume is gathered from reliable sources. We have selected what we consider the most important material. Many of the daughters, and sons for whom no issue was shown, have been omitted from the pedigrees. A missing symbol indicates that a name has been omitted. Those desiring further information are advised to consult the volumes mentioned in the list of References.

The compilers hope that, in producing this volume they are bringing to the Davis family information which will be of interest and value to them, and that they are rendering an important service to the public. They and their associates will be glad to give their cooperation to members of the family who are interested in having a complete genealogy of the family published.

Unless otherwise plainly shown, the persons in this volume whose names are accompanied by three figures are children of the immediately preceding persons bearing immediately preceding numbers. All persons in each group bearing the same letter as a part of their numbers, are directly related. The generations of the descendants of those bearing numbers of three figures are represented as follows. However, some of our material is published as copied from various records without rearrangement according to this system.

Generations 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Symbols (1), etc. (A), etc. (a), etc. 1, etc. A, etc.
Generations 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Symbols a, etc. (I), etc. (i), etc. I, etc. i, etc.

The Davis Coat of Arms

A Coat of Arms is an emblem or a device which is displayed by titled (I persons, persons of royal blood, and their descendants. Coats of Arms were originally used for purposes of identification and recogni­tion on the field of battle as well as in civil life.

It is claimed by some writers that Coats of Arms, in a crude form, were used by Noah’s sons after the flood. There are records of other Coats of Arms, in one crude form or another, at different periods of ancient history. Heraldry, however, as we know it today, did not become of much importance until soon after the invasion of England by William the Conqueror, A.D. 1066. Heraldry became of general interest at about the time of the Crusades.

The Davis Coat of Arms shown in the front of this volume is the Arms of the Davises of Northamptonshire, England. Coats of Arms very similar to it are recorded for several other branches of the Davis family. Numerous other Davis families use Coats of Arms resembling it.

This is the most widely used of all Davis Coats of Arms. It is described in BURKE’S GENERAL ARMORY, BURKE’S LANDED GENTRY, BURKE’S PEERAGE AND BARONETAGE and other reliable works on heraldry, in some cases accompanied by illustrations. Crozier, in his GENERAL ARMORY, records it for Dolor Davis, who settled in Massachu­setts, 1634, and for branches resident in Washington, D. C., Kentucky, etc. It has been used for generations by their descendants and by many other American branches of the Davis family.

The boar’s head was once the chief dish at Christmas feasts in palace and castle. When England’s sovereigns kept Christmas of yore in their noble halls at Guilford, Eltham, Westminster or Windsor in high estate, arrayed with crown and scepter, clothed in ermine and surrounded by their wondering subjects—it was brought to their table with great ceremony. The introduction of the great dish was accompanied by music and singing……often by the song reprinted below.

“Caput Apri refero
Reddens laudes Domino.
The bore’s head in hand bring I
With garlans gay and rosemary,
I pray you all sing merrily
Qui estic convivio.
“The bore’s head, I understande
Is the chief servyce in this lande
Loke wherever it he fande
Servite cum canfico.”

So is explained the significance in the Davis Coat of Arms of the three silver boar’s heads.

Sir Bernard Burke, of Heralds College, London, said “Heraldry is prized by all who can show honorable ancestry or wish to found honorable families.”

Besides its family significance this Coat of Arms makes an excellent mural decoration and inspires the admiration and comment of all who see it.

It is quite appropriate that members of the Davis family who have a pride in their ancestry should display the family Coat of Arms, in proper colors.

John Davis of Hampton, Long Island, New York

H116 JOHN DAVIS: the ancestor was born in England, 1612; d. at East

Hampton, L. I., 1705; 4 ch. came with him to America.

(1) John: 1676—1766; m Susanna Osborne; m. (2), Puah Reeves.
(2) Thomas: 1680—1751; m. Abigail Parsons.

(A) John: 1723—1798; m. Catherine Talmage; m. (2), Mary Conklin.

(a) John: 1748—1809; m. Abigail Baker.

1. John: 1776—1864; m. Sally Stanton.

A. John: 1808—1884; m. Phebe Mulford Davis.

a. John Jeremiah: 1854.
b. Alphonso Whitman: 1861.

B. Thomas William: 1818; m. Susan Davis.

a. William Dudley: 1843—1866.
b. Charles Smith: 1856; m. Grace Loveridge.

2. Daniel: 1783—1833; m. Mary Robinson.

(b) Thomas: 175 1—1831; m. Mary Conklin.

1. Thomas: 1781—1848; m. Mary Shaw.

A. Albert Henry: 1819—1887; m. Adeline Lewis.

a. Thomas Henry: 1848; m. Alice Story.

B. Charles LeMont: 1827—1878; m. Sophia Horton.

2. Henry: 1788—1840; m. Lucy Brown.

(c) Enos: 1755—1837; m. Phebe Mulford.

1. Jeremiah: 1795—1885; m. Harriet Sydleman.

A. Charles Henry: 1842; m. Eliza Halsey Witter.

(d) Samuel: 1765—1840; m. Mrs. Mary (Kirby) Dunham.

1. John Kirby: 1792—1867; m. Mary Elizabeth Deming.

A. John Kirby, Jr.: 1822; m. Mary B. Woodruff; grad. from Union College, 1841, from Princeton, 1848.

a. Charlton Kirby: 1851.

B. Charlton Henry: m. Frances Arabella Dake.

a. Louis Deming: 1869.

C. Samuel Deming: m. Sarah Amelia Northrup.

2. Samuel: 1793—1877; m. Mary Cuthbert Cumming.

A. Thomas Cumming: 1826; m. Frances C. Keidzer.

3. Henry: 1798; m. Abby Jane Raymond.

A. Samuel Kirby: 1829; m. Mary Eliza Hough.

B. Robert Oliphant: 1831; m. Mary Euphema Wells; (2), Abigail McMullen.

(e) Henry: 1771—1852; m. Hannah Phoenix Treadwell; grad. from Yale, 1796.

1. Henry: 1805; m. Emily M. Turnier; d. in Salesia, Empire of Austria, Sept., 1844.
2. Thomas Treadwell: 1810—1872; m. Sarah Matilda Henry.

A. Alexander Henry: 1839; m. Julia D. Pearce; served with distinction in the War of Rebellion; educated in Heidelberg, Germany.

(f) Benjamin: 1754—1859; m. Abigail Foster.

William Davis of Roxbury, Massachusetts

I117 WILLIAM DAVIS: b. in Wales, 1617; came to America, 1635; settled at Roxbury, Mass. Had with other issue

I118 ICABOD DAVIS: b. 1676, d. 1754; m. Bethiah (?) and had a son

I119 BENJAMIN DAVIS: b. in Oxford; m. and had

1120 BENJAMIN DAVIS: b. 1710, d. 1787; served in French and Indian War,

1760; m. Sybillia Rockett and had

(1) Craft: b. 1744 and d. 1836; m. Catherine Streeter.

(A) Ward: b. 1782 and d. 1863; m. Ruby Greene of R. I.

(a) Ward: b. 1813; m. Sarah Wetheraell in 1836 at Ware, Mass. He d., 1899, in
1. William: b. 1844 and d. in Kansas in 1899; m. Emma Carpenter.
A. William Ward: b. 1877 in Illinois; m. Rachel Hall in 1902. They have the following:
a. Ward Wetherell: b. 1906. Deceased.
b. Aileen: b. Nov., 1909.
c. Emily: b. June, 1914.

Barnabas Davis

J 121 BARNABAS DAVIS: came from England, 1635. J 122 ROBERT DAVIS: m. Ann (?); was father of
(1) Andrew: b. 1650.
(2) John: b. 1652.
(3) Josiah: b. 1656, m. Ann Taylor, 1679, and had

(A) Josiah: b. 1687.
(B) Seth: b. 1692.
(C) Jonathan: b. 1698.
(D) Steven: b. 1700.
(E) John: b. 1681; m. Mehitable Dimmock.

(a) Thomas: b. 1706.
(b) John: b. 1708.
(c) William: b. 1713.
(d) Solomon: b. 1715.
(e) Isaac: date unknown.
(f) William: b. 1729.
(g) Solomon: m. Elizabeth Mendell; m. (2), Catherine Mendell and had John (1753), Solomon (1754), Edward (1755), William (b. 1768) and
1. Isaac: b. 1765; m. Elizabeth Fellows.

A. James P.: b. 1799.
B. Gustavus: b. 1797; m. Abigail Fleming.

a. Gustavus F.: b. 1818.
b. William B.: b. 1819.
c. Isaac: b. 1822.
Samuel Davis of Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Samuel Davis
Davis In The American Revolution
Prominent Davises of America, Past Generations
Davis Officers of The Continental Army
Prominent American Davises of 1920’s
Davis Families from the United States

Benjamin Davis

N1129 BENJAMIN DAVIS: came from Scotland to America prior to 1700. His son

(1) Benjamin: b. 1700; in Conklin.

(A) James; b. 1726; m. Mary Baily.

(a) James: 1765—1852; m. Ruth Griswold; served in the Revolutionary War at age 15.

1. Christopher: b. 1791; m. Betsey Hall.

A. Henry N.: b. 1820; m. Clanissa Bartlett.

a. Charles H.: b. 1851.

B. Edward R.: b. 1832; m. Mary Richards.

a. Alvan A.: b. 1858—1858.

2. Joel: b. 1793; m. Polly Loper.

C. Daniel: b. 1820; m. Lucy Bartlett.

a. Theodore L.: b. 1846.
b. Richard G.: b. 1850.

D. Edwin O.: b. 1825; m. Martha Linsley.

a. Robert E.: b. 1854.

3. Samuel: b. 1807; m. Mary Hall, (2) Harriet Linsley, (3), Julia Fowler.

a. Samuel R.: b. 1841.
b. Frederick R.: b. 1847.

4. George B.: b. 1810—1857; m. Hannah Hubbard.

F. George E.: b. 1834.
G. William H.: b. 1838.

James and John Davis of Westmoreland County, Virginia

0130 JAMES AND JOHN DAVIS: came to America from London, England, about 1700 and settled in Westmoreland Co., Va. James moved to Essex Co., taking his wife and three sons, Samuel, Henry and Joseph,
with him. Samuel m. and had William. Some of James’ ch. remained in Westmoreland and many of their line migrated to Tenn., Ill., and Kentucky. John, the other immigrant, had among others

(1) James: m.; ch. include

(A) John: m. Eliza Rummel and had a family.

(B) A dau.: m. a Hynson. They went to Ill, in 1829 by ox-cart, taking with them four ch.

(2) John: m. Betzy Daleman.

(A) Samuel: m. Elizabeth Weaver and had John, Richard and Elizabeth; by his second m. he had Louis, Charles, Nancy, William, Samuel and Joseph.
(B) John: m. Harriet Pore and had Charles, Louis, Martha, Basil, Robert and Washington.
(C) Louis: m. Polk Barret and had one dau. and a son, Charles.
(D) Charles: d. unm.
(E) Peggy: m. William Davis and had William.
(F) Henry: b. about 1790; m. Sarah Ann Curtis.

(a) James: b. 1824; m. Martha Weaver and had Joseph and Sarah Ann.
(b) John Henry: b. 1825; m. Nancy Killman and had five ch. By his second he had six ch.
(c) George W.: b. 1829, d. unm.
(d) Charles Louis: b. 1837. He m. but had no ch.
(e) Benjamin B.: b. 1835. He m. Jane A. Cole and had:

1. James H.: m. Lillian Cromwell in 1921 and has one son, Joseph, b. 1928, at Baltimore, Md.

3. Benjamin Clarence.
4. David Leo.

Robert Davis

t176 ROBERT DAVIS: was the eldest son of (?) Davis, a cousin of Samuel, father of Jefferson Davis. He was b. 1806 and m. Caroline Thomas. There were eleven ch. including:

(1) Joseph A.: b. Nov., 1833; m. Martha Finnie.

(A) Martha Ellen.
(B) Robert James: b. Mar., 1857; m. Lollie Borden, 1884.

(a) Nellie Lee.
(b) Winnifred.
(c) Borden.

Benjamin Davis of Amherst, New Hampshire

Q132 BENJAMIN DAVIS: b. in Wales, 1713. Came to America, 1740, and settled in Amherst, New Hampshire, where he d. at the age of 103 yrs. He m. an Irish girl, name unknown, who came to this country on the same vessel. Their son

GIDEON DAVIS: b. Dec., 1748. He was wounded in the battle of Ben­nington, Vt., 1777. He m. Martha Patten, 1779, and settled in Merri­mac, N. H. His son

JOSEPH DAVIS: b. Nov., 1779. He m. Roxanna Cowles and settled in Mich. He d. 1840. His son

ALVIN DAVIS: b. July, 1819; m. Emily French, 1844, and d. 1893.

(1) Flora: b. 1845, m. J. H. Andrews, 1875. He d. 1910.

(A) Clayton D.: d. y.

(B) Helen. b. 1879; m. Win. Engle, 1917.

(a) Clayton: b. 1919.

(2) Virgil F.: b. 1848; was killed in action in the battle of Petersburg, Va., 1864.
(3) Laura: b. 1851; m. John Pirdy, 1871.
(A) Guy A.: b. 1873.
(4) Eva: b. 1853; d. y.
(5) Daniel: b. 1855; d. y.
(6) Lemuel A.: b. 1860; m. Hettie Andrews in 1884 and d. 1913.

(A) Emily M.: b. 1886.
(B) Matilda R.: b. 1890.
(C) Alvin C.: b. 1897.

(7) Robert B.: b. 1862; m. Lizzie Towne in 1890.
(A) Martin J.: b. Aug., 1899.

(8) Charles F.: b. Mar., 1866.

John Davis of Middletown, Connecticut

R133 JOHN DAVIS: Of Middletown, Conn.; m. Margery Whitman, 1727. Had one dau. and
(1) John: b. 1727; m. Sibbel Roberts, 1748. Their ch. include:

(A) Daniel.
(B) David.
(C) Elijah.
(D) Jonathan.
(E) Stephen.
(F) Josiah.
(G) John: b. 1753; m. Hannah Pierce, 1776.

(a) Four daus.
(b) Daniel: b. 1785.
(c) Abraham: b. 1778.
(d) Josiah: b. 1779 and d. 1870; m. Sarah Averill, 1802.
1. Horace: b. 1803; d. 1886; m. Lucy Gibson, 1827.~

A. George Keyes: b. 1830; d. 1918; m. Mary Delaney, b. in Ireland, 1851. Held the positions of select­man, postmaster, and Representative to General Assembly. They had:
a. George Oscar: b. 1852; m. Lura Johnson, 1877. Ch. include:

(I) Edward Keyes: b. 1878; m. Grace Jerome in 1928. One dau.. Joan (b. Aug., 1929).
(II) Mary: b. 1887 at Lee, Mass., m. James McLean in 1912. They have James (b. Dec., 1914).

B. Abbie L.: b. 1832; d. 1920; m. Charles Batchelder. Ch. include:

a. Charles: m. Annie Sheenan. Three daus.
b. Frank: m. Alice Richardson. Two ch.
c. Mark: m. but had no issue.
d. two daus.

2. Henry: b. 1814; m.; no ch.
3. Asa Averill: b. 1819; m. Martha Williams. Settled in Wisconsin. No ch.
4. Sarah: b. 1822; m. and had five ch.

C. James K.: d. y.
D. Edward: b. 1841.
E. Jared Gibson: b. 1847; m. 1881; d. 1894.
F. Ida May: b. 1859; m. Hildreth Batchelder. They had:

a. George: b. 1880; m. Etta Davis and had one dau. Benjamin Davis of North Providence, Pennsylvania Robert Davis of Baltimore, Maryland

John and Ann Davis

V138 JOHN DAVIS: 1670—1753; m. Ann

(1) Evan: 1702—1765; m. Mrs. Williams (nee Emory).

(A) Samuel: 1756—1824; m. Jane Cook.

(a) Jefferson: 1808 -1889; m. Sarah Taylor; (2), Varina Howell.

(2) David: b. 1700; d. before 1763.

John and Ann Davis

W138 JOHN DAVIS: 1670-1753; m. Ann

W139 DAVID DAVIS: b. 1700; d. before 1763. It is believed that the following are the descendants of David, or there is a possibility they be of another brother, not mentioned.

W140 HIRAM DAVIS: b. 1807; d. 1892 at Union Bridge, Md.; m. Mary Wilson.

(A) Acenith: b. 1842; d. 1924.
(B) David W.: b. 1850; d. 1858.
(C) Rebecca A.: b. 1853; m. Win. Keefer.
(D) William H.: b. 1855; m. Sarah Herman.

(a) Joseph H.: b. Dec., 1879; m. Blanch Burchutt; has Joseph (b. 1917).

(b) Elmer M.: b. Sept., 1883; m. Ethel McWhorter; lives in Chicago.

1. Maurice: b. 1910. Student at Univ. of Wisconsin.

(c) Harry: b. Sept., 1887; m. Bertha Evans.

(d) Anna: b. Dec., 1891; d. 1912.

W141 MR. DAVIS: m. Mary Beresford; was father of

W142 SAMUEL DAVIS: m. Olive Huntington. Their son

W143 CALVIN DAVIS: b. Jan., 1795, in Cairo, N. Y.; m. Elizabeth MacDonald: d. 1861.

(1) Archie.
(2) Alexander A.
(3) William.
(4) Samuel.
(5) Hannah.
(6) Caroline.
(7) Allan J.: b. in Canada, 1827, d. 1910; m. Caroline Bulkley, 1860.

(A) Samuel A.: b. Oct., 1865; m. Jessie Hendrick, 1891. They reside at Danbury, Conn., and have one dau., Dorothy, b. May, 1893.

(B) Alfred U.: b. 1869; m. Gertrude Boughton, 1893. They have Leslie and Donald.

(C) William A.: b. May, 1874.

Azariah and Elsie Davis

X144 AZARIAH DAVIS: b. Feb., 1756; d. 1839. He m. Elsie Van Meter, 179 His son

X145 HENRY VAN M. DAVIS: b. 1819; d. 1906; m. Catherine Callahan, 1859. His son

X146 OSCAR H. DAVIS: b. 1860; d. 1917; m. Clara Brown.

(1) Chester Van M.: b. 1883; m. Nellie Yeozel and has

(A) Julia.
(B) Kathryn.

(2) Catherine: b. 1884; m. Dr. Chester Moe, 1910. No issue. He served in World War as 1st Lieut. Reside in Illinois.
(3) Harry M.: b. 1887; m. Minnie Moore. He d. 1928. Two daus.
(4) Frank E.: b. Oct., 1891; m. Julia Fay. No issue. He served in World War as wireless operator. Resides in Chicago. Business address—5005 West Lake St.

John Davis of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Y147 JOHN DAVIS: came from Wales before American Revolution, and settled in Lancaster Co., Penna., at the age of 20; moved to Va., then to Ky.; d. Quinby, West of Mt. Sterling, Ky., at age of 105 yrs.

(1) Nathan: b. 1796, at Mt. Sterling, Ky.; in 1835 moved to Hendricks Co., Md.; d. 1848 or 1849; had with other issue

(A) John: b. about 1820; b. in Iowa.
(B) Walter: b. 1823; d. 1893; m. Mary Margaret Shers; m. (2). Marianne Scott.

(a) John: soldier in Civil War; d. 1862.
(b) Quincy: b. 1845; still 1. on ancestral farm.
(c) Martha Ellen: b. 1848.
(d) Adeline~ b. 1850.
(e) Robert F.: b. 1852; d. 1887.
(f) Frances: b. 1854.
(g) Charles: b. 1857; d. 1926.
(h) Walter S.: b. 1866; Hendricks Co., Md.; grad. DePauw Univ., A.B. degree, in 1889; he also studied abroad; 1913—29 was a member of Washington State Senate.
(i) Lorenzo: b. 1868.

(5) Myrtle: b. 1868.

(k) Thomas C.: b. 1871.
(1) Edgar L.: b. 1872.

(C) Quincy: d. 1895.
(D) Frank.
(E) Marion.
(F) Catherine: m. Dandridge Tucker.
(G) Susan.

Snead Davis of North Carolina

Z148 SNEAD DAVIS: b. Aug., 1751; mems. of this branch settled in N. C.,

S. C., Pa. and Va. prior to the Revolution. Snead served in the N. C. line in the Revolution; engaged in many battles and was twice wounded. His brother, Nicholas also served with distinction. Snead m. to Ky. after the war; d. 1838. His son

Z149 MACUN DAVIS: b. in N. C.; m. Matilda Greenwell in Ky.; m. to Tenn. where he d. at the age of 95 yrs. His son

Z150 MACLIN DAVIS: b. 1826; served in Confederate Army; d. 1910. He had

Z151 MACLIN DAVIS: b. Sept., 1852, in Tenn.; m. Christina Shaffner in 1872.

(1) Edwin L.: b. Feb., 1876.
(2) Norman H.: b. Aug., 1878; descendant of John Morton, signer of the Declaration of Independence and mem. of Continental Congress; Norman grad. Vanderbilt University, 1897—98; Stan­ford, 1899—1900; D.C. L. Un. of South, 1921; m. Mackie Paschall in 1898. (See chapter J).
(3) Paul MacL.: b. June, 1882.
(4) Auda L.: b. April, 1884; d. 1889.
(5) Thurman J.: b. Nov., 1890.
(6) Christine: b. June, 1893.
(7) Lamont: b. June. 1893.
William Davis of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Solomon and Hannah Davis

b153 SOLOMON DAVIS: b. 1754, m. Hannah Wellman.

(1) Stephen: b. 1786.
(2) Joel: b. 1788—1861; m. Miss Griffin; had, with other issue

(a) Henry: b. 1815; m. Catherine Parmele; m.

(2), Lydia Lane. Issue.

(b) George: 1821—1857; m. Cornelia Smith. 1. George: b. 1854. 2. Charles Wyllis: b. 1857.

(3) Zina: b. 1805; m. Amanda Stevens; d. about 1858. Had, with other issue

(a) Daniel: b. 1827; unmarried; sailor.
(b) Sherman W.: b. 1829; m. Emma Aldrich.

(4) James M.: 1834; m. Elizabeth (widow of NV. A. Thompson).

John Davis of Pennsylvania and Kentucky

d155 JOHN DAVIS: came from Wales when young, settled in Penna., afterward moved to Kentucky, where his children were born.

(1) John:
(2) Thomas: b. 1775; m. Esther Bell, 1794.

(a) Jacob: b. 1795; m. Susan Van Winkle, 1828. Ch.: James, John, and Thomas.
(b) Evan: b. 1797; m. Elizabeth Billard; d. 1823.
(c) Peter: b. 1801; m. H. P. Cannon. Ch.: Evan (1833), Wm. C. (1837), George W. (1844), James (1847), Jacob R. (1849).

John Davis of Plymouth, Massachusetts

e156 JOHN DAVIS: is mentioned in Goodwin’s Book of Plymouth, Mass., in a court proceedings in the year 1648. There is no data on his im­mediate family but from him descended

e157 ISAAC DAVIS: b. 1782 in Hempstead, L. I.; d. in Norwalk, Conn., 1879. He was a lieut. in Col. Floyd’s regiment. He had two brothers—Oliver, of Norwalk, and John of Locust Valley, L. I. Isaac had eleven ch. and four of his boys served in the Civil War. Ch. include:

(1) Anslem: of Conn., m. Abigail Overton and had a family.

(2) Martin Van Buren: b. 1832; d. 1905.

(A) Charles Martin: b. 1869; was a quarter-master sergeant in the

U. S. V. infantry and served during the Porto Rican cam­paign in 1898—1899. His son

(a) Frank: b. on L. I., 1901, now resides at Ave. F. and 20th St., College Point, N. Y.

(B) Frank Van Buren: served in the Spanish-American War, and in the Porto Rican campaign.

Calvin and Lucy Davis

f 158 CALVIN DAVIS: b. in 1794; m. Sarah Lucy; was engaged for many years in the transportation of supplies between the Pascataqua Bridge at Durham and pts. inland as far north as Concord.

(1) Calvin: b. 1838; d. 1859; unm.
(2) Win. Henry: b. 1828; d. 1910; m. (1), Lavinia Chapman, (2), Susan Richardson. Ch. were James Wm. (b. 1854, m. Minerva Abbott and had two ch.), Albert (b. 1856), Edward (b. 1858, m. Catherine Cloak), and Henry (b. 1862, d. 1882).
(3) Charles Franklin: b. 1831; mem. of the school board of Newmarket and represented that town in the legislature for two terms; m. Sarah Drew.

(A) Charles: b. 1857; m. Jennie Furber, 1878.
(B) Henry: b. 1859; m. Harriet Cate.
(C) Nestor Wilbur: b. 1869; m. Alice Chamberlain and resided at Winchester till 1918. Since then he has been private secretary to Mr. John D. Rockefeller, Sr., founder of the Standard Oil Co.

John and Salina Davis

gl59 JOHN DAVIS: b. March, 1791; d. Sept., 1875; m. Salina McDougall.

(1) Franklin: b. Jan., 1815.
(2) Emily: b. 1818, m. John Gordon.
(3) Julia: b. 1824.
(4) Thomas: b. 1827; m. Jane Holeman.
(5) William: b. 1829.
(6) J. Vandeman: b. 1832.
(7) Jasper Newton: b. 1826. Served in Mexican War, and in Civil War as a Union soldier. He m. Delila Shanks, 1848.

(A) William E.: b. 1849, m. Belle Webb, 1917. Ch. include: Bennett, William, Druey, Jim.
(B) Iantha: m. John Mullins; d. 1926 at Ray Co., Mo.
(C) John Monroe: b. 1855; m. Penn Albentson, (2), Margaret Teegarden and lives at Batavia, Ark.

(a) Albert: living in Calif.
(b) Lala: living in Trinidad, Cob.
(c) Mable: m. Denton Jenkins; lives in Ark.
(d) Edgar, Clyde, Agnes and Viva.

(D) Vardeman: b. 1856; d. y.
(E) Albert: b. 1859; m. Dora Mayes (deceased) and lives in Okla.

(a) Ernest: living in Douglas, Okla.
(b) Frank: (deceased).
(c) Edna: m. C. J. Rugh and lives in Idaho.
(d) Eva.

(F) Talitha: b. 1861.
(G) Lafayette: b. 1863.
(H) Sarah: b. 1856; m. J. B. Mayes and has Truman and Forest.
(I) Thomas: b. 1869; m. Roy Belle Zimmerman, 1889. Live in Kansas City and have

(a) Robert: b. 1891; m. Nell Redman, 1919. He is now practicing medicine in Kansas City, and has Jo Ann, b. 1922.
(b) Mapes: b. 1894.
(c) Madge: b. 1894; m. Frank Stalzer. They have Frank, b. 1925 and Tommy, b. June, 1929.
(d) Joe B.: b. 1901, lives in Kansas City, Mo.

Daniel E. Davis of New York City, New York

h160 DANIEL E. DAVIS: m. Mary XV. Mangie in New York City, May, 1829.

(1) May: b. July, 1830.
(2) Ann: b. Sept., 1831.
(3) Enas: b. July, 1833.
(4) William: b. July, 1835.
(5) Samuel: b. Mar., 1837.
(6) Robert: b. June, 1839.
(7) Joseph: b. June, 1841.
(8) Thomas: b. Aug., 1843. He m. and had:
(A) W. E. who is at present pres. of the Baltimore Shirt Co. He
m. and has a dau., Dorothy.
(B) Archie T.: lives in San Francisco and has a son, Archie.
(C) A dau.: who m. Morris Schlagel and lives in San Francisco.
(9) Eve: b. May, 1845.
(10) Baxter: b. April, 1847.
(11) Martha: b. June, 1850.
(12) Daniel: b. Feb., 1853.

Francis Marion Davis of Adair County, Kentucky

Jonathan P. Davis of Ashby, Massachusetts

k163 JONATHAN P. DAVIS: b. in Ashby, Mass., April 1808; d. Mar., 1880; m. Emily Mansfield. Ch.: Franklin, Diantha, Loretta, William, Cora and

(1) Josiah Samuel: b. Jan., 1843; d. 1885; was a private in the 33rd Mass. Vols. during Civil War, serving three yrs. and being wounded in action; m. Sarah Elizabeth Phelps, b. 1850 and d. 1916.

(A) Sarah: b. June, 1869; m. Fred Lewis, 1888.
(B) Frank H.: b. 1883; m. Edith Corkum, 1916. No ch. Resides at 8 Jay St., Fitchburg, Mass.
(C) Raymond: b. 1885; d. y.

Benjamin Job Davis of Wisconsin

m168 BENJAMIN JOB DAVIS: b. in Wales, 1814, the son of Daniel Job. He came to America in 1842 and settled in Wisconsin. His brother, Thomas, went to Utah and was known as Prof. Thomas Job. He wrote articles for English and American scientific magazines and made important: discoveries in astronomy. He d. in 1890 and left several ch. Another brother, David, settled in the far West. The home farm was called Fos Y Broga. Benjamin d. in 1910. He had John, Daniel, Benjamin, Thomas George, William, Stephen, George, Joseph, Albert, Alfred, Mary, and Nell. These ch. have many descendants. This branch of the Davises became pioneers in America in the dairy machinery business and in the organization of co-operative creameries. Many patents were granted them.

Isaac and Roxlana Davis

n169 ISAAC DAVIS: b. in the 18th century; m. Roxalana Wilson.

(1) Lothrop: a clergyman.
(2) George: m. Malvina Chopin of N. Y.
(3) Harry B.: m. Elizabeth Bacon of Mich.
(4) Isaac B.: b. at Sherril, N. Y., May, 1820; d. 1899; m. Mary Stone.

(A) Frederick: b. 1846; d. 1895, unm.
(B) Jane: b. 1848; d. 1894; m. John Rivenburgh and had two sons.
(C) Anna: b. Feb., 1850; resides in Wilmette, Ill., unm.
(D) Maria: b. 1854; m. and had two daus, who d. y. Resides in Minn.
(E) Frank: b. 1852; d. y.
(F) Mary: b. 1856; m. E. Shnoble.

(a) Olga: b. 1888; d. y.
(b) Barnes: b. 1891; m. Anita Brooks. Reside in Chicago.

1. Jean B.: b. 1916.
2. Jack: b. 1918.

(c) Earl P.: b. 1895; m. Beatrice Hudson and lives in Wisc.

Joshua and Matilda Davis

o170 JOSHUA DAVIS: m. Matilda Boyd.

(1) Richard: m. Tempe Pettway, 1867.
(2) Joshua: d. unm.
(3) Mary: m. Dr. R. S. Petts.
(4) Weldon: m. and has a family.
(5) William: m. Bettie Jones in 1863.
(A) John: b. 1865; m. Bernnie Williams.
(B) Mary: b. 1867; m. William McCabe.
(C) Robert Lee: b. 1870; m. Moriotte Betts.
(D) Richard: twice m., (1), Lelia Green, (2), Miss Smick.
(E) Elizabeth: m. Rev. Walter Borchess.
(F) Frank: m. Margaret Clark.
(G) Marvin: m. Lucy White.
(H) Emma: m. Benjamin Stafford.
(I) Joseph: d. y.
(J) Julian: m. Mary Rice.
(K) William Jones: b. Sept., 1864; m. Hannah Barham, 1886; had William, Bessie, Martin, Walter, Edward, Robert, Lois, Haywood, Joseph, John, Louise and

(a) Richard Boyd: m. Sallie Lewis; grad. from Virginia Medical Coil., 1915, and grad., Univ. of Pa., 1925; M. Med. Sc. in Surgery. Add.: 117 Church St., Greens­boro, N. C.

Richard and Sophia Davis

p171 RICHARD DAVIS: m. Sophia Addis and had a son

p172 FREDERICK DAVIS: b. in Illinois, 1841; d. in Chicago, 1916; was a corporal in Ill. Vol. Cavalry, enrolling in 1861 and discharged at the close of the war; m. Lucy Robertson.

(1) Kate.

(2) Ardella.

(3) Lorena: m. Jacob Wasson, 1892, and had Lucy, b. 1892, who m. Marcus Craft and has Jacob, Annabell and Marcia; Mary, b. 1893; m. Delos Lotts and has Mary and Doias Jean; and Lorena, b. 1908.

(4) Sophia: b. 1872; m. Budd Seymour, 1910. No issue.

(5) Seward Martin: b. 1873; m. Irma Young and had:

(A) Elizabeth: m. William Clingham in Chicago and has one son, William.

(B) Dorothy: m. Wilford Lahman.

James Knox Polk Davis of Smyth County, Virginia

q173 JAMES KNOX POLK DAVIS: b. May, 1847, in Smyth Co., Va.; m. Emma A. Harvey. Had with other issue

(1) Harry Mathew: b. 1871; educ. at State Law University, Mo.; m. Nettie Williamson, 1900. At present lives at 845 S. Grant St., Casper, Wyo., and is a steel contractor. Also engaged in ranching.

(A) Emma: b. 1900; m. Clarence Cypreansen. They have Barbara, b. 1927.
(B) J. K.: b. 1902, m. Anna Kyte, 1921; is an interior decorator.
(a) Jean Kay: b. 1928.
(C) Josephine: b. 1904 in Idaho.
(D) Harry: b. 1906 in Kansas City.
(E) Katherine: b. 1908; m. William Nicolayson.
(F) Inez: b. 1911 in Cob. Deceased.
(G) Dorothy: b. 1913. Deceased.
(H) Porter: b. 1914 in Cob.
(I) Dixie Lee: b. 1920 in Wyo.

Luther L. and Jane Davis

r174 LUTHER L. DAVIS: m. Jane Morris.

(1) Augustus: m. and had Orville, Laura, Bertha and Ethel.
(2) Israel L.: m. and had Otho, Elmer, Arthur and Harold.
(3) Calvin.
(4) Albert R.: had Myra, Winifred and

(A) Ernest W.: b. Feb., 1879; m. Agnes Skinner, 1902.
(a) LaMoral: b. 1905.
(b) Ernestine: b. 1913.
(c) Mary: b. 1916.

(5) Richard W.: had Cora, Plenard, Cloyd, Furly, Garwin and Cleo.
(6) Edgar: had one son, Roy.
(7) Rosa: m. Charles Kenneaster and had Edward and Calvin.
(8) Clarissa: m. Daniel McVey and had William and Ada.
(9) Bianca: m. (?) Maxon and had Rudolph and Bianca.

Lorenzo Doe Davis

sl75 LORENZO DOE DAVIS: was m. three times. By his first wife, Mary Dodge, he had the following ch.:

(1) Uberto L.: d. 1905; unm.
(2) Daniel D.: d. 1899. He m.

(1), Eliza Dodge,
(2), Jane Parks. They had:

(A) Howard: d. 1903.
(B) Glare L.: d. 1920.
(C) Arthur E. (M.D.): m. Gertrude Bernrose and had:

(a) Everett W. Davis.
(b) Clarence D.
(c) Ruth M.
(d) Mary C.: d. 1922.

(3) Stevens.
(4) Charles.
(5) Amarillo.
(6) Mary.

Robert Davis

P131 ROBERT DAVIS: m. Sarah (?). Had, with other issue.

(1) Hannah: b. 1721.

(2) Winifred: b. 1722.

(3) Samuel: b. 1725; m. and had~

(A) Robert: b. 1759.

(B) Thomas: b. 1762.

(C) Elizabeth: 1754.

(D) Nancy: 1757.

(4) Robert: b. 1726; m. and had:

(A) Samuel: b. 1760; m. Julia Hogan. Ch.

(a) Samuel Young: had

1. James Young: b. 1819 and d. 1871; m. Harriet Seufferle. Ch. include:

A. James: b. 1842; d. 1904; m. and had Mary L. (b. 1870), Lillie (b. 1873), Irland (b. 1884), Faith (b.1887).
B. Samuel T.: b. 1844 and d. 1914; m. Sophie Sharp.

Ch.: Samuel T. (b. 1873), Daisy (b. 1874), Reginald (b. 1877), Winifred (b. 1886).

C. Mary: b. 1847 and d. 1928; m. Win. Finckel.

a. Harriet, Mildred and William.

D. George: b. 1850; d. 1906; was twice m.

a. Gertrude: b. 1873.
b. George: b. 1876.

E. William: b. 1852; d. 1919. Ch.: Helen.
F. Edward: b. 1856.
G. Harriet: b. 1860; d. 1882; m. Philo Bennett and had Harriet, 1). 1882.

TI. Harry: b. 1861 and d. 1928. Ch.: Harry, b. 1886; d. v., and Gavin H., b. 1889.

(b) Thomas.
(c) Hiram: m. and had John and Sally. By his second m. had

1. Samuel W.: b. 1830 and d. 1917. One dau, Alice.
2. Griffin H.: b. 1840. Had Benjamin and Griffin H.


All of the works listed below will be found in the Library of Congress. Most of them will be found in the libraries of historical and genealogical socie­ties. Some of them will be found in the libraries of all of the large American cities.

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36 The Davis Family: History of Descendants of William Davis and Wife, Thomas Kirby Davis




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