Historical Sketches of Bluehill Maine

Clay Genealogy of Blue Hill, Maine

Down upon the point near the tide-mill site stands a house built in 1833 by Benjamin Clay, upon land purchased of the writer’s father. Mr. Clay was a joiner by trade, and died in that house of consumption April 14, 1833. He was the son of Jonathan and Mary (Roundy) Clay and a cousin to the father of the writer of this account of him. He was born Oct. 17, 1781; married, first, Relief Green, Feb. 20, 1803, by whom he had the following children:

  1. Rebecca Clay, born Jan. 3, 1807.
  2. Chesley Clay, born June 5, 1809.
  3. Amanda Clay, born April 20, 1811.
  4. Clarinda Green Clay, born Jan. 23, 1813.

The mother of these children died of consumption May 10, 1830, aged fifty-three years, and Mr. Clay married second Sally Clough, daughter of Asa, Sr., and Abigail (Pecker) Clough, Feb. 24, 1831, by whom he had children, viz.:

  1. Sarah Relief Clay, born March 16, 1832; died August 15, 1832.
  2. Benja Chesley Clay (twin), born July 29, 1835.
  3. Sarah Clarinda Clay (twin), born July 29, 1835.

After the occupancy of Mr. Clay and family, Capt. Samuel Eaton and family from Deer Isle lived there a few years; then Phineas Dodge and family, and various others from time to time for longer or shorter periods.

Robert Clay

Passing on from the tide mill road back to the old stage road to and from Sedgwick, there stands just where the former diverges a house built by Robert Clay, brother of Benjamin already spoken of, on land purchased of the writer’s father in about 1834. Mr. Clay was a joiner and house carpenter like his brother, a cousin of Samuel R. Candage and a descendant of John Roundy, the first settler, through his father’s marriage with Molly Roundy.

He was born May 27, 1786; married Patty Nickerson, of Castine, May 17, 1807; she died March 21, 1854, aged sixty-seven; he May 1852, aged sixty-six. Their children were:

  1. Caroline Clay, born Jan. 12, 1809.
  2. Roxanna Clay, born August 9, 1811.
  3. Elmira Clay, born Sept. 29, 1813.
  4. William Clay, born March 5, 1816.
  5. Martha Clay, born Nov. 15, 1818.
  6. William H. Clay, born March 25, 1821; was a sea captain.
  7. Mary E. Clay, born April 8, 1823; married Marshall Hardin; died July 26, 1859.
  8. Barzilla Clay, born Nov. 18, 1825; died Feb, 3, 1832.
  9. Eunice Clay, born May 8, 1828; married Rufus Hardin.

Robert¬†Clay sold his house and lot in the ’40s to Samuel R. Candage and removed with his family to the village where he died.

Candage, R. A. F. Historical Sketches of Blue Hill, Maine. Ellsworth, Maine: Hancock County Publishing Company, Printers. 1905.

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