Thirteenth Michigan Infantry February 1909

Souvenir Roster of the Surviving Members of the 13th Michigan Infantry: Also Short Account of the Forty-Fourth Annual Reunion, Together with Other Interesting Reading Matter for the Members : Kalamazoo, Michigan, February, 1909. Kalamazoo, Mich: Kalamazoo Pub. Co., printers, 1909.

Where Sherman Lead

Comrade Edson Woodman, the president of the regiment, also appreciates that song. He recently made a trip to the south and wandered o’er many of the old battle fields for old time’s sake. “30,000 of Sherman’s men were lost,” said Comrade Woodman, and a cemetery full of soldiers can be found in almost every southern […]

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Unable To March

“I don’t think I’ll go in the parade today,” said one of the old veterans who came to Kalamazoo to participate in the forty-fourth annual reunion of the Thirteenth Michigan infantry which opened here yesterday. “You see, there were a lot of our boys who were put out of the marching line down at Chickamauga

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The Volunteers

Take a green country lad who was raised on a farm, The first one you come to will do, Who, far from the city has missed all its harm And is innocent, honest and true, Who has followed in spring time the harrow and plow, In the summer has garnered the grain, Who has earned

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Reunion of The Vets

The largest reunion in point of attendance that has been held in recent years by the survivors of the Thirteenth Michigan Infantry, closed here yesterday noon when the forty-fourth annual gathering of veterans who escaped the closing engagement of Bentonville came to an end. The next reunion will be held in Kalamazoo the last Thursday

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Peace Declared

Peace Declared Again. dear Comrades, we have gathered From every clime and every shore. To rehearse the old, old story For our warfare is most o’er. Yes, dear Comrades, we’ve been marching In the line our Brothers fell. Through the Battles that were hottest Through the carnage that was hell. Now we are gathered in

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Men in Attendance

Men in attendance at the 44th anniversary of the 13th Michigan Infantry which fought in the Civil War. Company A George Allison. Milan. Joseph Hipp, Alamo. Henry P. Gillispie, Grand Junction. Phillip Bush, Gobleville. William Mabus, Elkhart., Ind. Martin Harter, Otsego. Byron Dean, Copemish. Orvill Finch, Plainwell. F. A. Blackman, Delton. John P. Hart, Prairieville.

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Ladies in Attendance

The following ladies were in attendance at the 13th Michigan Infantry 44th Reunion. Mrs. H. B. Bond, Muskegon. Mrs. H. P. Gillispie, Grand Junction. Mrs. S. A. Hoffmaster, Hopkins: Mrs. F. Gray, Grand Rapids. Mrs. Viola A. Kenyon, Olympia, Washington. Mrs. M. Harter, Otsego. Mrs. William Tink, Portage. Mrs. H. S. Stratton, Plainwell. Mrs. Alfreda

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Hastings Man

The 44th annual reunion of the 13th Michigan Infantry came to a close at 10:30 this Friday morning, at which time the business meeting of the regiment was held. At this meeting Captain H. H. Trask. of Hastings, was elected President for the ensuing year to succeed Edson Woodman, of Paw Paw, while Charles Hogle,

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A Wonderful Record

The Grand Army of the Republic is passing in review. The total number of survivors is now 620,000, figures being obtained as follows: The last official enrollment made by the pension authorities at Washington, June, 1907, was 655,338. Deducting 2,500 a month, for nine intervening months, there were 22,000 deaths. The old guard is dying

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