Collection: The Mound Builders

Who Built the Mounds?

Who Built the Mounds? This article introduces the reader to who built the mounds found in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Mound Varieties at Takawgamis

Mound Varieties at Takawgamis. The thirty or forty mounds discovered up to this time in this region of the Takawgamis have, so far as examined, a uniform structure.

Grave Creek Mound

The Mound Builders

The Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba published several papers by Dr. Bryce in description of visits among the remains of the Mound Builders of the Canadian West. This particular one contains information on the excavation of Great Mound, Rainy River, Aug. 22, 1884. Ours are the only mounds making up a distinct mound-region on Canadian soil. This comes to us as a part of the large inheritance which we who have migrated to Manitoba receive. No longer cribbed, cabined, and confined, we have in this our “greater Canada” a far wider range of study than in the fringe along