Collection: The 23 Service Battalion Royal Fusiliers

23rd service battalion

The 23 Service Battalion Royal Fusiliers

With the formation of the 23 Service Battalion Royal Fusiliers it will be admitted quite a new type of man was brought into the British Army. Public Schools battalions, the Chums, the Footballers, and other battalions were formed. But to the First Sportsman’s belongs the honor of introducing an actually new type. To begin with, it was cosmopolitan. Practically every grade of life was represented, from the peer to the peasant; class distinctions were swept away, every man turned to and pulled his bit. To illustrate what is meant one hut of thirty men at Hornchurch may be mentioned. In this

Roll of Honor – Surname A – Z

British Empire Army – World War I Officers Rank. Name. Date of Death. Remarks. Lieut. Aris, T.A. 16/ 4/17 —— 2/Lieut. Bushell, R.H.C. 27/ 7/16 —— Lieut. Carpenter, C. 17/ 2/17 —— 2/Lieut. Chubb, T. 17/ 2/17 —— 2/Lieut. De Beck, G.C. 18/ 2/17 —— 2/Lieut. Green, L.A. 13/11/16 —— Capt. Hayward, C.B. 27/ 7/16 —— Capt. Hilder, M.L. 3/ 5/17 —— Capt. Johnson, R.D. 6/ 7/16 —— 2/Lieut. Kentfield, E.N. 17/ 2/17 —— Capt. Lissaman, A.J. 13/ 4/17 —— 2/Lieut. Morris, R.M. 17/ 2/17 —— 2/Lieut. Oliver, E.A. 27/ 7/16 —— Capt. Ranken, D.C. 27/ 7/16 —— Capt. Rattray,

The Nominal Roll Surname A – Z

British Empire Military – World War I Officers Colonel Viscount Maitland. 2nd Lieut. A.G. Rees. Lieut.-Col. A. St. H. Gibbons. 2nd Lieut. F.H. Brown. Major G.H.H. Richey. 2nd Lieut. A.J. Barr. Capt. W.A. Powell. 2nd Lieut. Hon. B. Yorke. Capt. P. Suckling. 2nd Lieut. F.E. Pearson. Capt. N.A.L. Cockell. 2nd Lieut. L.E. Eeman. Capt. E. Cragg. 2nd Lieut. R.O. Jourdain. Capt. Stanley Holmes. 2nd Lieut. N.A.L. Way. Capt. H.J.H. Inglis. 2nd Lieut. E.V. Hine. Capt. B.A. de Bourbel. 2nd Lieut. J.C. Fenton. Capt. H.E.F. Richardson. 2nd Lieut. N. Firth. Capt. H.V.C. Pirie. 2nd Lieut. C.B. Hayward. Lieut.-Quar. R. de Vere

Honor List, Officers, NOC and Men

British Empire Army – World War I Names of officers awarded decorations and mentioned in dispatches. Officers Rank. Name. Date of Award or Mention. Decoration, etc. Capt. Bull, F.G. 4/6/17 Military Cross Capt. Bull, F.G. 26/7/17 Bar to M.C. Major Bowyer, C.H. 4/4/17 Chevalier de la Coronne Major Bowyer, C.H. 13/3/18 D.S.O. Capt. Barr, A.J. 11/5/17 Military Cross Lieut. Colman, L.H. 9/4/17 Mentioned in Despatches Capt. Gardner, A.S. 17/4/17 Military Cross Capt. Humfrey, A.A.P. 13/2/17 Military Cross Capt. Humfrey, A.A.P. 17/4/17 Bar to M.C. Capt. Hilder, M.L. 11/5/17 Military Cross Capt. Isaac, E.E. (R.A.M.C.) 20/10/16 Military Cross Capt. Isaac, E.E.