History of Western Iowa

History of Western Iowa: Its Settlement and Growth. Sioux City: Western Publishing Company. 1882.

History of Western Iowa

This collection consists of 412 brief biographical sketches and 3 short sketches of companies extracted from the History of Western Iowa. It contains sketches from Harrison, Ida, Manona, and Woodbury Counties in Iowa. The sketches are sorted alphabetically by first name.

Biographical Sketch of Phil. Carlin

Phil. Carlin, County Recorder, is a native of Ill.; came to Iowa in 1860, and settled in Clinton Co.; removed to Woodbury Co., in 1871, and located in Union; was elected to his present office in 1880, and removed to Sioux City the same year.

Biographical Sketch of E.H. Bucknam

E.H. Bucknam, of the firm of J.P. Dennis & Co., was born in Washington Co., Maine, in 1843; moved to Toledo, O., in 1866; thence to Chicago, where he remained until 1868, when he came to this place, and entered the above firm.

Biographical Sketch of N.C. Brunk

N.C. Brunk, proprietor of grocery store and restaurant, was born in Virginia in 1852; served as postmaster in Va. four years. Came west, settled in Sioux City, and I Oct. 1881. He was station agent for the B. & O. R.R., for some time. He married Carrie Hite, of Middletown, Va.

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